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Unique Features of Yale IR

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Unique Features of Yale IR - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Unique Features of Yale IR. YALE UNIVERSITY. Your Global Affairs Resume Keeping it Simple Summer 2013 Elizabeth Gill, Director of Career Services. Global Affairs MA Resume Gallery and Book. Do you want to include your resume? If so, it must be:

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Unique Features of Yale IR

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    1. Unique Features of Yale IR YALE UNIVERSITY Your Global Affairs Resume Keeping it Simple Summer 2013 Elizabeth Gill, Director of Career Services

    2. Global Affairs MA Resume Gallery and Book • Do you want to include your resume? • If so, it must be: • one page (of course you’ll have other resumes for other needs) • submitted by Wednesday, August 14

    3. To Do List • Review this video • Create or revise your resume • Proofread the resume (you AND someone else) • Submit your resume as a word document to me by email: elizabeth.gill@yale.edu

    4. Format • 11 or 12 point font Times New Roman is standard • Please be mindful of formatting. Use tabs rather than lots of spaces or tables • Omit skills and responsibilities that you don’t want to continue using

    5. The Top of the Resume • Include your name and email address (in others include address and phone number - cell is fine)

    6. Header: Examples For our resume book:Elizabeth Gill elizabeth.gill@yale.edu For your other resumes:Elizabeth Gill 34 Hillhouse Avenue, New Haven CT 06511 elizabeth.gill@yale.edu; 203-436-5208

    7. Education: Example YALE UNIVERSITY New Haven, CT MA Global Affairs, Expected May 2015 PRINCETON UNIVERSITY Princeton, NJ BA Economics, 2008

    8. Education: Other things you COULD include • Relevant coursework • especially if your degree title isn’t obviously linked to your current interests • Your concentration, minor, or focus of study • Study abroad (but keep it SIMPLE) • A brief description of major academic awards

    9. Education: Award Titles • Something like “John Doe Award, 2009; Jane Smith Scholarship, 2008” doesn’t mean anything to your reader • Instead say: “Received awards for outstanding achievement in major.” Or “Awarded University’s Highest Honor for Community Leadership” • Remember – most readers will assume that because you are a Yale MA student, you must have been an outstanding undergraduate … so you don’t need to overdo this section!

    10. Experience • Think about how you want to divide your experience – is all of it relevant to your goals? • Do you want to have more than one experience section to distinguish between different experiences or skill sets?

    11. Experience: Formatting • ORGANIZATION Location • Title Date to Date • (ACTION VERB! – don’t use “worked”) Start with an action verb to describe what you did and the skills you want to relay to the reader. If you can quantify any part of the description, please do!

    12. Experience: Example • PEACE CORPS Beijing, China • Education Volunteer 2010-2012 • Developed curriculum and taught 45 high school students English, improving student test scores 45% from the previous year

    13. Other Sections • Languages • Computer Skills • Leadership • Published papers (many? = separate page) • Certifications • Conference presentations • Activities? Only in certain cases! • Citizenship?

    14. Review your resume • Is my format consistent? • From my resume, how do I come across? • Have I included everything relevant without being redundant?

    15. In the end… Please have a colleague and/or friend look at your resume. Please submit your resume as soon as possible – a great way to get a head start! We look forward to welcoming you to YALE!