how far would you run for a doughnut n.
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How Far Would You Run for a Doughnut?

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How Far Would You Run for a Doughnut? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How Far Would You Run for a Doughnut?. Done By :- Shamma Al- Hitmi 6D Mathematics . How Does Someone Work Out The Number Of Calories They Burn When Running?.

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how far would you run for a doughnut

How Far Would You Run for a Doughnut?

Done By :-

Shamma Al-Hitmi



how does someone work out the number of calories they burn when running
How Does Someone Work Out The Number Of Calories They Burn When Running?

To know how many calories you burned when you ate that doughnut, you must know how many kilometres you ran and you must know your weight.

From the formula we found, you must:

Calories = Kilometresx Kilograms x 1.036

how far would they have to run to burn the calories that are in a doughnut
How Far Would They Have To Run To Burn The Calories That Are In A Doughnut?

Ex) There is 250 calories in the French Cruller doughnut and you weigh 40 and you will run 4 kilometres. You would do 4 x 40 x 1.036 = answer

how did you work this out
How Did You Work This Out?

Ex) The Doughnut has 250 calories (French Cruller Doughnut)

If your running: 1.03 x weight = answer

answer x 250 = how far to run


how can knowing how to do arithmetic with decimals help you make good health decisions
How Can Knowing How To Do Arithmetic With Decimals Help You Make Good Health Decisions?

Rounding the numbers is better than decimals, because decimals might make you get confused. I prefer round it instead of keeping the same number. If helps making a good health decisions because you know that its bad for you.

which part or parts of the leaner profile did you develop during this unit
Which Part Or (Parts) Of The Leaner Profile Did You Develop During This Unit?

Balanced :- + Thinker :-

The unit made me think how bad it is to eat a doughnut. I need to be healthy and keep my body balanced.