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Giovanni Napolitano 09/11/2007. PowerPoint Presentation 1. Podcasts.

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Since the inception of the iPod video. Podcasts are starting to become the norm now for information sharing. Podcasts are a form of broadcasting that works by connecting your video iPod to iTunes or websites that support podcasting and downloading new episodes of certain talk shows, news programming, or TV shows as well. Podcasting can also be used as a instructional tool as well as it can be used to give viewers digital tours of certain hotspots such as museums or vacation spots to name a few. Certain schools now have also started to use podcasting as a way to give students miniature lessons such as giving lecture material and study guides. - 10/02/2007


Mobile is the ability for a computer or another computer related product to be used without being wired. Cell-phones and laptops are 2 perfect example of mobile devices. Cell-phones for example no longer need to be held down, such as land line phones which need to be connected to a phone jack where as with cell-phones, as long as you have a signal wherever you go, you can make phone calls and even browse the internet on select phones. The same thing goes for laptops as well as most of them work just like a cell-phone, as long as you get a clear signal, then the internet will function well. But, you can also have a full sized computer go wireless. Such as if you are trying to get rid of all the wires around your home office, you can just connect everything wirelessly. - 10/02/2007


Hardware is the physical aspect that make up a computer. Such pieces of hardware are the monitor and the hard rive. Hardware is just like software in that depending on what you get, it can improve your computers performance, such as having a large hard drive can increase your memory or a LCD monitor can give you a really good looking picture. But as with anything else they can also be outdated as time goes on. - 10/04/2007


Software is the group of programs that operate the computer such as the operating system which technically runs the computer. But software can also be used in other formats such as computer games, videogames, computer applications. The thing with software though is that it can be easily upgraded just by downloading a complementing piece of software, where hardware needs to be upgraded by actually buying the piece of hardware. - 10/04/2007


Networking is the ability for multiple computer and other related devices to work together. Networks usually are placed in business so that all the computers can be connected the same server. In a essence the Xbox Live is a ver popular form of networking because you have multiple users all over the globe who can connect to the same server and play together. - 10/04/2007