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Crown Jakarta Capital Eco Management News:Helping Businesses PowerPoint Presentation
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Crown Jakarta Capital Eco Management News:Helping Businesses

Crown Jakarta Capital Eco Management News:Helping Businesses

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Crown Jakarta Capital Eco Management News:Helping Businesses

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  1. Crown Jakarta Capital Eco Management News What Technology is Helping Businesses to Improve Energy Savings?

  2. Energy efficiency needs to be a priority for all businesses. This can have benefits for the environment and the running costs of a business. However, it is an area which requires continual review and action. It often begins with the little things; from carrying out an energy walk-round and identifying wasteful energy usage, to ensuring heaters and boilers are regularly serviced. The small things often make a big difference. However, today we are going to look at the technology businesses are investing in to improve their energy savings. SMART METERS The majority of power supplies provide some form of smart metering that allows data usage to be monitored. Instead of waiting for the power company to manually read your business meter every few months, a smart meter enables readings that can immediately be accessed by a power company and business. This source of knowledge can help a commercial enterprise to save money and improve energy consumption, by having the ability to compare data points and to identify energy wastage. This can prove its worth by helping to identify consumption wastage that is unnoticed during a walk-round and is a great investment for businesses.

  3. SMART LIGHTING According to the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) lighting accounts for around 40% of commercial energy consumption. So smart lighting is a smart investment for large or small businesses. This is because it works to increase energy savings by providing lighting devices that have longevity and reduce consumption. The technology available is varied, including high efficiency lighting fixtures and systems that adjust lighting according to the level of daylight available in an office or the presence of people. However, regular analysis of fittings and business energy consumption is still essential. ENERGY STAR RATING OFFICE EQUIPMENT The Energy Star rating for office equipment is a joint venture by the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Even tablets are set to get an Energy Star rating once a concrete means of defining and differentiating tablets is identified. Investing in suitably rated office equipment including computers and servers will deliver substantial cost and energy savings for a business. Stringent total energy consumption standards must be met, including a low-power sleep mode for computers after a certain period of inactivity. Such certified office equipment must also have efficient power supplies. The rating is not only beneficial for business costs and energy efficiency, as it also a badge of honour that can improve image. RELATED ARTICLE:

  4. RENEWABLE ENERGY If your business is really serious about cutting costs and improving energy savings then investing in renewable energy is the next big step. This can include solar energy technology where photovoltaic panels convert sunlight into electricity, or heat pumps where low temperature heat is extracted from the ground, water or air; excess energy created by your business can even be transferred to the national grid to earn your company extra money. The heat is basically a result of the sun warming the air, ground or water, and though it is more costly to implement than traditional heating systems, renewable energy technology like heat pumps provide energy and cost savings in the long run. But if your business is just beginning its journey to improving energy savings then this may be a giant leap too soon. YOUR BUSINESS AND ENERGY SAVINGS The technology we have discussed can improve business energy savings and even work to help save them money. But it does not mean that you can rest on your laurels, as caring for the environment is a process that must be continually evaluated and improved. Just remember: Start simple, and go on from there. RELATED ARTICLE: