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Richard M. Nixon. New Deal Coalition. IN African-Americans Union members Urban North Immigrant/newer ethnic groups Farmers. OUT Democratic South. The South Defects. Civil Rights Achievements and failures Expansion of Federal Power Viet Nam Southern Voting Patterns.

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New deal coalition
New Deal Coalition


  • African-Americans

  • Union members

  • Urban North

  • Immigrant/newer ethnic groups

  • Farmers


  • Democratic South

The south defects
The South Defects

  • Civil Rights Achievements and failures

  • Expansion of Federal Power

  • Viet Nam

  • Southern Voting Patterns

1968 democratic race
1968 Democratic Race

Gene McCarthy

Hubert humphrey

Rn s administrative presidency
RN’s Administrative Presidency

White House



John ehrlichman domestic council
John Ehrlichman: Domestic Council

H r haldeman chief of staff
H. R. Haldeman: Chief of Staff

Problem with nixon s style
Problem with Nixon’s Style

  • Cabinet Government?

  • Isolation

  • Feeding Nixon’s Flaws

Cabinet government
Cabinet Government?

William Rogers

George Romney


  • Line vs. Staff

  • Nixon’s Enemies List

    Chuck Colson:

    “This memorandum addresses the matter of how we can maximize the fact of our incumbency in dealing with persons known to be active in their opposition to our Administration; stated a bit more bluntly—how we can use the available federal machinery to screw our political enemies.”

  • Master List of Nixon’s Political Opponents

Feeding nixon s flaws
Feeding Nixon’s Flaws

  • “Checker’s” Speech

Democrats 1972
Democrats 1972

Ed Muskie

George McGovern

Watergate scandal
Watergate Scandal

  • Comparison to other scandals

  • Lessons

  • Since Ike, no president has finished a second term without one

  • Staff loyalty is double-edged sword

Richard m nixon




Legislative Branch: Senate Committee

Sen. Howard Baker, Sen. Sam Ervin

Judicial Branch: Grand Jury

Judge John Sirica


Executive branch special prosecutor
Executive Branch: Special Prosecutor

  • Archibald Cox Leon Jaworski

Saturday night massacre october 23 1973
Saturday Night Massacre October 23, 1973

Elliott Richardson William Robert Bork

Atty. General Ruckelshaus Solicitor Gen

Dep. AG

The fate of the tapes
The Fate of the Tapes

  • Watergate Tapes (NARA)

  • From Washington Post

  • The “Smoking Gun” Tape

  • US Supreme Court Ruling

    • US v. Nixon


  • Articles of Impeachment

  • House Judiciary Committee Impeachment Hearings

  • Gerald Ford Library Watergate Info

The fate of nixon
The Fate of Nixon

Video of Resignation