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12.1 Post-War Struggles. Anti-Immigration Changes. The revived KKK now went after Catholics, Jews and other immigrant groups (along with African Americans ). Anti-Immigration Changes.

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Anti immigration changes
Anti-Immigration Changes

  • The revived KKK now went after Catholics, Jews and other immigrant groups

    • (along with African Americans)

Anti immigration changes1
Anti-Immigration Changes

  • The Sacco and Vanzetti Case showed how immigrants suspected of Communism/ anarchism could not get a fair trial.

U s s red scare
U.S.’s “Red Scare”

  • Communism: Political system in which the govt. owns all the businesses and property in order to try to make people more equal.

    • Govt. tells you what job to work & what goods/services you can have

U s s red scare1
U.S.’s “Red Scare”

  • 1917, “October Revolution” makes Russia into a Communist country (Soviet Union)

    • The “Palmer Raids” carried out by the govt. did not turn up any major plot for revolution in the U.S.

U s s red scare2
U.S.’s “Red Scare”

  • 1919 was a big year of strikes

    • The strike against U.S. Steel Corp. was a major setback for unions, which had won many raises during WWI

      • Brutality against workers was terrible

U s s red scare3
U.S.’s “Red Scare”

  • The use of force against the striking Boston police gained Calvin Coolidge enough popularity to get elected VP in 1920

U s s red scare4
U.S.’s Red Scare

  • The United Mine Workers (UMW) under John Lewis were successful in getting better pay during their 1919 strike