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Gatsby Jeopardy

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Gatsby Jeopardy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Gatsby Jeopardy. Round One. 1 point each. In which decade did The Great Gatsby take place? . 1920s. What does Nick do for a living?. Bond salesman. How does Myrtle die?. She is hit by a car. What positive character trait does Nick claim to have?. Honesty.

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Gatsby Jeopardy

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Gatsby Jeopardy

    2. Round One 1 point each

    3. In which decade did The Great Gatsby take place?

    4. 1920s

    5. What does Nick do for a living?

    6. Bond salesman

    7. How does Myrtle die?

    8. She is hit by a car

    9. What positive character trait does Nick claim to have?

    10. Honesty

    11. What emotions does Mr. Gatz have about his son’s death?

    12. Sorrow, pride

    13. Why do so many people stay away from Gatsby’s funeral?

    14. They have no more use for him.

    15. What does Nick mean when he says we are borne back “ceaselessly into the past?”

    16. We all want to return to some idyllic version of the past.

    17. What does the Valley of Ashes symbolize?

    18. Desolation, death

    19. What does Jordan’s willingness to have supper right after Myrtle was killed reveal about her character?

    20. She is cold and callous.

    21. What does Gatsby mean when he says that any love Daisy had for Tom was “just personal?”

    22. His idealistic love for Daisy is something deeper than Tom and Daisy’s relationship could ever be.

    23. What do Gatsby and Nick realize they have in common when they first meet?

    24. They both fought in the war.

    25. Which point of view is used to narrate the novel?

    26. First person

    27. Fitzgerald’s writing style could be described as which of the following: unemotional, journalistic, stream of consciousness, simple, poetic

    28. poetic

    29. Not a Question: Just note… • Fitzgerald’s works often include semiautobiographical events.

    30. What did Gatsby think about Daisy’s past relationships?

    31. They made her seem even more valuable and precious.

    32. Round Two 2 points each

    33. What word does Nick use to describe Daisy and Tom? Concerned, adventurous, careless, lazy or loving?

    34. Careless

    35. Where is Daisy from?

    36. Louisville

    37. Which word best describes Gatsby? Plain, contented, cowardly, unambitious, or idealistic

    38. idealistic

    39. Why does Gatsby throw his lavish parties?

    40. He hopes that Daisy will show up to one of them.

    41. Why does Nick decide to return to the Middle West after Gatsby’s death?

    42. He disagrees with the lack of morality in the East

    43. Why does Gatsby take the blame for Myrtle’s death?

    44. He wants to protect Daisy.

    45. What does Nick mean when he says that Daisy’s voice is “full of money?”

    46. Her voice reveals her high-social status.

    47. What words best describe Daisy?

    48. Weak and selfish

    49. What does Nick mean when he says that Gatsby is left “watching over nothing” at Tom and Daisy’s house?

    50. The dream he is trying to protect no longer exists.