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Application for the 1 st registration in DOCTORAL STUDY PowerPoint Presentation
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Application for the 1 st registration in DOCTORAL STUDY

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Application for the 1 st registration in DOCTORAL STUDY
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Application for the 1 st registration in DOCTORAL STUDY

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  1. Application for the 1st registration in DOCTORAL STUDY You have to fill out, print it, sign it and send it to Florence Hamon of the Doctoral Study school before (date) • Check a box according to the doctoral school you want to integrate • Then fill out: unity of research, discipline, thesis director’s name, thesis co-director, co-supervisor and title of the thesis. • Co-supervision: • Name of the establishment, country and thesis co-director • Documents requiered: • Constitution of the thesis comittee (see the joint letter) • Candidate CV • National identity card or Passport photocopy • Copies of diplomas in higher education and the marks obtained in Master 1 and Master 2. For non-French or English, attach a translation by a sworn translator and programs grades needed to validation. • A letter of the candidate explaining his/her personnal and professional project, co-signed by him/her and by his/her foresse thesis director.

  2. Here complete your civil status: Nickname, marital name, date of birth, address, phone number (personal and professional), Mail (personnal), unit of research, laboratory address, person in charge’s name Here indicate your name, nationality, place of birth, mobilephone number, professionnal mail, laboratory phone number, and mail of the person in charge Complete the tables about training and university degree. From left to right: year, diploma, bachelor degree, establishment and place, result and distinction Others higher education: From left to right: year, diploma, title of the diploma, establishment and result Here tell if you made a break during your higher education: especially for a break during the master degree and the doctoral diploma.

  3. Request for exemption for students who have not the master degree. Fill the table as the two first tables with year, diploma, the exact title of the diploma presented for the validation of prior, establishment and results Here, you have to sign the declaration, which stipulate that your not registered for a doctoral study in another university in France for this year after the obtention of the master degree. Here, don’t fill out. Pre-professional activities, stages etc 4. Memoire, reports, and scientific works Title, contents, number of pages, dates (document to join if it’s necessary).

  4. 5. RESEARCH PROJECT (explain your project) Title of the thesis Fill the table above. From left to right: thesis year, University of registration, do you benefit from a doctoral contract (yes/no), status (see below), financial plan. 1. Thesis unfunded without paid activity 2. Doctoral contract 3. CIFRE Conventions 4. Research organism (INSERM, INRIA, INRA, CEA, INED, DGA…) 5. Scolarship 6. Direct aids from other ministries 7. Direct aids from local or territories collectivities 8. Direct aids from association or fundation (AEM…) 9. Other financements by a company (without CIFRE) 10. ANR Credits 11. Funding of research contracts obtained by the research unit or DS 12. Specific funding for foreign students (AEGIS, SFER, CNOUS, Foreign Ministry) 13. PhD employees of the Public Service (PRAG, another teacher, official, ATER) 14. PhD private sector employees (including, subject to an individual training leave) 15. Alternative financing Le candidat certifie sur l’honneur l’exactitude des renseignements ci-dessus (pages 1 à 4) Date: Signature: The candidate certify of the exactitude of the information gave. Date and sign.

  5. Don’t fill out: it reserve for the director thesis, laboratory director, and the doctoral scool director

  6. Number receive by mail Fill the civil status: Surname of birth, first name, date of birth (DD/MM/YYYY), postal address, mail (personal and institutional), thesis director (Surname and first name) Date of the first registration in doctoral study (DD/MM/YYYY) Date of the registration in doctoral study in the defence institution (DD/MM/YYYY) Defence institution Doctoral school

  7. Thesis co-director (Surname and first name) Title of the thesis prepared. Precise the language of the title *compulsory information for the thesis registration prepared in STEP ** compulsory information for an immediate visibility of the thesis prepared in Thesis field in preparation: check at least one field Date and signature of the PhD student

  8. PhD student’s name, laboratory, date and signature. • The other frameworks have to be completed by the thesis director, the director of the host laboratory and the doctoral school director

  9. Dissemination authorization of personal data on websites of the UEVE • From left to right: Surname/ first name, professional mail, thesis year, discipline, laboratory of research. You authorize or not the dissemination, by the University of Evry, of precised information necessary for the implementation of the websites about doctoral schools. Date and signature preceded by the words “lu et approuvé” (read and approved)