Anatomy of the reproductive system
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Anatomy of The Reproductive System. 8 th grade By Leah Turner, Jennifer Golay and Kyle Boling . What is Reproduction?. On your diagram write at the top of the page or on the back what you think reproduction is in one to three sentences. Answer.

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Anatomy of the reproductive system

Anatomy of The Reproductive System

8th grade

By Leah Turner, Jennifer Golay and Kyle Boling

What is reproduction
What is Reproduction?

On your diagram write at the top of the page or on the back what you think reproduction is in one to three sentences.


Reproduction is the process by which living organisms produce others of their own kind.

What is the reproductive system
What is the reproductive system?

Write your response on the back in three sentences or less.


It is the body’s organs and structures that make it possible to produce children.


1. Appropriate behavior is expected we understand it can be a little uncomfortable so please keep giggling to yourself.

2. Any questions you have write down on a piece of paper that way it is anonymous and we can determine if it is appropriate or not.

Female reproductive system
Female Reproductive System

  • Vagina: A tube like organ that connects the U connects the uterus to the outside of the the body. The birth of a baby follows its its path

  • Cervix: The lower portion of the uyer uterus that opens into the vagina. During Labor During labor the cervix dilates (expands) (expands) to about 4 inches or 10 centi centimeters in diameter

Female r s cont
Female R.S. cont…

Uterus: Also called the womb the uterus is a hollow pear shaped organ with a muscular wall and lining. The uterus expands many times in size during pregnancy to hold the growing fetus

Fallopian Tube: These thin, soft tubes

Extend from the uterus to the ovaries .

During ovulation an ovary releases an egg into the fallopian tube

next to it.

Ovary (ovaries): located on the left and right lower abdomen . Ovaries produce eggs as well as hormones like estrogen and progesterone.

Female reproduction
Female Reproduction

Ovum: The female reproductive single egg cell produced in the ovaries.

Fimbria: Hair like follicles that draw the ovum (egg) into the fallopian tube from the ovaries.

Male reproductive system
Male Reproductive System

Penis:The penis is made of two parts, the shaft (the main part) and the glans, ( the lip, sometimes called the head).

Urethra:A tube that carries semen and urine out of the penis.

Scrotum: Sometimes called the scrotalsac,it contains the testicles and epididymis which hangs underneath the penis.

M r continued
M.R. continued…

Testicle: The two testicles or testes produce sperm and the male sex hormone testosterone.

Epididymis: Next to each testicle, the epididymis is a tightly coiled tube where sperm are stored. From here sperm are transported to the Vas Deferens.

Vas Deferens: Also called the ductus deferens, this thin muscular tube transports sperm from the epididymis to the urethra.

Prostate Gland: The size of a walnut this

gland surrounds a portion of the urethra

and produces some of the fluids in semen.

Male reproductive
Male Reproductive

Cowper’s gland: Two pea sized glands located at the base of the prostate gland that secrete lubrication to assist in intercourse and this secretion is known as pre ejaculation.

Rectum: The final portion of the large intestine, it extends from the colon down to the anus.

Bladder: The muscular sac that stores

urine until it is released into the urethra.

Seminal Vesicle: Located at the base of the bladder, the seminal vesicles secrete a thick fluid that provides nourishment for the


Reproductive basketball rules
Reproductive basketballRules

We will read a definition out loud if you think you have the correct answer, hold up your vocabulary word.

If your vocabulary word is correct you get a chance to shoot a basket and earn a point.

There is a surprise for everyone at the end of the game.