connectors brenda gonzales lina villa paula c apador juan jose t llez n.
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CONNECTORS Brenda Gonzales Lina Villa Paula C apador Juan Jose Téllez PowerPoint Presentation
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CONNECTORS Brenda Gonzales Lina Villa Paula C apador Juan Jose Téllez

CONNECTORS Brenda Gonzales Lina Villa Paula C apador Juan Jose Téllez

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CONNECTORS Brenda Gonzales Lina Villa Paula C apador Juan Jose Téllez

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  1. CONNECTORSBrenda GonzalesLina VillaPaula Capador Juan Jose Téllez

  2. CONNECTORS • Connectors are words we use to join two or more sentences or two words within the same sentence.

  3. The copulative connectors • He played the guitar and sang wonderful songs.  • Mary plays not only the guitar but also the violin.  • She is not onlybeautiful but very intelligent as well.  • Bill wants both to earn more money and to work less. • I had no soonergotten into the bathtub than the telephone rang.

  4. The disjunctive Connectors • We'd better leave right now orwe'll miss our bus. • Either you shut your mouth and listen or you leave the class. • The musician neither played the piano well nor sang good songs.  • Mary wondered whether to travel or to stay and save the money. • You have to pay the rent of the house, or elseyou will be evicted. • Leave right now, otherwise you'll be caught.

  5. The conditional Connectors • What shall we do, if they don't accept the offer? • I don't know whether they will agree on that subject. • Don't go there unless they call you. • You can borrow my car providing you return it today.  • You can stay here as long as you work hard. • We will take our umbrellas in case it rains.

  6. The concessive connectors • Although Jack is not very tall, he is excellent at basketball. • I will finish the project by tomorrow, even if I have to work all night.  • Despite his bad reputation, the politician won the elections. • It was a great match inspite of the bad the weather. • They decided to finish the project, regardless of the cost.

  7. The conclusive Connectors • I don't know her phone number, therefore I can't call her. • Frank was raised in a farm, hence his ability to ride horses. • He overslept and thus, arrived late for the appointment. • She was a little fat,so she decided to go on a diet. • They argued all the time,consequently they eventually got divorced.

  8. CONTINUATIVE CONNECTORS • If you like those shoes, then why don’t you buy them? • Soccer is a good sport; moreover, it is very easy to learn. • I don’t want stay here; furthermore, I have things to do. • I don’t want to Sell my car; besides, I need it for my job. • Mrs. Baker had a great interested in literature, in addition to her interest in music

  9. ADVERSATIVE CONNECTORS • He spoke clearly, but I didn’t understand him. • He doesn’t study much; however he gets good grades at school. • She had no experience; nonetheless she got the job. • he was a very good swimmer; even, so, he drowned. • Jack didn’t study for the test; still he managed o pass it. • I was invited to a party on Saturday, bat went to bed instead. • The boy is not dumb; on the contrary, he’s very smart for his age.

  10. CAUSAL CONNECTORS • The baby is crying because he is hungry. • She turned on the lights, for she was afraid of the dark. • She can not play sports because of her illness. • They decided to go to sleep, since it was very late. • She failed to pass the exam, as she made many mistakes. • The unemployment was high due to the economic crisis.

  11. COMPARATIVE CONNECTORS • Nobody knows that subject as I do. • His car is as fast as mine. • They are not as good as you think. • she was not so beautiful as her mother. • They treat me as if they didn’t know me. • Bill started to spend money as though he had won the lottery. • They started to have more problems than they expected.

  12. FUNCTIONAL CONNECTORS • So, tell me what you think about my new dress! • You should study more so that you can pass the exam. • Jack opened the window so as to let in the sunlight. • She wrote down his address so as not to forget it. • We are working harder in order to earn more money.