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  1. Portfolio Hello, Welcome to the Portfolio of Ayan Kishore! If you are looking at a hard copy/ print version of this portfolio, I strongly recommend going online and accessing my portfolio at This is meant to be a multimedia portfolio with several web links. The portfolio is divided into 6 sections or pages. For navigation through the portfolio, please use the navigation bar at the bottom of the page by clicking on the desired subject to bring up the corresponding page. If you are unable to explore with the navigation bar, you may you use the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate. You can exit the portfolio dashboard by pressing “ESC” on your keyboard. Before you begin, please make sure that you can connect to the internet via Microsoft Internet Explorer. If you use another web browser, please apply the same connection settings to Internet Explorer so that it can connect to the net. You may click here to test connectivity: ↗ If you are further interested in my work in photography, I can provide for a photography portfolio on request. I can be reached at: Ayan Kishore 199 14th Street, Unit 210 Atlanta, GA, 30309 Tel: 404-200-7549 Thank you for your interest in my work! Ayan Research Design Work Experience Photography Community Service Miscellaneous Ayan Kishore

  2. Research Faculty Advisor: Professor D. Scott Wills↗, Georgia Institute of Technology Portable Image Computation Architectures Lab↗ Embedded Computer Vision and Surveillance Systems ↗ Invented a new algorithm for automated coloring of grayscale video feeds based on motion detection, time lapse and pixel group variations. The algorithm aimed to impart varying intensities of green and red color to video so as to bring out motion and suspicious objects in the scene. Immediate applications are evident for surveillance, for instance monitoring displacement of artifacts in a museum. The algorithm was implemented in MATLAB. Test videos were created with thousands of frames captured from an 8fps professional SLR camera, assembled in MATLAB. The algorithm was run on these test videos. Optimization and real-time testing using an FPGA are the logical progressive step in the project. Research Abstract/Summary by Ayan Kishore (~1 page)↗ Implemented image processing applications such as Chroma keying using CAX (Color Aware Extension) on a SIMD↗ (Single Instruction, Multiple Data) media processor, to display the benefits of CAX. CAX is a color-aware instruction set architecture extension developed by Dr. Jongkyom Kim for various 32-bit processors to improve performance of color imaging applications by supporting parallel operations on human perceptual color space with 16-bit YCbCr pixels. The SIMD processor used was SIMPil↗, a SIMD Pixel Processor simulator developed by the lab for image and video processing. Paper by Dr. Jongmyon Kim/Dr. S. Wills on CAX on IEEE Explore↗ Thesis defense of Dr. Jongmyon Kim (includes CAX) ↗ 2004 2006 2005 1 2 Broke from previous lab projects, by getting interested in algorithms for artificial coloring. After studying several papers, I further investigated a research that had been performed at another university for I anticipated more potential in the technique. Paper on transferring color to grayscale images by Tomihisa Welsh, Michael Ashikhmin, Klaus Mueller on ACM Portal↗ Research Design Work Experience Photography Community Service Miscellaneous Recipient of the PRESIDENT’S UNDER-GRADUATE RESEARCH AWARD in 2006. PURA ↗is a competitive undergraduate research funding award across all majors at Georgia Tech. 4 3 I implemented a MATLAB algorithm to convert a black & white or grayscale image into a color image by using the color sampling from a provided color image. I implemented varying equations of relations in luminance and color; I incorporated frequency relations in color, an aspect not explored earlier. To the right: A grayscale image converted to color with my algorithm in MATLAB using color information from another image Above (clockwise): In this sample video, a camera feed picks up a man walking across the room and imparts an insignificant green color to him. However the jacket left behind is a potentially dangerous item that turns red for the security feed viewer. As time passes, indicating that no action was needed, the jacket assimilates into the accepted scene. Click to download video↗. YouTube link for the video↗ Ayan Kishore

  3. Design Faculty Advisor: Professor James O. Hamblen↗, Georgia Institute of Technology • I led a team of four Computer Engineering students to invent and develop an intelligent home automation system with a unique focus on reducing energy consumption. The system developed was called e-house and is intelligent beyond most systems on the market today. The e-house utilizes the X10 power line networking protocol and interfaces with sensors, the internet and household devices, controlling them with an embedded computer. • Innovations of e-house include: • Controlling intensity of lighting devices based on outdoor lighting information • Controlling temperature and humidity devices using sensor data and web data • Utility bill monitor that monitors consumption and provides dynamic estimations • Weather audio-visual alerts that replaces conventional weather alert radios • Remote control of household devices from PDAs, Smartphones and laptops • LEDs that provide quick recommendations for carrying an umbrella or a jacket • Advances thermostat settings to incorporate upcoming weather estimates, humidity to get “real-feel” temperatures and adaptivity for personal sleep patterns • Upon research and monitoring installations of e-house, it was found that household energy consumption reduced by at least 10% every month for just small households. The potentially huge impact of e-house was assessed and can be read in the report. Technique, Georgia Tech, Atlanta, USA↗Times of Oman↗Oman (Print Version ↗) Tribune↗ The Windows Embedded Student Challenge↗is an international competition for undergraduate students, sponsored by Microsoft and IEEE Computer Society (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.), to create an embedded computing solution to real world problems. The 2006 competition theme was “Preserving, Protecting and Enhancing the Environment”↗. The Windows Embedded Student Challenge has now merged with Imagine Cup↗. The project was selected for funding by Microsoft Corporation among 360 teams worldwide. It was further funded by the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Georgia Tech. After development, the team was chosen among 30 international teams for the 2006 Windows Embedded Student Challenge finals. After two days of presentations, demos and Q&A to industry experts, participating professors and Microsoft employees at Redmond, WA, the team was placed in the top 9 and were adjudged as runners-up. To the extreme left: The working e-house setup with the embedded computer, sensors, X10 modules, a mobile unit & an appliance (fan) To the left: The e-house Control Panel or Dashboard Interface. Research Design Work Experience Photography Community Service Miscellaneous Placed in Top 9 of the 2006 WINDOWS EMBEDDED STUDENT CHALLENGE Report↗ Presentation↗ Poster↗ Ayan Kishore

  4. Work Experience Deloitte Consulting LLP ↗ Business Technology Analyst NVIDIA Corporation ↗ Power and Performance Analyst Deloitte Consulting is a leading provider of strategy and information technology consulting services to industries NVIDIA is a worldwide leader in the manufacture of graphics processor technologies and chipsets for workstations, desktops and handhelds. I work as a System Analyst in the Technology Integration consulting division of the firm, specializing in system development and information management (data warehousing) in TMT industries (Technology, Media and Telecommunications). My client, for over one year, is one of the largest wireless telecommunication providers in the world. I started as System Tester for a new Subscriber Metric reporting system. Currently I lead System Testing and User Acceptance Testing for various aspects of a revolutionary business intelligence system that aims at producing Profit and Loss statements at the CTN (Customer Telephone Number) level. As part of my role, I manage several other Business Technology Analysts from Deloitte and contractors. Apart for designing test plans and tracking testing, I have been the architect of certain functionality of the system working with developers. I have gained experience in testing methodologies and tools, data warehousing with Oracle and Teradata, and business intelligence structures/software such as OLAP cubes and Hyperion Solutions products. I was part of an envoy to Frictionless Commerce (now part of SAP AG) to help customize a Java intensive Supplier Resource / Vendor Management software for clients. Within Deloitte, I was a founding member of the Technology Integration Testing Knowledge and Research group that is geared towards publication of testing methodology and best practices papers. I am also significantly involved in recruiting efforts of the firm through career fairs, interviews, and mentoring candidates and new hires. I was responsible for setting up an automated power measurement system for Technical Marketing in the Performance Lab. I put together an integrated system with advanced multi-meters connected to graphic cards through a MUX and I automated benchmark and game demos with the system through scripts. In the process, I researched and setup a configurable wiring scheme to minimize losses for data acquisition; I proposed and reviewed the design of a power measurement interposer card that was developed by Systems Engineering; I created scripts to analyze raw collected data. Once put together, I orchestrated power vs. performance measurements for several graphics cards, motherboards and software configurations. 2004 2006/07 2005 Research Design Work Experience Photography To the right: Part of wiring setup for power measurements with a schematic of the MUX Community Service Miscellaneous College of Computing, Georgia Tech ↗ Teaching Assistant I instructed a recitation class of 50 students on “Object Oriented Programming and Software Data Structures” (Course CS1322) for 1.5 hours weekly. As part of my role, I reviewed and assessed student projects, and served at the help desk. I created a comprehensive Java Swing reference and tutorial, which is currently being used by the college as a learning artifact To the left: A screen capture of the Swing reference I created to help students with Java GUI programming Ayan Kishore

  5. Photography I have been involved in photography for the last 7 years, and am currently a part-time freelance photographer with publications in several magazines, works in exhibitions and several awards. Acclaimed for minimalist B&W photography in a studio class at Georgia Tech. To the left: My Exhibit at Skiles Walkway Display To the left: The Notepad- developed web gallery displaying my works will be available at↗. This is under development, but can be accessed for a teaser/sneak preview. Art Editor and founding member of a successful Webzine for creative work of ECE students at Georgia Tech: ecesis↗ Photographer for the Georgia Tech newspaper “Technique”↗ and yearbook “Blueprint” for three years. Shot sports, events, news, portraits etc. but developed a penchant for music concerts. I have shot big acts like Garbage, Cake, AvrilLavigne, Big Boi, All-American Rejects, Rooney, The Academy Is…, Group X etc. and at several local music festivals. Sample issues: 1↗ 2↗ others↗ Adjudged most creative Technique photographer for: ↗ President of the GT Photography Club↗: organized exhibitions, field trips, club meetings, lectures and workshops with distinguished photographers. I brought an art focus to the club & increased enrollment. Research Design Work Experience Photography Community Service Miscellaneous • Awards: • Vincent Vision Trophy for Best Photographer, Oman • ecesis Best Art Submission • Several times Technique Photographer of the Week • Exhibits at Robert Ferst Center for the Arts (Atlanta), Indian School Auditorium (Oman), Skiles Exhibition (Atlanta), GT Student Center (Atlanta), GT ECE Professional Communication Lab (Atlanta) etc. (samples to the left) Technique Entertainment Cover, Special Issue, ‘05 I wrote, directed and edited two films for the world’s largest student film festival, Campus MovieFest in ‘06 and ‘07. These short introspective films were lauded. To the left: Click to launch YouTube video for the film Today↗. Link to All Things Big and Small↗ Times of Oman, “In Spotlight”, ’03 ↗ Ayan Kishore

  6. Community Service In high school, I became appalled by the lack of community service awareness among students. In an attempt to change this, I chaired the Community Service Club and sought to increase awareness. I organized teams for local environmental projects such as beach cleaning, and setup an intricate service program internal to the school which included regular cleaning rounds, recycling, library maintenance and the like. In 2002-03, I was appointed President of the Middle East Chapter of the Round Square International Service↗ (Round Square is an international consortium of high schools dedicated to community service and personal development). I conceptualized and organized a month of innovative daily events to raise funds for international charities. Events included a massive teachers vs. students soccer tournament (with tickets), regular bake sales, T-shirt printing, several sponsored walks, local charity fairs and the like. By the end. I had managed to get hundreds of students from junior to high school regularly involved. At Georgia Tech, I was part of the Service Committee for TEAM Buzz↗, which organized a day for thousands of campus students to volunteer at several locations in Atlanta. I was responsible for finding organizations that needed volunteers and lining up projects. Later, I was the Project Coordinator for the group that helped refurbish shelters for “Protection of Women Against Domestic Violence” Whilst at Tech, I often volunteered at the Chattahoochee Nature Center↗. 2004/05 ≤ 2003 At Deloitte, I quickly became the most active System Analyst in in community service in Atlanta. Under the Community Service Committee, I singly organized service events with various organizations on weekends and garnered volunteers. ≥ 2006 Interested in vocational community service, I mentored at various middle schools teaching students mathematics and computer science. I underwent professional tax filing training, and served as a Tax Preparer at VITA↗ (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program) providing free tax services to the needy. I also helped plan the School to Work Day at Deloitte, bringing underprivileged middle school students to the office and encouraging them to work towards a professional career. Impact Day is a worldwide event where every Deloitte employee spends a work day volunteering. I was Task lead at Toomer Elementary School↗ in Atlanta, managing and facilitating the construction of planters and flower beds to green the school. Below: Some of the non-profits with whom I organized volunteer sessions for Deloitte employees In the summer of 2002, I led a team of students from several schools to a Himalayan village for a fortnight. Living in harsh conditions, we built rock levees and planted trees to prevent excessive water runoff during the monsoons, so that the village could get a sustainable water supply. The project was under the SWAJAL↗ umbrella of government projects funded by the World Bank for rural water supply. Research Design Work Experience Photography Community Service Miscellaneous Above: Times of Oman↗article, and a report on my performance in SWAJAL↗ First Middle East recipient of the H M KING CONSTANTINE MEDAL for commitment to Round Square service ideals, and impact on the community First recipient of the DUKE OF EDINBURGH GOLD AWARD from my school, for highest level of service and self-development. (a.k.a. International Award↗) Recipient of an APPLAUSE AWARD from Deloitte Consulting LLP to recognize most commitment to community service by a System/Business Technology Analyst in Atlanta Ayan Kishore

  7. Miscellaneous Education Summary Born on: June 22, 1985 Nationality: Indian Residence: Oman To the right: Passport Photo, September ‘07 Georgia Tech Lorraine↗(Supélec), Metz, France Study Abroad; GPA 4.0 Language: French (Intermediate in all aspects) Language: English has been my first language through all education Note: This map highlights the countries I have studied in; I have travelled to several more Father Agnel School Mumbai, India Calcutta Montessori House, Kolkata, India Language: Hindi (Fluent in all aspects), Punjabi (Basic Speaking), Bengali (Basic Speaking) Interests • Computing applications in • human-computer interaction, • media, sustainability, social development and education. I am involved in activities of ACM ‘s SIGGRAPH↗ and SIGCHI↗ • Music and music technology; • I have taken beginner guitar • classes from Atlanta guitarist • Richard Burgess and the Melody Music Center in Muscat (Oman) • Photography↗; Film making and independent film festivals; Architecture (link to article on interior design of my room:↗) • Community Service↗ • Other: Automobile technology, astronomy, travel, languages, pets Georgia Tech↗ Atlanta, GA, USA B.S. Computer Eng. w/ Highest Honors ↗ Received Faculty Honors (GPA 4.0) in 7 semesters, Graduated in 3 years Indian School Al Ghubra↗, Muscat, Oman Recommendations: Principal↗, English Teacher↗, Physics Teacher ↗, Computer Science Teacher↗ Graduated with A1 in all courses. In top 3 students from Grade 3 to Grade 12. Top scorer in Computer Science in the All India Secondary School Examination Language: Arabic (Basic Reading and Writing) St. Philips College↗ Alice Springs, Australia Exchange Student - Grade 11 Received the top grade in nearly all classes Research Design Work Experience Photography Community Service Miscellaneous Short Projects at Georgia Tech Honor Societies Active member of Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, Gamma Beta Phi, National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS) and Golden Key International Honour Society. • Led a team of 4 that assembly programmed a robot (AmigoBot; image below) to follow a dynamic racecourse • Led a team of 4 that created a mobile examination or trivia system: PDAs with the exam software connected to a server for dynamic tests and dynamic analytics • Researched OLED technology and wrote • a detailed paper comparing it to LED • technology, and suggesting a roadmap • Researched P2P (peer to peer) networks • & helped a student write a research paper Ayan Kishore