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Module 1
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Module 1

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  1. Module 1 Desktop Readiness

  2. Objectives • In this module you will learn: • Browser critiques • Where to obtain detailed instructions on getting your desktop ready

  3. Firefox • Recommended browser for Cayuse424 with any operating system. Firefox has the fastest load & response times. Cayuse424 currently supports versions 3.0 through 3.6.

  4. Internet Explorer • Slower than Firefox but an effective browser for the application. Cayuse424 supports IE7 and IE8.

  5. Safari • Not supported at this time due to significant browser bugs. Cayuse is keeping a watch on the Mac platform browser, but for now they recommend the use of Firefox if you are a Mac user.

  6. Browser Configuration • To obtain detailed instructions on how to configure your web browser: • Log-on to Cayuse424 • Click the Cayuse 424 Support link • Click the User Reference Manual link • Click Web Browser Configuration

  7. Brief Overview Introduction to Cayuse424

  8. Objectives • In this module you will learn: • The features and benefits of Cayuse424 • How to: • Sign in • Navigate Cayuse424 • Understand the Cayuse424 icons • Change your password • Recover your username or password • User Tips

  9. C424 Features/Benefits • Downloads funding opportunities directly from • Provides autofill and data reuse capability • Automatically tracks errors and warnings • Electronic routing • Easy navigation between forms • Stores proposal documents and attachments • Tracks proposal submission status

  10. Signing in to Cayuse424 • To sign in to Cayuse424: • Type in your Cayuse424 URL • Enter your username and password • Click Sign In

  11. Tabbed Navigation • Opportunities tab • Browse downloaded opportunities • Create new proposals from downloaded opportunities • Proposals tab • Create/edit a grant proposal • Create/edit a subaward proposal • Import a subaward proposal • Routing tab • View and access proposals that require your review and approval

  12. Tabbed Navigation • People tab • Create/edit a professional profile • View a professional profile • Institutions tab • View the primary institutional profile • Create profiles for subcontracting institutions • Reports tab • Submission report • Unlinked Profiles Report

  13. Tabbed Navigation • Settings tab • Change your password and email address • Support link (on the Overview tab) • Latest documentation • Cayuse listserv • Data Integration Tools • Training modules

  14. Navigation Features • Breadcrumb trails provides a quick way to navigate between screens within a tab • Drop down menus allow quick access to additional information stored in the database

  15. Icons • Icons perform key tasks • Hover your cursor over an icon to determine its function • Click the icon and Cayuse424 will respond with prompts, forms changes, etc. to support performance of the activity

  16. Changing Your Password • Click the Settings tab • Click Change Password • Enter new password • Re-enter new password to verify • Click Change Password

  17. Resetting Your Username/Password • If you have forgotten your username or password, click the “Forgot username or password?” link.

  18. Resetting Your Username/Password • On the next screen, you can enter your username to reset your password or your email address to retrieve your username. • Fill in the applicable box and click its respective button.

  19. Resetting Your Username/Password • You will receive an email with information on how to proceed. • If you are trying to reset your password, you must click the link in the email within 1 hour of receipt, otherwise it will expire. • If the link expires, you can repeat the process to request another password reset email.

  20. Cayuse424 Tips • When exiting pop-up windows always click the Close button; don't use your browser’s "back" function • Be careful when copying and pasting to your proposal -- special characters (e.g., umlauts) will cause funding agencies to reject your proposal • Don’t leave Cayuse424 running overnight

  21. Module 3 Professional Profiles

  22. Objectives • In this module you will learn: • Professional Profile basics • How to create a Professional Profile • How to add biosketches • How to assign permissions to a Professional Profile • How to avoid duplicate Professional Profiles • How to link the Cayuse424 user account to the Professional Profile

  23. What is a Professional Profile • Professional Profiles capture and store data about Principal Investigators, Key Personal, Other Significant Contributors, AORS, Signing Officials, etc. • Before you create a grant application you must create a Professional Profile for the Principal Investigator who is named in the grant

  24. Utilizing Professional Profiles • Information stored in the Professional Profile is auto-filled into the grant proposal once that individual is named as a PI, Senior/Key Person or Authorized Representative • Profiles stored in Cayuse424 can be shared with others and used multiple times • After you create a profile for the PI you must then set up Professional Profiles for all Key Personnel and Other Significant Contributors named in the grant proposal if a profile has not already been created for them (this can be done after you create the proposal)

  25. Profile Development Steps • Create Professional Profile • Associating profile with Institution • Complete profile fields • Attach biosketches • Add permissions • Link User account to Professional Profile

  26. Creating a Professional Profile • Login to Cayuse424 and click the People tab • Click the [ ] icon

  27. Creating a Professional Profile • Enter First and Last Name • Click the Create New Profile button

  28. Institutional Association • Once the Professional Profile is created it must be affiliated with an institution • This is achieved by linking the Professional Profile to an Institutional Profile • Once an individual (Profile) is associated with an institution, basic institutional information (e.g., fringe rates) can be auto-filled into that individual’s Professional Profile.

  29. Creating an Institutional Association • Click the located next to Institutional Associations within the Professional Profile

  30. Creating an Institutional Association • Select the Institution using the drop-down menu • Select an Institutional nickname (optional) • Click the Create Institutional Association button

  31. Completing the Professional Profile • Complete the following fields by clicking on the associated hyperlinks: • Name • Degrees • Demographics • Contact Information • eRA Role • Dept/Division/Title

  32. Completing the Professional Profile • Salary and Fringe Worksheet • If Appointment type is not entered into the Professional Profile, Cayuse424 will not be able to auto-calculate salary on the budget pages • Base Fringe Rate and Fringe Rate Total can be imported from the Institutional Profile by clicking the Import Institutional Rates button • To add additional Fringe Rates click New Row and follow system prompts

  33. Attaching Biosketches • To upload a Biosketch to the Professional Profile click the • Type in a name for the Biosketch and click Next

  34. Attaching Biosketches • Click Browse to locate PDF version of Biosketch you’ve previously created • Click Next • Repeat Step 3 to attach Source (Word) version of Biosketch (optional) • Click Done

  35. The Attached Biosketch • Multiple Biosketches can be created and stored in each Professional Profile • Once Biosketches are attached to the Professional Profile they can be easily attached to the proposal on the Senior/Key Persons page

  36. eRA Roles • Selecting a person’s appropriate role helps to display their name for certain proposal fields.

  37. eRA Roles • Principal Investigator: Shows this person’s name as an option when selecting a PI. • Administrative Official: Displays name for face page field - Person to be Contacted In Matters Involving this Application. • Signing Official / “AOR”: The default list for Field 19: Authorized Representative • Assistant fields are available for sorting but are not used within applications. • Payee: Displays the “Payee” for Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposals.

  38. Managing Permissions • Once a Professional Profile has been created permissions can be assigned • The creator of a Professional Profile is automatically granted all permissions associated with using that profile • The profile creator can share the profile with other users by granting appropriate permissions • Permissions can be changed or removed

  39. Adding Permissions • To grant permission(s) to other Cayuse424 users click the[ ] icon in the upper right • Click Add user/group

  40. Adding Permissions 3. Enter a First name, Last name or User name 4. Select the user from your search results 5. Click Close Click Close

  41. Adding Permissions • Once the user is added, check or uncheck permissions, as desired

  42. Permission Definitions List Allows the “User” to view a profile on the Professional Profiles list Read Allows the “User” to read the details of a profile Read/Write Allows the “User” to add, change or delete information on a Professional Profile Autofill Allows the “User” to Autofill the Professional Profile onto a proposal Delete Allows the “User” to delete a Professional Profile

  43. Permission Definitions Change Permissions Allows the “User” to change security permissions associated with the Professional Profile Add User/Group Allows the “User” to add other users to the Professional Profile Remove/User Group Allows the “User” to remove a user or group

  44. Duplicate Professional Profiles • Cayuse424 provides tools to reduce the proliferation of duplicate profiles. When you create a new profile, you see potential matching names and are asked to verify before creating a potential duplicate. • More control over the permissions and visibility of new profiles to further reduce the chance of creating duplicates.

  45. Link User to Professional Profile • Now that the profile has been created the individual’s Cayuse424 user account must be linked to the profile. To do so: • Click the Settings tab • Click Link User to Professional Profile • Locate User Account • Click User Account • Select User Profile • Cayuse424 reports a successful link

  46. Module 4 Funding Opportunities

  47. Objectives • In this module you will learn how to: • Understand what an “opportunity” is • Determine if an opportunity has already been downloaded into Cayuse424 • Manage opportunities

  48. The Opportunity • An opportunity is a grant application package that is downloaded, completed and routed for review prior to submitting to • New proposals can be built once the Opportunity (i.e. FOA) has been downloaded into Cayuse424 • Before you start to build your proposal you need to determine if the opportunity you are applying for has already been downloaded • You do this by reviewing the Opportunity List

  49. Reviewing the Opportunity List • Click the Opportunities Tab • Cayuse424 displays a list of opportunities already downloaded

  50. The Opportunity List • Filter the list using the Keyword Filter • Sort the list by clicking any of the column headings • Click the Info Button for Opportunity Details