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ling zong ph d ibm software group san jose california u s a n.
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LING Zong, Ph. D. IBM Software Group San Jose, California, U.S.A. PowerPoint Presentation
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LING Zong, Ph. D. IBM Software Group San Jose, California, U.S.A.

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LING Zong, Ph. D. IBM Software Group San Jose, California, U.S.A.
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LING Zong, Ph. D. IBM Software Group San Jose, California, U.S.A.

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  1. Working @ IBM LING Zong, Ph. D. IBM Software Group San Jose, California, U.S.A.

  2. About Speaker LING Zong (凌棕), Ph. D. Senior Engineer / Scientist IBM Almaden Research Center / Software Group San Jose, California, U.S.A. Routine Work (Engineering and Services): • (60%) Research and Development • On Data (Cloud) Storage Management Software • (25%) Critical Customer Service • For Special Weapon Attack Team (SWAT) • (10%) Global Training and Academic Lecture • As a Technical Evangelist and University Ambassador • (5%) Technical Consultation • To Venture Capital Investment in the Silicon Valley

  3. What is IBM? • An innovator? • A sales force? • A collection of vertically integrated multibillion-dollar global businesses? • Aglobal brand? • A blue-chip stock? • A turnaround story? • A really big company? • All of theabove?

  4. IBM Mission We strive to lead in the invention, development and manufacture of the industry’s most advanced information technologies. We translate these advanced technologies into value for our customers through our professional solutions, services and consulting businesses worldwide.

  5. Topics • IBM Corporation • IBMers • IBM Culture

  6. IBM’s Legacy through the years What makes youspecial? Your products? Your services? Your financial strengths? Your customer base? Your supply chain? Your management systems? Your business model? Your history? Your brand? Your expertise? Whatever it is that makes you unique… infuse it with the new enablers of innovation, and you can earn higher profits, penetrate new markets, drive productivity – in a word, differentiate yourself from the competition. Focus on Enterprises that Value Integration & Innovation

  7. A Global Company • Corporate headquarters: Armonk, NY • Serving customers in 160 countries worldwide • Nearly 60 percent of revenue generated outside the United States

  8. IBM History • Incorporated in 1911 as the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company (C-T-R) • In 1924, C-T-R became International Business Machines Corporation • 1910s-60s: • From punch-card tabulating machines to room-sized calculators to mainframe computing systems for large enterprises • Changed the nature of accounting, calculation, and basic back-office business processes

  9. IBM History • 1970s-80s • IBM product line broadens from mainframes to minicomputers and personal computers • Applications move beyond back-office enterprise to departmental operations and personal productivity • 1990s • With the Internet and open standards, the network computing model is embraced and advanced • Coined “e-business” to describe how network computing can transform core business functions and transactions

  10. One of 10 Best Employers in Asia Best Company for Working Mothers Best in Class No.1 Company for Developing Leaders Uchinaga-sanNamed “the World’s most powerful woman in business” by Fortune No.1 Among 100 Best Corporate Citizens BEST COMPANIES TO WORK FOR * SINGAPORE 2003 IBM China named Most Admired Company in China Best Employer Award First in Organizational Training World Leading Company

  11. World Leading Innovations

  12. Serving World’s Leading Clients

  13. 5 Nobel Laureates 8 National Medals of Technology 6 Turing Awards 5 National Medals of Science Integer Programming 10 in National Inventors Hall of Fame 59 in National Academy of Engineering Over 300 Professional Society Fellows 21 in National Academy of Sciences World Leading Talents

  14. 计算机出现 智慧的地球 PC 兴起 1980 1995 1950 1965 2010 互联网革命 大型机时代 Leading the New Computing Model

  15. IBM Business Operations Percent of IBM’s Total Revenue in 2012 • Services • Financing • Hardware • Software • Technology • Research Source: 2012 IBM Annual Report

  16. IBM Business Operations • World’s largest business and technology services provider • $18 billion in revenue • More than 200,000 employees • Helps customers: • Capitalize on IT to improve business performance • Manage IT operations and resources • Principal lines of business: • Business Consulting Services • Integrated Technology Services • Strategic Outsourcing Services • Learning Services • Services • Financing • Hardware • Software • Technology • Research

  17. IBM Business Operations • World’s leading provider of financing and asset management services to companies selling or acquiring IT • $2.5 billion in assets • Operations in more than 40 countries • Offers flexible leasing and financing solutions to customers and business partners • Customer Financing – Total Solution Financing • Commercial Financing • Global Asset Recovery Services • Services • Financing • Hardware • Software • Technology • Research

  18. IBM Business OperationsServers • #1 server vendor in the world • Offers the broadest range of servers in the industry • Intel-processor-based servers • UNIX systems • Integrated application servers • Mainframes • Blade servers • Strong supporter of open standards • More than 6300 customers running Linux • Services • Financing • Hardware • Software • Technology • Research

  19. IBM Business OperationsEnterprise Storage • Most comprehensive range of storage offerings • Disk, Tape, Middleware, Database, ISV applications, Services and Financing • #1 in worldwide disk storage systems factory revenue • Largest disk revenue growth • #1 in UNIX external disk growth • Largest SAN revenue growth • Creating foundation for new autonomic storage model • Storage tank, Virtualization, Policy-based management tools • #1 Storage Services provider in the industry • Services • Financing • Hardware • Software • Technology • Research

  20. IBM Business OperationsPersonal Systems • Personal Computing • ThinkVantage Technologies, ThinkPad notebook PC’s, desktop PC’s, displays, accessories, and service offerings • Printing Systems • Printers, print management software, consulting, systems integration, supplies, service and support • Retail Store Solutions • Point-of-sale systems, kiosks and peripheral devices • Services • Financing • Hardware • Software • Technology • Research

  21. IBM Business Operations • Develops, markets and supports a diverse set of software • Provides foundation for the world’s critical business applications • World’s second largest software provider • $22 billion in revenue • More than 60,000 employees • Largest supplier of Internet infrastructure software – “middleware” • Systems integration and transaction processing • Data management • Collaboration and “dynamic workplaces” • Systems management and security • Services • Financing • Hardware • Software • Technology • Research

  22. IBM Business Operations IBM Software Family • Services • Financing • Hardware • Software • Technology • Research

  23. IBM Business Operations • Develops, manufactures, sells, and provides services for leading chip technologies • Incorporated into: IBM products OEM customers’ products • Focuses on technologies for the pervasive, network infrastructure and enterprise computing spaces • Leading producer of custom-designed chips (ASICs) • Key technology supplier to customers like Cisco, Qualcomm, Sony and Nintendo • Services • Financing • Hardware • Software • Technology • Research

  24. IBM Business Operations • World’s largest IT research organization • More than 3,000 scientists and engineers • 8 research laboratories and 24 development laboratories worldwide • Produces more breakthroughs than any other company • Received a record 6,809 U.S. patents in 2013 • The 21st consecutive year leading all companies in U.S. patents • Work ranges from physics to cognitive science to leading-edge application research • Services • Financing • Hardware • Software • Technology • Research

  25. IBM Business Operations • Deep Blue, Blue Gene, Watson • SCM based Software Architecture • Next Generation Database Systems • Cloud Computing • Nanotechnology • Service Science • Business Intelligence • New Energy • .... • Services • Financing • Hardware • Software • Technology • Research

  26. IBM Business Operations Blue Gene The project was awarded the National Medal of Technology and Innovation by US President Obama on September 18, 2009. • Services • Financing • Hardware • Software • Technology • Research

  27. IBM Business Operations A Computer Called Watson Watson is an artificial intelligence program developed by IBM designed to answer questions posed in natural language. Named after IBM's founder, Thomas J. Watson, Watson is being developed as part of the DeepQA research project. The program runs on POWER7 processor-based systems. • Services • Financing • Hardware • Software • Technology • Research

  28. Evolution of Food Chain Innovation of Services Science Carnivores Services Science Business Value/Profit Chain Natural Food Chain Pyramid Herbivores “Classic” Engineering

  29. Topics • IBM Corporation • IBMers • IBM Culture

  30. IBM has reinvented itself many times. But through it all, its DNA, its soul remained intact. That’s because of something that was part of this company since its inception.IBM’s most important innovation wasn’t a technology or management system. Its revolutionary idea was to define and run a company by a set of strongly held beliefs – beliefs that would transcend economic cycles, geopolitical shifts, and generations of products, technologies, employees and leaders. IBM’s most important innovation was “the IBMer”

  31. IBM believes that "NONE of us is as strong as ALL of us."

  32. “IBM is a Global Company Grounded in Shared Values” “None of us is as strong as all of us” AP Chinese Filipino Hindi Indonesian Japanese Korean Malay Vietnam Thai EMEA Arabic Czech Danish Dutch / Flemish French German Hebrew Ibo Italian Norwegian Polish Russian Swedish Zulu AMERICAS Cherokee English French Portuguese Spanish

  33. IBM Competencies • Embrace challenge • Partner for clients’ success • Collaborate globally • Act with a systemic perspective • Build mutual trust • Influence through expertise • Continuously transform • Communicate for impact • Help IBMers succeed

  34. Our Commitment to Diversity IBM’s employees represent a talented and diverse workforce. Achieving the full potential of this diversity is a business priority that is fundamental to our competitive success. Business activities such as hiring, training, compensation, promotions, transfers, terminations, and IBM-sponsored social and recreational activities are conducted without discrimination based on race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age or status as a special disabled veteran or other veteran covered by the Vietnam Era Veterans Readjustment Act of 1974, as amended. Effective management of our workforce diversity policy is an important strategic objective. Every IBM manager is expected to abide by this policy and uphold the company’s commitment to workforce diversity. (Excerpt) S. J. Palmisano Chairman and Chief Executive Officer U.S. Policy Statement on Diversity


  36. Our Values IBMers Value • Dedication to every client’s success • Innovation that matters – for our company and for the world • Trust and personal responsibility in all relationships

  37. Long-termIBMer Acquired Newly hired Returning IBMer The values connected with a broad range of IBMers.

  38. Our Colleagues More than 440,000 IBMers contributing to the success of IBM Asia Pacific Corporate headquarters Americas Europe, Middle East, Africa

  39. Our Colleagues IBM’s talented people • 5 IBM Nobel Laureates • Number one in patent generation for 21 consecutive years (6,809 patents awarded to IBM in 2013) • Exceeded the combined totals of Amazon, Google, EMC, HP, Intel, Oracle/SUN and Symantec.

  40. Our Colleagues 2001- present History of inclusion • Extended IBM’s Global Work/Life Fund into 2005 • Added "sexual orientation, gender identity or expressions,” to global equal opportunity letter • Spearheaded People with Disabilities marketing initiative on accessibility • Hired women before women were given a right to vote 1899 • Hired first person with disability 1914 • Recruited first professional women • Appointed first female vice president • Hired first black salesman • Introduced first written Equal Opportunity policy 1935-1953 • Helped to create • Hispanic Leadership Fund • Added sexual orientation to nondiscrimination policy • Implemented domestic partner benefits 1972-1996

  41. Our Colleagues Connecting through communities and collaboration Organizations Communities Teams Technology Disciplines You New employees Issues Business Industries Software Group IBM Global Services Sales and Distribution

  42. Solutions Sales Contracts & Negotiations Business Development Sales Operations Consultant IT Architect Project Management Technical Services Engineer Technician Software Engineer Sales IT & Services R &D Manufacturing Marketing Technician Engineer Production Market Intelligence Distribution Channels Integrated MarketingComms Marketing Operations Operations Supply Chain Communications Finance Administration Human Resources Legal Logistics Procurement Fulfillment Job roles Areas of expertise Wider exposure is beneficial for both IBM & IBMers 2-2-3 Principle If you have worked at current position for at least 2 years, and your performance is consecutive above average for 2 years, you only 3 months lead time before moving to the next job role

  43. Computer Science & Info. Systems Industrial and Systems Engineering Math and Operations Research Organizational Change & Learning Business Anthropology Science and Engineering Economics and Social Sciences Business and Management Service Education is Interdisciplinary Need more T-shaped people – both deep and broad

  44. Educating Service Engineers Depth vs breadth - The T Model Deep technical knowledge (typical CSC graduate) Good technical knowledge some breadth Middle services manager - more breadth than technical depth Top services executive

  45. Degree of Business Scope and Responsibility Your Career Growth Technical/ Professional Managerial/ Executive Manage your career Build your expertise Set your goals Dual Career Choice Take the right path to success !

  46. Career Leadership Competencies Sales / Technical Competencies Foundational Competencies Our Careers IBM is focusing on People Development What it means to be a leader What it means to be an expert What is means to be an IBMer

  47. Our Careers Connecting new talent • Connections coach • Your IBM – a learning program for new employees • Classroom instruction • e-learning and collaborative “touch points” during new IBMer’s first year • New hire network • New hire website

  48. Our Careers Managing performance @ IBM Establish annual work objectives Performance evaluation Assess skills & competencies / Update development plan Compensation & future opportunities EMPLOYEE DEVELOPMENT Checkpoint / Feedback Participate in learning activities

  49. Our Work Tools IBM’s On Demand Workplace “Home”, “Work”, & “Career and Life” tabs Essential Links Employee directory Personalized learning portlet Top Stories Stock price News based on your w3 profile

  50. Our Work Tools Instant messaging, e-meetings, and team rooms Colleague contacts Instant discussions, Instant Information Knowledge cafe