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CASE STUDY. The story you are about to see is true. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent. And?. What’s Happening & So What?. Monitor Results. The Decision-Making Cycle. Objectives & Criteria. Make it Work!. Compare/ Select. Alternatives?. Decision-Making Cycle.

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Case study


The story you are about to see is true. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Decision making cycle


What’s Happening & So What?

Monitor Results




Objectives & Criteria

Make it Work!

Compare/ Select


Decision-Making Cycle


Informational data requests


Data Request


Informational Data Requests


Clarify Requirement & Sources

Deliver Results

How to Present?

Extract Data

Descriptive Stats & Problem Data Detection/ Correction

Results Make Sense?


Environmental scanning

  • Many metrics, organizations, dashboards, etc.

  • M2 has a wide array of “Standard Reports” for this . . . More later!

  • M2 also allows “on the fly” scanning – simply asking a question about operations for which and answer is not already available.

Are the military departments alike in inpatient mortality
Are the Military Departments Alike in Inpatient Mortality?

  • Do you know?

  • Want to hazard a guess?

Results from and m2 query of dispositions by service for fy 2011
Results from and M2 Query Mortality? of Dispositions by Service for FY 2011

Mtf dispositions by service fy 2011
MTF Dispositions by Service, FY 2011 Mortality?

Source: M2, SIDR Detail

Fy 2011 inpatient deaths by military department of the mtf
FY 2011 INPATIENT DEATHS Mortality?(By Military Department of the MTF)

Fy 2011 inpatient mortality deaths per 1 000 dispositions
FY 2011 INPATIENT MORTALITY Mortality?(Deaths per 1,000 Dispositions)

Question Mortality?

Why would the Navy have a mortality rate

about 20% less than the other

two military departments?

Mix of diseases and disorders
Mix of Diseases and Disorders? Mortality?

  • Are differences concentrated in certain kinds of cases?

  • A later block will explain “Major Diagnostic Categories” (MDCs) — there are 29 of them

  • Using M2, we checked mortality rates in all 29 MDCs and found 6 of them with relatively high death rates per 1,000 (over 10.0)

Mdc excursion

  • The Army had more dispositions in MDCs with mortality rates greater than 10.0 per thousand.

  • Air Force had fewer dispositions in these MDCs

  • Dispositions for Burns and Multiple Trauma were disproportionately high for the Army

    • May explain part of higher overall mortality rate

  • In 3 of 4 remaining high-mortality MDCs, Navy had lowest mortality rates.

    • Why is this?

A theory
A Theory. . Mortality?.

What if the “age-sex mix” of the military departments varies widely?

Do the mortality rates look as

different when adjusted for age-sex differences?

There are significant differences in age sex make up of dispositions by service
There are Significant Differences in Mortality? Age-Sex Make-up of Dispositions by Service

What if navy age sex distribution were applied to army and air force mortality rates
What if Navy Age-Sex Distribution were Mortality?Applied to Army and Air Force Mortality Rates?

Can some of the remaining differences be explained by oco
Can some of the remaining Mortality? differences be explained by OCO?

Regardless of how we identify OCO, at most there are only 8 or 9 total deaths.

Might extra admissions in the de nominator affect differences in mortality rates
Might “Extra Admissions” in the de- Mortality?nominator affect differences in mortality rates?

“Potentially Preventable Admissions” is covered later in this course.

Why is child mortality higher at a few big mtfs
Why is child mortality higher Mortality?at a few big MTFs?


. . . The next excursion is left to you!