bulk registration note user must be logged into www certiport com and using the teacher role
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Bulk Registration Note: User must be logged into certiport and using the Teacher role.

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Bulk Registration Note: User must be logged into certiport and using the Teacher role. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Bulk Registration Note: User must be logged into www.certiport.com and using the Teacher role. Test Candidate Bulk Registration INTERNET EDITION. Introduction Page.

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bulk registration note user must be logged into www certiport com and using the teacher role
Bulk RegistrationNote: User must be logged into www.certiport.com and using the Teacher role.

Test Candidate Bulk Registration


introduction page

Certiport provides industry-leading training, assessment and certification solutions that enable individuals to develop the skills necessary to achieve more, distinguish themselves and advance in today's academic and business environments. These solutions include the Certiport Internet and Computing Core Certification (IC³®), the Microsoft Office Specialist Certification Program and Microsoft IT Academy delivered through a channel of more than 10,000 Certiport Centers worldwide.

In this module you will be trained on how to bulk register Test Candidates. By learning this process it will enable an individual who has Teacher rights to register multiple users at one time, saving time from registering one individual at a time.

Access URL

Portal Login Screen

Teacher Role

Create Test Candidate List

Upload User List

Test Candidate Logins

Page 5

Page 6

Page 7

Page 8

Page 10

Page 13

Upload Success

Page 16

meaning of the information boxes
Meaning of the Information Boxes

A BLUE background indicates the box contains useful information

An ORANGE background indicates the box contains an action you will take online

access url
Open Internet ExplorerAccess URL

Step 1

  • Open internet explorer, in the Address line type in www.certiport.com.
  • Click on Login in the top right corner.

Enter website into Address line

Step 2

Click on login

portal logon screen
Portal Logon ScreenPortal Logon Screen
  • Enter a Certiport username and password and click Login.

If you forgot your password click the link to have it resent to your email address

Step 1

Enter username and password

Step 2

Click Login

teacher role
Teacher RoleTeacher Role

Step 1

Choose the Teacher function

  • At the Certiport Portal, drop down the Role menu and click on the Teacher role.
  • Click on the Bulk Registration tab.
  • Use the drop down lists to configure the user list.
  • Select a language for the users and an organization to associate them with. Select an Exam Group to associate the user to, this section is optional.
  • When the information is configured select the browse button to upload the user list.
  • A user list must be created prior to registering the user and must follow the format described in the paragraphs in the picture to the right.
  • For a demonstration on how to create a user list see page 8. To see how to upload the list skip to page 9.

Step 2

Select the Bulk Registration Tab

Step 3

Select a language

Step 4

Select an organization

Step 5

Select an Exam Group (optional)

Address information will be filled in automatically

Step 6

Click Browse

create test candidate list
Create Test Candidate ListCreate Test Candidate List

Step 1

Open Excel

  • Open an application that can save in .csv format. For this demonstration an Excel sheet will be used.
  • Across the top create the required headers, Lastname, Firstname, StudentID and Alternatename. Make sure not to add spaces anywhere in the document.
  • In the First Colum Enter in the candidates Last names.
  • In the second Colum enter in the candidates first names.
  • The third column enter a student ID number. If you don’t have a number already created just enter in any unique number.
  • The final column is used for an alternate name. This name will be what the new candidates username will be created from.
  • Save the file as a comma separated (.csv) file.

Step 2

Create required headers and fill in information below

Step 3

Click on the File menu then click on Save.

Step 4

Select a location to save the file and enter a name

Step 5

Click the .csv file type in the menu.

Step 6

Click Save

upload user list
Upload User ListUpload User List

Step 1

Click Browse

  • To locate the .csv list click on the Browse button.
  • Locate the file in and click on open, the file location will be listed in the Import File field.
  • Click on the Register button to upload the file and register the user as Test Candidates.

Step 2

Locate the .csv file and click on it

Step 3

Click Open

Step 4

Click Register

upload success
Upload SuccessUpload Success
  • When the file has been uploaded text will appear at the bottom of the page stating the status of the upload.
  • SUCCESS indicates the Test Candidates were uploaded.
  • If an error occurred it will be indicated in the same area.
  • Click on the click here link to see the information created. A list with the new Test Candidates logins will be displayed.

Note:If an error occurred during registration it would be indicated at the bottom in place of the SUCCESS field.

Click here to view the user list

Indicates the import was successful

test candidate logins
Test Candidate LoginsTest Candidate Logins
  • The new Test Candidate list will be displayed with their account information.
  • The candidates will need to login using the Username provided, the password for these accounts is the same as the username until the candidates change the information.
  • Save or Print the information to give the candidates their sign in credentials.
  • The users can now login to the Certiport Portal or iQsystem. In the Portal they will have the Test Candidate role.

Note:The user will still have to accept the Certiport Non-disclosure agreement before taking a test.

New user information, Username and Password will be the same

certiport technical support
Certiport Technical Support

Certiport Customer Support Phone Numbers:

  • Certiport Customer Services & Support: 1-888-999-9830, (801) 847-3100 
  • Microsoft Office Specialist: 1-888-222-7890, (801) 443-3150 (Int.) 
  • Internet and Computing Core Certification (IC³): 1-800-572-9250, (801) 443-3152 (Int.)  

Certiport eSupport Portal:

  • www.Certiport.com, click on Support in the upper right hand corner.
  • Click on link for eSupport