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IT @ BYU. J. Kelly Flanagan Chief Information Officer Brigham Young University. If You’re Interested . . . And You Should Be!. Mashup Corporations One technical marketer had an innovative idea CEO embraced the new business opportunity CIO resisted the non-traditional IT approach

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It @ byu


J. Kelly Flanagan

Chief Information Officer

Brigham Young University

If you re interested and you should be
If You’re Interested . . .And You Should Be!

  • Mashup Corporations

    • One technical marketer had an innovative idea

    • CEO embraced the new business opportunity

    • CIO resisted the non-traditional IT approach

    • Innovation safely expanded their business

  • Office of the CIO web site and blogs –

Constant change
Constant Change

  • Moore’s law has enabled Core’s law - twice as many cores, or processors, every 18 months

  • Disk storage doubling every 18 months

  • Memory capacity doubling every 18 months

  • Network speed doubling every 18 months

Performance enhancements enable abstraction
Performance Enhancements Enable Abstraction

Increase in performance due to Moore’s Law




Abstraction simplifies use, increasing the pool of information technology producers.

Consume Services

Graphical Programming

Compiled Code

Compiled Code

Assembly Code

Assembly Code

Machine Code

Machine Code

Machine Code



  • Methods:

  • Fill with water

  • Heat the water to the appropriate temperature

  • Automatically open the detergent dispenser at the right time

  • Shoot the water through jets to get the dishes clean

  • Drain the dirty water

  • Spray more water on the dishes to rinse them

  • Drains itself again

  • Heat the air to dry the dishes off, if the user has selected that setting

  • Monitor to make sure everything is running properly

  • Time to regulate the length of each cycle.

  • Sense if the water level gets too high and activate the draining function to keep the dishwasher from overflowing.

  • Sense to detect the dirtiness of the water coming off the dishes. When the water is clear enough, the dishwasher knows the dishes are clean

  • -etc.


Desirable it development
Desirable IT Development

IT developers—

  • Continue to create large / complicated core applications, but with associated Services.

  • Produce and expose Servicesthat enable access to data and functionality important to IT consumers.

    IT consumers—

  • Envision interesting applications and instead of producing a laundry list of requirements, they develop prototypes and applications using simple tools to aggregate and consume Services.

Traditional interfaces deliver limited access to core data
Traditional Interfaces Deliver Limited Access to Core Data


  • Functional leaders define application functionality

  • Functional leaders define look and feel

  • Limited set of applications due to finite resource availability

Business Logic

Web User Interface










Web service interfaces transform the enterprise
Web Service Interfaces Transform the Enterprise


  • Functional leaders define application functionality, look and feel, and data availability

  • Consumers create alternative interfaces

  • Many applications are developed by an almost unlimited human resource









Business Logic

Web Service Interface

Web User Interface


With access to data, consumers fill in the gaps not addressed by traditional organizations

Alternative user interfaces
Alternative User Interfaces

Business Logic

Web Service Interface

Default Web User Interface

Alternate Web Interface

Applications such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pandora, and Amazon have alternative interfaces available on various devices.

Cell Phone Interface


Not “build it and they will come,” but rather

“they will come and help build it.”



    • Combines Google Maps, Google Spreadsheets, and Geocoder with hotel cost information

  • Zillow iPhone Application

    • Combines VirtualEarth and Zillow


    • 13,600 suppliers are aggregated to offer last minute travel deals.

    • Consume Web Service Interfaces provided by travel suppliers.


    • Consume Web Service Interface from Google and Twitter

1800travelbooking com

  • Combines Google Maps, Google Spreadsheets, and Geocoder

Zillow iphone application
Zillow iPhone Application

  • Combines Google Maps, Google Spreadsheets, and Geocoder

  • Displays homes on Google Maps

  • Shows estimated values

  • Homes for sale and asking price

  • Homes recently sold and sale price

Lastminute com

  • 13.600 travel suppliers provide web service interfaces

  • This site aggregates them to provide access to all in one location


Combines Google Apps, Google Visualization, and Twitter

Soa encourages innovation
SOA Encourages Innovation

Business Logic

Web Service Interface

Web User Interface

Alternate Web Interface

BYU Examples:

Location Service

Bookstore Service

Library Service

Registration Service

HR Service

Mail Service

Cell Phone Interface

Other Consumer

Abstraction facilitates innovation
Abstraction Facilitates Innovation

  • When you expose Web Services you are providing an API

    • It should be intuitive

    • It should be safe

    • It should be documented

    • It should be supported

    • It should be exposed through “the registry”

  • There may be hierarchies of Services

    • Data Services

    • Core application Services

      • AIM, PeopleSoft, etc.

    • Aggregated Services

      • GMU

    • Not all Services may be exposed to everyone

  • No Service Silos

    • Services must be architected from the top down

    • Not necessary to have management and provider services

  • Performance

Services everywhere
Services Everywhere

  • Intermediaries

    • Encryption / Decryption

    • Data collection / statistics

    • Filtering

    • Authorization

    • Versioning

    • Testing

    • Load balancing

    • Etc.

Current status
Current Status

  • EGAB has been active in recommending policy around all aspects of SOA

  • Registry is in place

  • President’s Council has approved and is anticipating broad availability and use

  • A Community of Excellence (CoE) is being organized

  • Many presentations, like this, have been given across campus – the campus is excited and waiting!

What i need and expect
What I need and Expect

  • I need all of you to hear, understand, and internalize this vision

    • We won’t be successful until my vision is shared by those who work here

  • I need those who understand and share this vision, to evangelize it

  • I need the vision implemented

    • Help us find solutions to the problems we are sure to face

    • Don’t deliver only what I am asking for, deliver what I want! Go the second and third mile


  • Catch the vision

  • Share the vision

  • Implement the vision

  • Find solutions to problems that are in our way

  • Use me to remove road blocks, obtain resources, and clarify direction

    This is our chance to make IT significantly better on campus,

    Let’s do it together!