the latest fad diets is it magic or madness n.
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THE LATEST FAD DIETS Is it Magic or Madness? PowerPoint Presentation
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THE LATEST FAD DIETS Is it Magic or Madness?

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THE LATEST FAD DIETS Is it Magic or Madness? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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THE LATEST FAD DIETS Is it Magic or Madness?. Sanirose S. Orbeta, MS, RD, FADA Consulting Clinical & Sports Nutritionist. What is a FAD Diet?. It is simply weight loss diet that has become very popular quickly and then falls out just as fast. A short term quick food fix. “Latest Craze Diet”.

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the latest fad diets is it magic or madness

THE LATESTFAD DIETSIs it Magic or Madness?

Sanirose S. Orbeta, MS, RD, FADA

Consulting Clinical & Sports Nutritionist

what is a fad diet
What is a FAD Diet?
  • It is simply weight loss diet that has become very popular quickly and then falls out just as fast.
  • A short term quick food fix.
  • “Latest Craze Diet”
how can i spot a fad diet
How Can I Spot A FAD Diet?
  • Sounds to good to be true, it probably is. “Lose 15 lbs in 7 days!”
  • Recommends using a single food on a very consistent basis.
  • Promises quick and easy weight loss with no effort.
  • Guarantees an outcome in a specified time period.
how can i spot a fad diet1
How Can I Spot A FAD Diet?
  • Eliminates an entire food group such as carbohydrates or dairy products.
  • Suggest special products or require dietary supplements.
  • Require certain foods be eaten at particular times of the day.
  • Promise magical quick results.
reaction to all these published popular fad diets
Reaction to All These Published Popular Fad Diets


Media Hype

Existing Medical Condition

Misinformation and Misinterpretation

Hearsay Nutrition

Family Habits and Tradition

Work Pressure

New Age Products

Personal Stress

common reasons why people select popular fad diets
Common Reasons Why People Select Popular FAD Diets
  • Promises instant results on looks, appearances and physical comfort.
  • Medical or health reason is secondary.
  • Weight suggested by Doctors or Health Care Professional is ignored.
  • Recommended 5-10% weight loss at starting baseline is too little but reduction of 32% is the unrealistic expectation.
high protein fad diets
High-Protein FAD Diets


  • Rapid weight loss at all cost
  • Fast weight loss minimizes health problems
  • Eating plenty of meat and protein products is easy, cheap and always available
cohen diet
Cohen Diet

High Pro – Low CHO, Low Sugar Diet. Examines your personal Blood profile to give you a personalize Meal Plan.

Meals are strictly measured in gram. 150 gm. – 170 gm or 50 gm of CHO.

Basic Cal. – 600 cal. Diet – 1600 cal per day

dukan diet
Dukan Diet
  • Protein Based – To redesign your eating habit to include a 4 phase program.
  • Phase I. – Attack phase
  • Phase II. – Cruise stage
  • Phase III. – Consolidation phase
  • Phase IV. – Stabilization phase
preposterous theories fueling the high protein craze
Preposterous Theories Fueling the High-Protein Craze
  • Obesity is due to metabolic reasons not overeating
  • Calorie restriction is not necessary
  • Too much carbohydrates produces excess insulin thus leading to insulin resistance and weight gain
preposterous theories fueling the high protein craze1
Preposterous Theories Fueling the High-Protein Craze

4. Fat does not make you fat only carbohydrates does

5. Ketosis and lipolysis are the most efficient way to make you slim

6. Syndrome X may benefit from low-carb

why do high protein low carbohydrate diets work in some people
Why do High-Protein, Low Carbohydrate Diets Work in Some People?
  • There is overall calorie restriction
  • Rapid weight loss is due to water loss
  • Ketosis induces appetite suppression
some popular diets classified according to their nutrient composition
Some Popular Diets Classified According to Their Nutrient Composition

Source: Popular Diets – A Scientific Review by M. Freedman et. al

i high fat low cho 1414 calorie diet fat 60 cho 10 protein 30
I. High-Fat Low CHO 1414 Calorie Diet Fat 60% CHO 10% Protein 30%

Abundance of Choice

1420 calories each


1200 calories

1600 calories

2290 calories

1200 calories


2640 calories

400 calories

650 calories

600 calories


650 calories

620 calories

470 calories


620 calories

710 calories

340 calories

615 calories

iii low fat and very low fat 1450 calorie diet fat 10 15 cho 65 75 protein 15 20
III. Low-Fat and Very Low-Fat 1450 Calorie Diet Fat 10-15% CHO 65-75% Protein 15-20%

200 calories

120 calories

80 calories


440 calories

250 calories

310 calories

510 calories

verdict of science
Verdict of Science
  • High-protein diets which bans carbohydrate is a danger to your health and should be avoided
  • Diets that go for a single specific nutrients or food components to avoid are not advisable

Verdict of Science

George Bray, MD - Low-CHO Diets and Weight Loss

Weight loss was predicted by total calorie intake, diet duration but not by CHO content alone.

efficacy and safety of low cal diets a systematic review by bravata sanders huang et al
Efficacy and safety of Low-Cal Diets – A Systematic Review By Bravata, Sanders, Huang et. al.

Diets that restricted calorie intake, used longer in duration were associated with weight loss rather than CHO intake.

Scientific Review of Popular Diets By Freedman, King and Kennedy

Weight Loss

Short term high-fat, low-CHO causes a great loss of body water rather than body fat when these diet ends water weight is regained.

All reduced calorie diets results in body fat loss if sustained long term.

our role as health professional in this dieting dilemma
Our Role as Health Professional in this Dieting Dilemma
  • Its our duty to inform the public of these misleading claims and deceptive statements
  • React continually to health misinformation
  • High risk to consumers must be clear
obesity crisis is entirely preventable not with fads diet
Obesity Crisis is Entirely Preventablenot with FADS Diet
  • Through Healthy Diet, Routine Exercise and behavioral modification
    • Develop good eating habits
    • Balancing calories consumed with correct calorie output.

Energy Balance for Scientific Weight Loss Program

Calorie = Energy

Intake Expended

Calories not used as energy become excess body weight

Eat Less Move More
  • Eat Less Live Longer

1 pc regular burger 400 calories

1 pc mini burger 50 calories

1 pc monster burger 1420 calories