the reflecting skin 1990 n.
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The reflecting Skin - 1990

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The reflecting Skin - 1990.

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the reflecting skin 1990
The reflecting Skin - 1990

The movie does not start with an establishing shot instead it just starts with medium close up of the two ladies. Holding the owl. They are wearing black which detonates evil. The non diegetic sound is a sound track of owl noises, which gives it the element of scariness.

The scene then changes to a lady in black walking up to an object. The lady is wearing black which creates curiosity and her in black does symbolise the element of bad and there are many chances of her being the villain. As she appears in the 1st 25 seconds of the trailer it means she does hold some sort of importance.

the reflecting skin
The reflecting Skin

The captions used in the trailer are 4 main words related to the movie. They are very similar to how captions are added now, it is few words based on the movie narrative. They are quick enough to not bore the audience and slow enough so the audience can read them. The colour scheme has been matched to the trailers colour scheme of yellow and black. Black representing the evil and the light colours representing a hope of life.

This child appears most of the time in the trailer meaning he is an important character in the movie, the captions do say “ childhood and innocence” and he is the main child in the trailer to be seen. This has done to create curiousity in the audience of who is this child?

the reflecting skin1
The Reflecting Skin

The lighting used in the room is low key meaning its dark. Also it mentions vampires and vampires do stay in the dark behind curtains and the lady is standing behind the curtain. The child is sitting down which gives the lady more power as she is standing up , she has more authority over the situation.

The trailer finishes with the credits, however they are totally different in comparison to credits in present trailers. The credits of this trailer are more like a end page of a story book.

the reflecting skin2
The Reflecting Skin

The medium close up of the ladies face is shown so that the audience is aware of who is talking. As the trailer starts a ladies voice speaks in the background ( non deigetic) and by showing her face the audience will be intrigued of who she is?. Her make up is very neutral and cold and she looks like she can see the future.

An intimate scene is added to the trailer to change the vibe of the trailer , it adds a twist to the trailer because as far as the audience are concerned they find out in the trailer she is a vampire but knowing she has a intimate relationship with a human will intrigue the audience to carry on watching the trailer and eventually the movie. The trailer ends with a scene of the sunset and vampire wake up at night?

horror trailer the unborn
Horror trailer- The unborn

The trailer starts with an establishing shot of the house, this is

Setting a scene for the audience. The use of lighting is low

Key lighting, its dark which gives the audience a cold vibe,

the mise-en-scene of the 1st scene has perfectly pitched the

Fact that something will occur any minute now. The theory

Equilibrium relates toe the 1st scene because it is all normal, no

Disturbance has occurred to the scene to cause the

disequilibrium .

horror trailer the unborn1
Horror trailer- The unborn

The heroin is casually sitting on the sofa on her own. The setting is dark and its supposedly night time, most paranormal activity do happen at night time. The mise-en-scene is very calm, her dress code is very casual . The window panels are showing the peek through of the cold peeking through might be hinting to the soul entering the body of the child in the next scene. This is a long shot

As she hears sound through the “ baby monitor” and an medium close up is shown of her face to show the emotions on her face, she's frowning and her face looks tensed.

The possessed child is pale with not facial colour. This gives a feeling of coldness and heartlessness . A close up has been used to show the emotionless expressions of the child.

horror trailer the unborn2
Horror Trailer – The Unborn

The start of the disequilibrium. In her day to day life a problem has occurred, Her eye colour is changing and the dirt colour is taking over the peaceful calm blue. This direct short allows the audience to connect to the character.

Then when she sees her dead twin the disequilibrium is starting to build. Seeing the child/spirit in the street evidences the weird events happening before hand it grabs the audiences attention and makes them want to watch the trailer even more.

horror trailer the unborn propps theory
Horror Trailer – The Unborn (Propps theory )

The Villain

The Helper

The side kick

The Heroin's Dad

The Hero

horror trailer the unborn3
Horror trailer – The unborn

Laura Maulvey the male gaze theory can be analysed through this shot. Its a medium shot of the girl taking a shower while she is washing her hair. Her toned body and her stroking her hair can mean she becomes a product of pleasure, she can be seen as a voyeuristic object.

A stereotypical couple. The guy big handsome with a slim girlfriend. It gives the audience a chance to escape from real life or even compare themselves to the couple( narcissist). The lighting is high key with loads of natural light giving the scene a warmth feeling.

horror trailer the unborn structure
Horror Trailer- The unborn ( structure )

The mise-en-scene and use of sound is what creates the frightening and scary atmosphere.

Sound – The whispering in the baby monitor ( diegetic sound ), it creates that spooky atmosphere and related to the subject of what cassyie the heroine was talking regarding the child over the phone. The whispering does suggest there is something wrong with the child . After the whispers the high-pitched non-diegetic sound give the audience the spook and now the audience starts to feel cassies heartbeat as they are also in the same dilemma as cassie( what is this ? ). The moment of silence creates a suspenseful atmosphere allowing the audience to think and at thesame time wonder what will happen, creates the fair of the unknown.

Editing – The fades transitions allows the trailer to give a continuity rather than cut and start a new scene. The pace of the trailer speeds up with the suspense increasing , it is done through a jump cut which puts the audience on a the edge allowing them to jump.

Camera Angels and shots – The trailer consists of number of different camera angels and some are called; canted angles, they are used to create an alarming atmosphere for the target audience. Quite a few over the shoulder shots were used and in which the audience is positioned alongside the protagonist. The extreme close up of the eye also gives the eye much importance throughout the trailer so it symbolises some sort of meaning and tells the audience there is a link with the eye.

similarities and differences
Similarities and Differences


Colour- The colour scheme has changed throughout the years. In the reflecting skin the colour scheme is mostly yellowish golden and is of the neutral light so the sun light. However for that time period this movie would be scarier as it is using the element of vampires which was more scary at the time to now. Whereas in the Unborn the colours used are dark and cold because the 20th centaury audience have advanced from the vampire idea and find the unknown , mystery , demon, possession elements more scary. The sounds used in the reflecting skin is very different to the sound used in the unborn. There is more suspenseful music in the unborn in comparison to the reflecting skin. Also the use of non diegetic sounds has advanced in the horror industry for example the whispering of the “ unborn”. Editing has advanced as technology has improved, fades are used to keep a continuity in the trailer however this was not possible before. The use of makeup and costume has improved tremendously, make up has gone darker to create the impact of the dead, the costumes have changed to show the difference between the unknown and the characters in the movie. ( Eg. The unborn and cassy )