maximizing all aspects of your health wellness n.
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Maximizing All Aspects of Your Health &Wellness PowerPoint Presentation
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Maximizing All Aspects of Your Health &Wellness

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Maximizing All Aspects of Your Health &Wellness - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Maximizing All Aspects of Your Health &Wellness
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  1. Maximizing All Aspects of Your Health &Wellness NAMI Presentation June 29, 2013 Susan C. Maloney, PhD., FNP-BC scm

  2. Welcome • Sincere thanks to all of the planning committee for selecting my proposal as worthy of offering you what I love to speak about, what I believe in, and what I know to be true for myself; and, what I continue to work on each and every day. • My hope is that you find value in what I have to share as well . scm

  3. Program Objectives: • Take a Wellness Inventory • Challenge health limiting beliefs we currently hold about our wellness potential • Learn practical ways to change current health practices • Adopt new thoughts, behaviors and practices for optimal wellness • Define your OWN health goals to maximize your wellness scm

  4. Whole Person Approach Recognizes our Strengths scm

  5. How Well Are You Today? • How Well are You Today? scm

  6. Wellness Inventory  • 3= this is true of me most of the time • 2= this is true of me some of the time • 1= this is true of me almost none of the time • 1. Making basic changes in my life to improve my health is something I often think about • 2. The way I take care of my body expresses the way I feel about myself • 3. When I look in the mirror, I feel comfortable with my physical appearance scm

  7. Wellness Inventory  • 3= this is true of me most of the time • 2= this is true of me some of the time • 1= this is true of me almost none of the time • 4. I like to give and get hugs • 5. Exercise is a priority in my life • 6. My diet consists mainly of fast foods • 7. I regularly get enough sleep scm

  8. Wellness Inventory  • 3= this is true of me most of the time • 2= this is true of me some of the time • 1= this is true of me almost none of the time • 8. When something ails me, I tend to want to treat the symptoms rather than look for the cause • 9. I am motivated to take better care of myself in all respects • 10. I frequently do not take care of my physical and emotional needs scm

  9. Daily: Analyze: Choose: Change: Thrive • Feeling a high level of wellness? • Feeling an optimum sense of health? • Health is not merely the absence of Dis-ease • Absence of well being? • Absence of joy in living? scm

  10. You are worth every positive action you take for your health! scm

  11. A symphony of Healthy Choices EAT YOUR VEGGIES! scm

  12. Wellness Reminders  • Wellness is a choice • Wellness is a way of life • Wellness is a process • Wellness is integrating all aspects of the self • Wellness is an understanding that everything we do and feel has an impact on our health • Wellness is loving acceptance of yourself It’s YOUR Choice! scm

  13. The Process of Undoing • Challenging health limiting beliefs we may hold about our past, current or future state of health • Why is this important? • How does what we think about affect our health and wellness? scm

  14. Health Challenging Beliefs • “I’m depressed and my medicine made me gain weight.” • “I don’t have energy to exercise.” • “I can’t afford to eat a healthy diet.” • “I’m alone.” • “It’s easier to stay home and not try.” • “I don’t have any choice in things.” scm

  15. Negative Trap scm

  16. Cycle of Negativity= Disempowerment scm

  17. Which thought system sustains your health and wellness? scm

  18. Statistics that Need our Attention • Mental illness and CHD • Mental illness and Diabetes/Obesity • Mental illness and Immunology • Mental illness and Social/relational health • Mental illness and Personal responsibility • Mental illness and Financial wellness scm

  19. Cycle of Risk When Relapsing scm

  20. Physical Illness and Mental Illness • Morbidity Rates • Heart Disease • Lung Disease • Diabetes/Obesity • Cancer • Infections • Depression • Anxiety • Bipolar • Childhood disorders scm

  21. Interconnectedness scm

  22. So…What to do? • One positive choice at a time  scm

  23. Given the Stats…. • What must we do? • How do we stay focused on recovery? • Fake it till you make it! • Do it even when you don’t feel like it • Do it especially when you don’t feel like it • Do it because it’s absolutely a matter of your very quality and essence of life Just DO It! scm


  25. Which Choice will you make? scm

  26. Starting the Process of Health Changing Practices scm

  27. Let’s Begin: One Step at a Time • Physical Self • Exercise • Nutrition • Self-Care • Sleep • Emotional Self • Manage stress • Emotion regulation • Positive attitude • Listen: Awareness • Self-Nurturing Practices • Nutritional Self- Food as Medicine- Farm-acy • Super Foods • Depression Prevention • Spiritual Self • Connection to self • Connection to others • Connection to Higher Power scm

  28. Physical Self- Exercise • MOVE daily • What moves you? • What inspires you to be active? • Run • Walk • Garden • Swim • Dance scm

  29. Daily Choices: Daily Wellness  scm

  30. Physical Health: Nutrition • Are you promoting a sluggish metabolism? • Are you maximizing your energy? • Are you supporting your total health and other comorbid disease states (thyroid, heart disease)? • Let’s look at how we can maximize your efforts toward wellness in all these dimensions scm

  31. Promoting a High level metabolism • Do you eat when you’re not hungry? • Do you eat quickly? • Do you eat less than 30gms fiber daily? • Do you eat fewer than 5 servings fruit/veggies/day? • Do you eat breakfast EVERY day? • Do you binge eat? • Do you eat less than 4 meals/day? scm

  32. Promoting a High level metabolism • Do you drink less than 8 glasses of water daily? • Do you eat more processed foods than whole grains and whole foods? • Do you get protein in your diet 2-3 times/day? • Do you add sugar and salt to your foods daily? • Do you maintain a healthy weight? scm

  33. Promoting a High level metabolism • Do you exercise 3 times/week? • Do you eat fatty fish and good fats daily? • Do you eat red meats more than 1-2 times/week? • Do you drink excessive caffeine? • Do you lift weights/strength conditioning weekly? scm

  34. Physical: Self-Care • Personal Self-Care- • Do you drink fewer than 3 alcoholic drinks/week? • Do you avoid marijuana and other drugs? • Do you avoid tobacco and second hand smoke? • Do you regularly use dental floss? scm

  35. Physical: Self-Care • Do you use sunscreen? • Do you wash your hands every time after using the bathroom? • Do you get fewer than 2 colds/year? • Do you always wear your seat belt? • Do you keep your scheduled health/PCP visits? scm

  36. Physical Health: Sleep • I seldom feel tired or rundown • I fall asleep easily at bedtime • I usually get 7-8 hours sleep/night • I take 10-15 minutes to think about my day and my life (pray, meditate, write in a journal) • If awakened, I can easily go back to sleep • I do not have to use a sleeping pill, drugs or alcohol to fall asleep scm

  37. Mindfulness scm

  38. Nutritional Health- Super Foods • Super Foods scm

  39. Nutritional Health- FARM-acy scm

  40. New Food Guide ‘MyPyramid’ scm

  41. Healthy Foods Healthy Bodies scm

  42. Eat this Not That  scm

  43. Make eating Healthy a Lifestylefor your whole family scm

  44. Make Healthy Choices Every day scm

  45. Making the Most of What You Can • How do I eat healthy on a fixed subsidized income? • How can I make healthy choices when I only have access to free lunches at the drop-in center? • What if I have no transportation to the grocery store? • Here is where we maximize the choices and things that we CAN control! scm

  46. Smart Choices • Portion control • Bang for your Best Buck options • Planning your grocery trips/rides/weekly menu • Check out local farmer’s markets, cooperative, road side veggie stands • Clip coupons when available • Get your family/friends/social group involved in meal planning and meal sharing • Eliminate excess empty calories, dollars spent on less than healthy options (i.e. soda) scm

  47. Choices? scm

  48. Nutrition: Depression Prevention scm

  49. Current Statistics • Evidence shows that individuals with depressive disorders and alcoholism have significantly lower serum Folate and Vitamin B 12 levels. • Additionally, diets low in Omega 3 fatty acids increase risks for cardiovascular disease and depression. Coppen, A., & Bolander-Gouaille, C. (2005). Treatment of depression: time to consider folic acid and vitamin B12. J Psychopharmacol. 2005 Jan;19(1):59-65. Frasure-Smith, N., Lesperance, F., Julien, P. (2004). Major depression is associated with lower omega-3 fatty acid levels in patients with recent acute coronary syndromes. Biol Psychiatry. 2004 May 1;55(9):891-6 scm

  50. Dietary Must Have’s: • Enriched whole grain cereals • Eggs • Low-fat dairy • Chicken • Whey protein • Salmon/oil • Flax seed/flax oil • Chia seeds • Nuts (almonds, walnuts) scm