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Citrix GoToMeeting and Webinar Roundtable Series PowerPoint Presentation
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Citrix GoToMeeting and Webinar Roundtable Series

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Citrix GoToMeeting and Webinar Roundtable Series - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Citrix GoToMeeting and Webinar Roundtable Series
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  1. Citrix GoToMeeting and WebinarRoundtable Series Scheduling a Meeting & Webinar

  2. Overview • Reminders of Using GoToMeeting • Scheduling a Meeting: • From Desktop, Program Tray, Outlook • Managing Recurring Meetings • Editing or Canceling a Meeting • Starting a Meeting • Scheduling a Webinar: • From Program Tray and Online

  3. Reminders • To schedule a meeting, • You need an account (email addy and pwd) • You need to install Citrix GoToMeeting on your computer • Only one concurrent meeting at a time per account… • It may not support impromptu meetings • But all meetings for that account will be seen like a coordinated calendar • You can sign up for more accounts if needed.

  4. Schedule a Meeting • From Desktop Icon • From Program Tray (What is This? See Slide 10) • From Website (

  5. Schedule Meeting: Desktop IconDouble-Click and Login

  6. Schedule Meeting: Desktop IconSelect Meet Now or Schedule Meeting

  7. Schedule Meeting: Enter Meeting Info See Recurring Meeting Box? Recurring Meetings keep a Meeting ID and URL active for 40 days. See Local Time Zone? You can change the time zone if needed.

  8. Program Tray Icon: Right-Click to Schedule or Start This is your program tray. The Citrix icon sits here as well. If it doesn’t, drag it there from your desktop.

  9. Schedule a Meeting: Program Tray • Right click on icon and select Schedule a Meeting • Enter you account login information • On the Schedule Meeting dialogue box, enter your meeting information and click Schedule • You will be notified your meeting has been scheduled. If you are using MS Outlook or IBM Lotus Notes, a meeting reminder will be generated and give you the option of inviting attendees via a calendar appointment.

  10. Schedule Meeting: Enter Meeting Info Schedule a Meeting or Meet Now To Edit a Meeting: Select My Meetings… To Start a Meeting, Select My Meetings…

  11. From Outlook • GoToMeeting Toolbar in Outlook • Select Host a Meeting.

  12. Schedule a Webinar Desktop Icon, Program Tray, or Website

  13. Schedule Webinar: Right-Click Program Tray Icon Schedule a Webinar To Edit or Start a Webinar: Select My Webinars…

  14. Schedule Webinar Form

  15. Note: When you login, you can see results, surveys, and reports of past webinars.

  16. Three Steps to Webinars.

  17. Schedule Webinar: Time, Date, Title, Conference Call Service Note: GoToWebinar calls only require each person (organizer and attendee) to pay their own long distance charges. No extra bridging costs. For toll-free, consider InterCall

  18. Schedule Webinar: Continued

  19. Schedule Webinar: Branding & Logo You can insert your program’s logo and select a theme. This will appear in the “Waiting Room” that attendees see upon joining.

  20. Schedule Webinar: Branding & Logo

  21. Schedule Webinar: Registration Attendees must register for webinars. You can customize your form.

  22. Recap • Schedule a meeting from Desktop or Program Tray (Outlook or Website too) • Click or Right Click and follow prompts • Start a meeting same way (My Meetings..) • Schedule a webinar from Desktop or Program Tray (or Website too) • Start a webinar same way (My Webinars..)

  23. Resources • LSNTAP.Org ( | Click LegalMeetings and Getting Started & How To