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Resilon Primer: a self-etch primer, which contains a sulfonic acid-terminated functional monomer, HEMA, water and a polymerization initiator.
  • Resilon sealer: a dual-curing, resin-based composite sealer. The resin matrix is comprised of BisGMA, ethoxylated BisGMA, UDMA, and hydrophilic difunctional methacrylates. It contains fillers of calcium hydroxide, barium sulphate, barium glass, bismuth oxychloride and silica. The total filler content is approximately 70% by weight.
  • Resilon core material: is a thermoplastic synthetic polymer-based (polyester) root canal core material that contains bioactive glass, bismuth oxychloride and barium sulphate. The fillers content is approximately 65% by weight. The Resilon core materials, similar to gutta-percha cones, are available in ISO-sizes in .02, .04 and .06 tapers, as well in accessory sizes. Additionally, pellets of this material are available for use with the Obtura II (Obtura/Spartan, Fenton, MO, USA) delivery system.


PCL - Polycaprolactone Polycaprolactone is a biodegradable thermoplastic polymer derived from the chemical synthesis of crude oil. Although not produced from renewable raw materials, it is fully biodegradable. Polycaprolactone has good water, oil, solvent and chlorine resistance. It has a low melting-point (58-60 °C) and low viscosity, and it is easy to process. It is used mainly in thermoplastic polyurethanes, resins for surface coatings, adhesives and synthetic leather and fabrics. It also serves to make stiffeners for shoes and orthopedic splints, and fully biodegradable compostable bags, sutures, and fibres.

  • How this material might degrade in the root canal, or what effect this might have on longer term success of the case.

University of Maryland

  • Leakage Study
    • Results demonstrated much higher leakage with Resilon that gutta-percha and sealer
adhesion of primer
Adhesion of Primer

To both wet and dry dentin

  • No measurable bond strength was obtained in either condition
  • Testing done by DeTrey and Caulk (subsidiaries of Dentsply)
health science center san antonio
Health Science Center San Antonio

Water Sorption and Solubility Testing

  • Sealer used has a higher degree of absorption. Solubility of sealer doubled after 30 days. Water sorption and solubility of permanent medical devices is undesirable.