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AOP. Analysis of Performance. Rules, Regulations and Terminology. Observe and analyse performance. Evaluate performance. Plan strategies, tactics and practices. 3 Formats of delivery. Question and Answer No notes or books to help Will be video taped Presentation

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Analysis of Performance

3 formats of delivery
3 Formats of delivery
  • Question and Answer
  • No notes or books to help
  • Will be video taped
  • Presentation
  • Limited to 4 slides per section
  • Slides are used as support, not a script!
  • Use of props permitted and encouraged
  • Written
  • Completed under exam conditions (just like your PEP)

Component 1 Rules, Regulations and Terminology

  • Select which rule you are going to look at and explain it in depth
  • Choose a rule that you will have adequate information to talk about.
  • Ensure you use all the correct terminology.
  • Look at the written basketball AOP as a good example of how this component is completed well.

Component 2 Observe and analyse performance

  • Look at and explain a certain skill within that sport
  • Why is this an important skill within this sport?
  • Break down how the skill is performed
  • What types of movements are being used?
  • Use diagrams, pictures where necessary
  • Ensure correct use of terminology at all times

Component 3 Evaluate Performance

  • Compare regular participant with perfect model (for presentations and Q&A use of video is essential)
  • What are the differences?
  • Coaching points for improvement for the non-perfect model

Component 4 Plan Strategies, Tactics and Practices

  • What training techniques would you come up with to help this person/team improve (not the perfect model)?
  • What strategies does this person/team need to employ to be more effective?
  • How would you have this person/team practice to improve performance. Drills, exercises etc.
  • For component 1, chosen the rule you are going to explain. Found the correct definition and explanation of that rule under the national association for that sport. E.g. Correct technique for Breast stroke according to FINA
  • Chosen a skill you are going to analyse for component 2.
  • Found diagrams/pictures of this skill being performed
  • Found a perfect model and model for improvement for component 3.
  • For component 4, have 2 drills for improvement, 1 tactical improvement and 1 training technique for improvement.