History of ocean floor research
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History of Ocean Floor research. Ms. Bridgeland 6 th Grade. Why have people been interested in using the ocean since ancient times?. 3 Major R easons. 1) Ocean provides FOOD 2) Serves as a route for TRADE 3) Is a way to TRAVEL Travel to have accurate maps

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History of ocean floor research

History of Ocean Floor research

Ms. Bridgeland

6th Grade

3 major r easons
3 Major ancient times?Reasons

  • 1) Ocean provides FOOD

  • 2) Serves as a route for TRADE

  • 3) Is a way to TRAVEL

    • Travel to have accurate maps

    • Fame for scientific discoveries

James cook led first expedition for ocean research in the late 1700s
James Cook led first expedition for ancient times?OCEAN RESEARCH in the late 1700s

The challenger expedition in 1872
The Challenger expedition in 1872 ancient times?

*inspired Charles Darwin to study marine biology  informed his Theory of Evolution later

*led to discovery of organisms, data on temperature, currents, water chemistry, and ocean floor deposits

Exploring the ocean floor
Exploring the ancient times?Ocean Floor

  • No helpful ocean floor research until 1925

  • WHY did it take so long to explore the ocean floor?

The ocean floor is more than twice as deep as the grand canyon
The ocean floor is more than ancient times?twice as deep as the Grand Canyon

Conditions are very harsh
Conditions are very ancient times?HARSH

  • There is NO sunlight at this depth

  • The water is very COLD

  • Deep water exerts tremendous PRESSURE

History of ocean floor research

  • SONAR ancient times?: Sound navigation and ranging

  • a system that uses sound waves to calculate the distance to an object

  • Pulses bounce off the ocean floor and return to the ship

When was scuba diving developed
When was ancient times?SCUBA diving developed?

S c u b a
S.C.U.B.A ancient times?.

  • 1943: self-contained underwater breathing apparatus

  • A tank containing compressed air that is strapped to a diver’s back and connected by a tube to a mouthpiece

  • Only enables divers to explore to a depth of 40 meters

1960 submersibles
1960 - ancient times?Submersibles

  • “Trieste”

  • Thick metal could withstand pressure help them safely reach lower depths

  • Moved 3 ft per second and reached the ocean floor in about 4 hours

What is the difference between a submarine and a submersible
What is the difference between a ancient times?submarine and a submersible?

Modern day submersible alvin was used to study the titanic wreckage in 1986
Modern Day Submersible ancient times?– Alvin was used to study the Titanic wreckage in 1986

1986 remote underwater manipulator
1986 – ancient times?Remote Underwater Manipulator

  • A device like a small car controlled by a computer that could collect samples, take photos, and map the ocean floor without a crew

2003 deep flight aviator
2003: ancient times?Deep Flight Aviator

  • A new type of submersible was launched in San Francisco Bay.

  • Moved faster and more easily than others

  • Passengers could see more

Deep flight aviator 2003 underwater airplane
Deep Flight Aviator 2003 ancient times?“underwater airplane”

Deep flight aviator 2003
Deep Flight Aviator 2003 ancient times?

Exploring titanic wreckage 2004
Exploring Titanic Wreckage 2004 ancient times?

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Z7REEnwKOQ

Modern technology oceanographer sylvia earle uses
Modern technology oceanographer Sylvia Earle uses: ancient times?

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRd612BrDKU