the gang tree
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The gang tree

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The gang tree - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The gang tree. Once upon a time…. In a large forest , there was a gun of trees , whose names were PITO, PETO, POTU, PATA and PALO. They were good friends and they were always playing. PITO was a tall pine tree with a thick trunk. PETO was an oak tree with a twisted trunk.

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Once upon a time…. In a largeforest, therewas a gun of trees, whosenameswerePITO, PETO, POTU, PATA and PALO.

Theyweregoodfriends and theywerealwaysplaying.

PITO was a tall pine tree with a thick trunk.

PETO was an oak tree with a twisted trunk.

POTU was a very small olive. It was very clever.

PATA was a giant willow but very silly.

PALO was an intelligent walnut tree.

Oneday, thefivefriendswentfor a walk and PATAfelldowntotheriver and howitwas so silly, itdidn’tknowwhatto do.

ButPOTUwasreallyclever and ithadan idea: to catch thebiggesttreetocrosstheriver, rivercalledthe Ebro.


Later, thefivetreeswenttothedeepforest and theygotlost. Then, theyfind a refugetostay at night.

In themorning, theymet a treecalledTolay, whichwasanoldcypress. Itwas so uglythanitlookedlike a monkey, butitknewalltheforest and helpedthemtofindtheway.


When the parents found them, they were very happy and thanked Tolay and went home happily.