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how to pay using electronic checks echeck l.
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How to Pay using Electronic Checks (eCheck) PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Pay using Electronic Checks (eCheck)

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How to Pay using Electronic Checks (eCheck)

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Presentation Transcript

  1. How to Pay using Electronic Checks (eCheck) Revised November 2005

  2. WELCOME! This presentation shows you how to use PantherSoft and Student Learner Services to pay outstanding balances with eChecks

  3. Important Information • FIU has partnered with CashNet to provide this service. FIU does not retain any of your banking information • eChecks are only accepted from United States banking institutions • Your payment will post within 2 business days • If the payment can not be processed due to insufficient funds or an incorrect account number, returned check and late payment fees may be applied to your FIU account

  4. Click on the Finances link

  5. Click on the Make a Payment link

  6. Click

  7. To apply your payment to specific charges, click Allocate Payment Click to pay the full amount

  8. Your payment is the total of these amounts. Clear out any amount you don’t want to pay or enter another amount if not paying it in full. In this example, tuition is not being paid now Click when done

  9. Verify the payment amount Click to continue

  10. Enter the required information. Be sure your Account Number is correct Click to continue

  11. Click Home or Sign Out if you want to change or stop the payment Now, verify all the information Click to submit the payment

  12. Click Home or Sign Out when finished Click to send a receipt to another email address or open a printable view of your payment

  13. To protect against duplicate payments, if you made an eCheck payment within the last 24 hours, you receive this warning message To process another payment you must check this box Click to continue

  14. Payments display on the Account Summary as Online eCheck Payment

  15. Every business day system maintenance is performed and the electronic payment methods are disabled. You see this message – try again later