chapter 21 the second homecoming n.
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Chapter 21 The Second Homecoming

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Chapter 21 The Second Homecoming - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chapter 21 The Second Homecoming. May 1892 There were certain reasons as to why Jose Rizal would again return to his Fatherland. He decided to go home on with the following reasons: 1. To confer with Governor Despujol regarding his proposal on the Borneo colonization.

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Chapter 21 The Second Homecoming

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    1. Chapter 21The Second Homecoming May 1892 There were certain reasons as to why Jose Rizal would again return to his Fatherland. He decided to go home on with the following reasons: 1. To confer with Governor Despujol regarding his proposal on the Borneo colonization. 2. To establish the Liga Filipina in the Philippines. and 3. To prove to his detractors, particularly Eduardo de Lete, that the latter was wrong in accusing Rizal of cowardliness and un bravely characteristic. It was said that de Lete attacked that Rizal was comfortable and safe in Hong Kong that he already abandoned the country's cause.

    2. As he arrived together with her sister Lucia in Manila, a series of events transpired. Among which are: June 26,1892 (Sunday at 12:00 noon) Rizal and his sister Lucia arrived in Manila. Afternoon at 4:00 o'clock he went to Malacanang to seek audience with the Spanish Governor - General Eulogio Despujol, (Conde de Caspe). He was told to come back at that night at 7:00 o'clock. He returned but told him to return on Wednesday (June29). June 27 -at 6:00 p.m Rizal boarded a train in Tutuban Station to visited his friends in Malolos(Bulacan),San Fernando (Pampanga), Tarlac(Tarlac), andBacolor(Pampanga). They discussed the problems affecting their people and took the opportunity to greet them personally.

    3. June 28 -at 5 o'clock in the afternoon Rizal returned to Manila by train. He was shadowed by the government spies who carefully his every movement. The homes he had visited were seized by the Guardia Civil June 29 -(Wednesday at 7:30) He saw his Excellency and did not succeed to have the penalty of exile lifted. He was to come again the following day at 7:30 June 30 -(Thursday) They talked about the question of Borneo and told Rizal to come back Sunday July 3 -(Sunday) Rizal returned and talked about sundry things. Thanked Governor General Despujol for having lifted the exile of his sisters, asked him if he would like to go abroad to Hong Kong and answered yes. Told him to return on Wednesday

    4. July 3, 1892 -(Sunday evening) Rizal attended a meeting of the patriots at the home of the Chinese-Filipino mestizo on Ylaya Street, Tondo,Manila . RIzal explained the objectives of the Liga Filipina, a civic league of the Filipinos. He presented the Constitution of the Liga which he had written in Hong Kong. The patriots were impressed and approved the establishment of The Liga.  Founding of the Liga Filipina- a civic league of Filipinos, which he desired to established and its role on the socio-economic life of the people. 1. To unite the archipelago into one compact and homogenous body 2. Mutual protection in every want and necessity 3. Defense against all violence and injustice. 4. Encourage of Education, agriculture and commerce.  5.Study of application and reforms.

    5. The cover page of the constitution of La Liga Filipina Motto: Unus Instar Omnium (one like all) Directors: Jose Rizal, Founder Ambrosio Salvador, President Agustin dela Rosa, Fiscal Bonifacio Arevalo, Treasurer Deodato Arellano, Secretary and first Supreme leader of Katipunan Exile of Rizal Domingo Franco, President and Supreme leader Deodato Arellano, Secretary/Treasurer Isidro Francisco, Fiscal Apolinario Mabini, Secretary

    6. Other members Andres Bonifacio, Supreme leader KKK Mamerto Natividad, One of the leaders of the revolution in Nueva Ecija. Moises Salvador, Master of lodge of the mason in Balagtas. Numeriano Adriano, Chief guard of lodge of the mason in Balagtas. Jose A. Dizon, Master of lodge of the mason in Taliba. Ambrosio Rianzares Bautista, War adviser during First Philippine Republic, Author of Philippine Declaration of Independence. Timoteo Lanuza, Stated the depose to dispel the Spanish frail in the Philippine in 1889. Marcelino de Santos, Bidder and assistant of La Solidaridad. Paulino Zamora, Master of lodge of the mason in Lusong. Juan Zulueta, Member of lodge of the mason in Lusong, Member of Supreme Council. Doroteo Ongjunco, Member of lodge of the mason in Lusong Arcadio del Rosario,Publicist of lodge of the mason in Balagtas. Timoteo Paez, Member of Supreme Council

    7. July 6 -(Wednesday) Rizal went to Malacanang to resume his series of interviews with governor general. The governor general showed some printed leaflets were entitled Pobres Frailes(Poor Friars). Rizal denied having those leaflets. Despite his denial and insistent demand for investigation. He was placed under arrest and escorted to Fort Santiago by Ramon Despujol the nephew and aide of Governor General. July 7 Gaceta de Manila published the story of Rizal's arrest the same issue the gubernatorial decree gave him the reasons for Rizal's deportation as follows:

    8. Rizal published books and articles abroad which showed disloyalty to Spain which were “frankly anti Catholic and “prudently anti-friar. A few hours after his arrival “there was found in his packages… a bundle of handbills entitled “Pobres Frailes”. His novel “El Filibusterismo” was dedicated to the memory of the three traitors. The end to which he pursues in his efforts and writings is to tear from the loyal Filipino breats the treasures of our “catholic faith” Governor-General Despujol

    9. July 15, 1892 (12:30 a.m.) Rizal was brought under heavy guard to the streamer Cebu which was sailing to Dapitan (1:00 a.m.) the streamer under Captain Delgras departed sailing south, passing Mindoro and Panay July 17, 1892 Reached Dapitan at 7:00 in the evening. Captain Delgras handed Rizal over to Captain Ricardo Carnicero, Spanish commandant of Dapitan the same night, Rizal began his exile in Dapitan which would last until July 31, 1896, a period of four years.