inroads process review session 2010 2011
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INROADS PROCESS REVIEW SESSION 2010-2011. INROADS, Inc . Questions: 1-800-651-6411. MEET THE TALENT MANAGEMENT TEAM. Adelia Heflin, Operations Coordinator serving Pacific Southwest and Pacific Northwest Cebien Alty, Operations Coordinator serving South Central and Florida

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inroads process review session 2010 2011



Questions: 1-800-651-6411

meet the talent management team

Adelia Heflin, Operations Coordinator serving

Pacific Southwest and Pacific Northwest

Cebien Alty, Operations Coordinator serving

South Central and Florida

Claude Wess, Operations Coordinator serving

North Central, Great Lakes and Rocky Mountain

Lanita Epps, Operations Coordinator serving

Southeast and Midwest

Katherine Williams, Operations Coordinator serving

Mid-Atlantic and New England

Lesley Spence, Operations Coordinator serving

New York/New Jersey and Puerto Rico

Andrea L. DuVall, Director of Talent Management



To reach any member of this team, you may call


getting to know your settings

You can change your viewing screen by selecting the screen icon.

Screen Location: Upper right-hand corner of your screen.

Select the blue hand to indicate that you have a question on comment you want to share with the group.

Screen Location: Upper left-hand corner of your screen.

talent pool qualified status
  • Means you have met the initial application standards and are a potential match for opportunities within your home region
  • Enables you to move forward in our candidate development process to qualify for matches to corporate opportunities
  • Is the pre-cursor to Match Ready status, which may be attained upon completion of the Candidate Prep Session, submission of an acceptable resume and current transcript and successful performance in an interview with INROADS staff

Meeting the INROADS standards does not mean you will be selected by a company. INROADS internships are not guaranteed!

a look at the numbers
  • Over 12,000 students applied last year.
  • Around 4,000 candidates achieved Talent Pool Qualified and/or Match Ready status.
  • Approximately 1,000 of those candidates earned an internship, joining our pool of returning interns.
  • The average GPA of an INROADS intern is 3.3.

The INROADS process is very competitive!

INROADS companies are seeking the Best and Brightest talent!

the inroads process

Here’s what is in it for you!

  • A paid multi-year internship with a top company
  • Customized skills development training to prepare you to contribute from Day One
  • Unparalleled networking opportunities with career-minded peers, corporate executives and INROADS alumni
  • Gratifying community involvement
  • Year-round professional and personal coaching and guidance from your INROADS advisor
  • A corporate mentor who takes a personal interest in you
  • Access to scholarship opportunities
  • Free tutoring (may not be offered in all INROADS Regions)
  • Great potential for a full-time career after graduation
candidate screening

The following are some of the components involved in the screening of potential interns :

  • Submit all required documents (resume, transcript and any other requested documents)
  • Successfully participate in the INROADS Candidate Prep Session (CPS)
  • Pass a practice interview with an INROADS staff member
  • Be available for 10-12 consecutive weeks for at least two summers
  • Be able to pass a background check and drug screen prior to your official start.
the inroads standard resume

Conforming your resume to our standards helps our partners to locate the critical information they need to make a selection decision more easily.

For INROADS, your resume should

  • Be only one page
  • Be free of typos and obvious errors
  • Have appropriate contact information displayed
  • Be in an approved INROADS format (view templates)
  • Indicate that you are an INROADS Candidate
  • Highlight relevant information

Your adherence to the resume format may be the

difference between getting an interview and being passed over!

improving your chances

INROADS is celebrating 40 years of helping over 20,000 students get challenging paid internships with top companies! Here are some important tips to follow as you seek an opportunity:

  • Meet all deadlines
  • Be sure to set your email to accept mail from (monitor your spam)
  • Keep a positive and professional attitude at all times
  • Use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation in all correspondence
  • Consider whether you are able and/or willing to relocate for an opportunity

Do your part to get ahead of the competition or the competition will get ahead of you!

the matching process

INROADS matches candidates to opportunities based upon students who are the strongest fit for the requirements outlined by our partners and who have successfully completed all requirements of our process.

  • INROADS generally sends three resumes for each open position.
  • The company hiring managers review the resumes and make decisions of whom to interview.
  • If you are selected, you will interview with the potential employer.
  • Being match-ready does not guarantee matches, but we will take great effort to match candidates to one or more positions.
  • Candidates may suggest companies of interest who are INROADS partners, but, ultimately, matching is based upon the company’s requirements and particular needs.
relocation to another city

On the application, you were able to select multiple areas of interest. To be considered for a city other than your home area, you should

  • Be sure you can commit to be in that city for two or more summers
  • Ensure you have reliable transportation to work
  • Make certain you have stable housing options
  • Be interested in full-time relocation to that city upon graduation

*Approval to transfer your application from home to desired region may be required.

Some companies may offer relocation assistance. If so, the INROADS manager handling that position will speak with you about the options.

inroads benefits requirements

If you receive an offer from a company and accept it, you are then an official INROADS intern!

INROADS interns participate in

  • A 2 Day INROADS training conference called the Learning Summit
  • Online courses related to internship, academic major or industry
  • The INROADS National Day of Service community outreach event

And are also required to

  • Maintain the GPA requirement of your opportunity
  • Meet or exceed all job performance evaluations & expectations
  • Complete monthly coaching sessions with your INROADS advisor
  • Contribute a small intern activity fee as a demonstration of commitment
  • Maintain a corporate image
other important information
  • The INROADS placement deadline is June 1, 2011. Most hires occur in spring semester. Be patient!
  • Most companies prefer candidates who have completed a year of college.
  • If you are not selected for an interview this season, you may be eligible for next season if you have a graduation date of December 2013 or later.

Each year, over 50% of our new interns are second-year applicants. So, keep in touch if you don’t get an opportunity and will still be eligible next year.

inroads regions and markets

Florida Region (Mr. Cebien Alty)

Orlando – Miami – Jacksonville – Tampa

Great Lakes Region (Mr. Claude Wess)

Wisconsin – Indiana – Minneapolis-St Paul – Chicago

Mid-Atlantic Region (Ms. Katherine Williams)

Greater Baltimore Washington – Philadelphia – Virginia

Midwest Region (Ms. Lanita Epps)

St Louis – Kansas City – Nebraska –W Iowa

New York/New Jersey Region (Ms. Lesley Spence)

New York City – New Jersey – Upstate New York

(Excluding Yonkers, Westchester/Rockland Counties)

New England Region (Ms. Katherine Williams)

Boston – Hartford – Stamford (Including Yonkers,

Westchester/Rockland Counties)

North Central Region (Mr. Claude Wess)

Cleveland – Cincinnati-Dayton – Columbus – Detroit – Pittsburgh – SW Michigan

Pacific Northwest Region (Ms. Adelia Heflin)

Seattle – Portland – Oakland

Pacific Southwest Region (Ms. Adelia Heflin)

Los Angeles – Arizona – San Diego

Puerto Rico Region (Ms. Lesley Spence)

Rocky Mountain Region (Mr. Claude Wess)

Denver – Colorado Springs – Utah – New Mexico

South Central Region (Mr. Cebien Alty)

Houston – Dallas – Austin – Louisiana - Oklahoma

Southeast Region (Ms. Lanita Epps)

Atlanta – Birmingham – Charlotte – Memphis – Mississippi – Nashville – North Carolina Triangle

your next steps
  • If your resume requires revision, you should make your changes immediately and upload it to your INROADS page.
  • Your assigned Operations Coordinator will send you an invitation for upcoming candidate preparation events.
  • Respond in a timely fashion to secure a space for a mandatory Candidate Prep Session (CPS).
  • Once you have successfully completed the Session and practice interview you will be eligible to move forward to the matching phase.

For specific questions regarding your application, contact your assigned Operations Coordinator. You may dial them directly or call 1-800-651-6411 and ask for them by name.