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Product and Company Overview

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Product and Company Overview - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Product and Company Overview. Rapid XML Web Services. Agenda. Challenges of Web Services Why Rapid prototyping? Steam XML Solution Customers Clear Methods Team Features of the Water Language. XML Web Services Issues. Too complex – “a complexity crisis” Too brittle Too slow

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product and company overview
Product and Company Overview

Rapid XML Web Services

  • Challenges of Web Services
  • Why Rapid prototyping?
  • Steam XML Solution
  • Customers
  • Clear Methods Team
  • Features of the Water Language
xml web services issues
XML Web Services Issues
  • Too complex – “a complexity crisis”
  • Too brittle
  • Too slow
  • Too insecure

Tower of Babel

implementation challenges
Implementation Challenges
  • Even “simple” Web appls are complex
    • integration of many systems and standards
    • cooperation of multiple departments
    • numerous languages and technologies
  • Requirements cannot be fully understood until system has been demonstrated
  • Changes late in life cycle are expensive
why prototype xml web services
Why Prototype XML Web Services?
  • Understand requirements
  • Create working examples quickly
  • Demonstrate ROI
  • Lower cost of first mistakes
  • Benefits of UI prototyping well-known

Overall faster implementation at lower cost

steam xml solution
Steam XML Solution

Simple, powerful XML Web Services prototyping environment

  • Interactive
  • Flexible
  • Familiar syntax – XML
  • Complex systems up and running fast
rapid prototyping with steam xml
Rapid Prototyping With Steam XML
  • Prototypes are created within days
  • Prototypes are fully-functional
    • Complete user interface
    • Complete business logic, data connections
    • Data may be real or simulated
    • Allow “what if” to firm up requirements
  • Smooth step from prototype to implementation
product diagram
Product Diagram

XML Frameworks

XML Industry Schema


Steam XML Engine


Runtime Engine




Open Language

Open Syntax

XML and

steam xml ide screen

Code View Window

Steam XML IDE Screen

XML View

Right-click options

Object Inspector Window

HTML Preview

Double-click feature highlights expressions

Program step control


Let’s use Steam XML to rapidly prototype an example of your application needs…




"Water and Steam have allowed us to consolidate multiple code-generating layers into a single systems architecture that is powerful, adaptable and user-friendly."

“The Living Center” interactive environment for Alzheimer’s patients.


Steam benefit: 2 man-months vs. 2 man-years to develop

US Air ForceJoint Synthetic Battlespace

customer examples
Customer Examples
  • General Dynamics
    • After 2-day training course, built prototype for controlling and monitoring many remote simulations.
  • A software vendor
    • Developing a specification language for describing product variations to deploy on .NET without code generation.
  • MIT
    • Built a meta-simulator that integrated different methods to describe system architecture. Sophisticated decision model includes both graphical and textual representations.
from prototyping to production
From Prototyping to Production

SOA Business Platform

Flexible, secure, fast, and small

Frameworks leveraging XML Web Services.

Modeling and simulation. Data Integration.

Also: Embedded XML WS Engine and custom vertical platforms for ISVs

First step: Prototyping Platform

management team
Management Team

Mike Plusch, CEO and Co-founder

15+ years, MIT, Bowstreet, Digitas, Cendant

Christopher Fry, Chief Scientist and Co-founder

25+ years, Bowstreet, MIT, Harlequin, BBN

Joseph Ekman, VP Sales

20+ years, IBM, Sun, Ask Jeeves

Bob Nilsson, VP Marketing

20+ years, Columbia, HP, Digital Equipment, MIT


Michael Cusumano, Ph.D. MIT Professor

Books: Platform Leadership, Microsoft Secrets

Harvey and Paul Deitel

Largest computer science textbook authors in the world

Jason Bluming, Marketing Director, Microsoft

Serial entrepreneur

steam xml summary benefits
Steam XML Summary Benefits
  • Rapidly prototype XML Web services, machine-to-machine interfaces
  • A language for XML
    • Working with XML becomes consistent and easy
  • Dynamically debug and modify systems
  • Speed development 10x to 50x
water language features
Water Language Features
  • Easy to use
    • XML/HTML-based syntax
    • Quick edit/run/debug cycles
    • Instant syntax checking
  • Powerful object system
    • Any object can be treated as a class or an instance (or both)
    • On-the-fly changing of the parent of an object to have dynamic inheritance
    • Multiple inheritance
  • Strong, flexible security
    • Capability-based security model
    • Simple yet effective in isolating programs running on a single JVM
water language features cont
Water Language Features, cont.
  • Maintainability features
    • Easily add arguments to methods
    • Add additional instance variables to already-created instances
    • Add methods to existing classes without requiring the class’s source code for recompiling
  • Flexible method calling
    • Optional parameters with default values
    • Arguments passed by keyword or position
    • Unlimited number of parameters via rest parameter
    • Content parameter for particularly large arguments
    • Execution kind settable per parameter, allowing different kinds of evaluation per argument including none
    • Type declaration is optional on per-parameter basis
  • Steam XML IDE
    • Enterprise Edition $2995
  • Steam XML Engine
    • Unlimited Steam Ports $5,000/CPU
    • Individual Client Steam Ports $25
product directions
Product Directions
  • X-Spec
    • Executable business specification language
    • More flexible and complete than BPEL
    • The specification becomes the executable
  • Water Pics
    • Graphical notation language more flexible and complete than UML
    • Pictorial representation of the Water language
  • Frameworks
    • Portals, workflow, content management
    • Designed for XML and Web services
    • Flexible, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)