custom plastic injection molding for different industries n.
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Industries we serve PowerPoint Presentation
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Industries we serve

Industries we serve

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Industries we serve

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  1. Custom Plastic Injection Molding for Different Industries

  2. Industries We Serve

  3. Injection Molding for Electric & Electronics Industry • Some integral devices for Electronics industries are meters, industrial test equipment, sensors, etc. • To fulfill standard requirement of Industry, we deliver accurate and high-performing parts. • Our happy customer Schneider Electricals.

  4. Injection Molding for Hardware Industry • Some Hardware Components Developed Using Injection Molding Technique are Threaded Rods, Nuts, screw, Bolts,Washers, Adhesives, etc. • Our specialized techniques of injection molding and insert molding will help you for developing and supplying excellent hardware products.

  5. Injection Molding for Automotive Industry • In Automotive Industry requires injection molded parts Bumpers, Instrument Coverings and Lenses, Fixtures, Foam Molds, Prototype Consoles, Aircraft Parts and Miscellaneous Assembly Parts. • They Require thermoplastic components & resins such as Polyethylene Terephthalate, Polyphenylene Oxide for better performance. • To know more Click here

  6. Injection Molding for Construction Industry • We are using high quality materials and cutting edge technology to minimize unexpected breakdowns and repairs. • According to Construction Industry we use compatible, dynamic, and durable custom molded plastic parts.

  7. Injection Molding for Packaging Industry • Veejay Plastic provide a wide variety of packaging solutions through our effortlessly molded and designed custom plastic parts and also Contemporary Designs, High-Impact Shelf Life, Improved Durability, Perfect Dimension and Density, Accurate Tolerance Level.

  8. Injection Molding for Aerospace Industry • Types of resins which used in aerospace plastic injection molds are- PEEK, ULTEM, Polyester, Polyurethane, Polycarbonate, Polyphenylene Sulfide. • We work with aerospace clients to understand their requirements completely, and suggest a suitable resin for the application

  9. Injection Molding for Defense Industry • Veejay Plastic is Now Certified Defense Vendor for Injection Molding Parts • Veejay Plastic offer injection molding, insert molding, over molding, and micro molding services to produce plastic components that best suit varying applications of the Defense industry

  10. THANK YOU!!!! For more detail visit, Contact us-, 847-683-2955