Welcome to parent night 2013 2014
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Welcome to Parent Night 2013-2014. Carissa Blackerby’s Classroom Information. OMIS Mission Statement.

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Welcome to parent night 2013 2014

Welcome to Parent Night 2013-2014

Carissa Blackerby’s

Classroom Information

Omis mission statement
OMIS Mission Statement

The mission of Oak Mountain Intermediate School is to transition fourth and fifth grade students from early childhood to early adolescence by promoting responsibility, independence, character development, and academic growth

Vision statement
Vision Statement

Oak Mountain Intermediate School will be an exemplary model amongst nationally recognized schools of excellence.

School Motto

OMIS– Our Mission Is Success

Classroom goals for the year
Classroom Goals for the Year

  • Build a community of learners in the classroom involving parents, students, and teachers.

  • Create life-long learners, readers, and writers among students.

  • Relate all subject areas to real-life experiences.

  • Help students to become responsible, independent, and cooperative learners.


  • Lunch 11:32-11:58

  • Physical Education 12:45-1:20

  • Science Lab 8:15-9:00

    Every other Monday 1:40-2:30

  • Computer Lab

    Every other Monday 10:15-11:00

  • Music

    Wednesday 9:35-10:20

  • Art

    Friday 9:35-10:20

  • Library Tuesday

Classroom expectations
Classroom Expectations

The following is a list of the Classroom Expectations. We have already discussed these with the classes and they know our expectations and responsibilities in our classroom. We exercise courtesy and respect towards all students and expect the same from them. Your child should be able to explain this policy to you as well.

  • Follow all directions

  • Respect all property, teachers, students, and staff

  • Listen when the teacher or another student has the floor

  • Use the correct volume

  • Use self-control in the classroom, hallway, restroom, lunchroom, and outdoors

  • Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself


If a student chooses to act irresponsibly, he/she must pull a card on the Behavior Chart. The consequences increase in severity each time a student pulls a card. The consequences are as follows:

Green – No reminders 

Blue – First reminder (Official Warning)

Yellow- Second reminder (Silent Lunch)

Red– Third reminder (Miss Fun Friday, miss recess, student will write a note home to parent to be signed, or office)

*Severe or chronic behavior may result in an office referral and the parents will be called (or note home).*

*The above steps can be skipped if deemed necessary by teacher and/or administration.*

Conduct grade
Conduct Grade

Disciplinary action starts fresh at the beginning of each new day; however, conduct marks accumulated over the nine weeks will determine the final report card conduct grade.

0-3 Yellow or Red Cards= Satisfactory (S)

4-6 Yellow or Red Cards= Progressing (P)

7+ Yellow or Red Cards= Not Progressing (N)

Conduct information is located in the Red Daily Folder. These should be reviewed daily and signed each Friday.

Anti harassment policy
Anti-Harassment Policy

  • If you or your child feel as though your child has been harassed or bullied, it should be reported via a specific form located on our website.

    http://shelbyed.k12.al.us click on Parent Links then Bully/Harassment Reporting or go to


  • You may also call the Bullying First Response Hotline at 1-800-320-8780.

Graded paper packets
Graded Paper Packets

Weekly folders will be sent home most Fridays to keep you informed of your child’s progress academically. Please sign and return the folder WITH THE PAPERS by Monday. If you need verification of grades or current averages, please let us know.

Parent communication
Parent Communication

The students have a red folder for daily communication. A newsletter is written regularly to communicate things that are happening in the classroom and around the school. The memo will be emailed or sent home in your child’s Red Daily Folder. We may also send emails, notes, or write in their assignment pad for communication purposes. You may email us at school anytime:

Carissa Blackerby cblackerby@shelbyed.k12.al.us

Craig Culbreth eculbreth@shelbyed.k12.al.us .

Please understand that our response may not be immediate.

You may also refer to our classroom blogs for information. We post the weekly newsletter there, as well as announcements, comments, and study material, when applicable. http://podcasts.shelbyed.k12.al.us/cblackerby



We encourage parents to schedule conferences with us whenever they feel we need to discuss their child’s progress either academically or behaviorally. Please leave a message with Julie Brane in the office at 682-5220, and we will contact you to set up a conference. You may also contact us via email to schedule a conference. Our conference time this year is 12:45-1:20 Tuesday-Thursday.


Please send a written excuse of illness or verification of doctor/dentist visits for each absence. Please write your child’s full name on the excuse and sign with your full name. This helps the office tremendously. We must turn these in to the office so the absence can be counted as excused. It will be considered unexcused after THREE DAYS with no verification. Please refer to the Code of Conduct for specific details on make up work policies. Please give special attention to prior permission for family trips/travel and the emergency clause.

**Make sure to read the Attendance Policy!


For assignments that were due on the day in which the student was absent, provided that the due date was previously communicated prior to the students’ absence, the student should be prepared to turn in the assignment upon returning to school.

Cell phone use
Cell Phone Use

Cell phones brought to school must be stored in a backpack. Cell phones cannot be audible or visible during the school day. Please do not turn your child’s cell phone on and place it in the backpack before school. The phone may be turned on when the child gets off the bus in the afternoon. The school is not responsible for attempting to recover lost or stolen cell phones.

Field trips
Field Trips

Field trips are planned during the year. A permission slip will be sent home before each trip. Please send back the permission slip and money due as soon as possible.

Meal charges
Meal Charges

Please make sure your child has money for meals daily. Funds are not allotted for “charges”. Please remember to WRITE YOUR CHILD’S NAME AND ACCOUNT NUMBER ON ALL CHECKS AND INCLUDE ALL MONEY IN AN ENVELOPE WITH THE CHILD’S FULL NAME AND LUNCH NUMBER. Please do not bring in any outside food (such as McDonald’s) into the lunch room for your child to eat. You are invited to eat lunch with us any time during the school year.


We love to celebrate birthdays. You are welcome to send a pre-portioned, healthy snack to school to celebrate your child’s birthday. The snack will be served at the end of lunch as a dessert.

Please note that we do not allow goodie bags, floral deliveries, balloons, or limo rides.


We assign homework in order to reinforce concepts that are discussed and practiced in class. We also want students to practice responsibility and time management when working at home. We do not feel like we give a lot of homework; however, there may be nights in which it is heavier than others. Please know that if your child does not finish his/her class work, it is also included in their homework load. Therefore, homework will essentially be doubled. “OMIS Late Work Grading Policy” will be enforced with homework assignments we collect.

Please sign and return the following completed paper work
Please Sign and Return the following Completed Paper Work :

  • OMIS Emergency Dismissal Plan

  • OMIS Late Work Policy

  • Parent and Student Acknowledgement Form Code of Conduct and Attendance

    All forms must be returned by Tuesday, September 3rd.