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Inclusive equipments in cricket PowerPoint Presentation
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Inclusive equipments in cricket

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Inclusive equipments in cricket - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cricket is an outdoor game played by two team containing eleven players in each team. Cricket generally started from UK and later spread across the word .

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Inclusive equipments in cricket

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Cricket is an outdoor game played by two team containing eleven players in each team. Cricket generally started from UK and later spread across the word .Millions of fans available for the cricket which made it most popular game in the world, this sport became a passion for those who love this.
  • When you are just beginner to play cricket, it is an always hectic task to decide what you have to buy. It is advisable to make a decision prior to shopping because if you ask to any of sports store about what you need to buy than you will most probably end up with lots of cricket equipment. That way you will be getting what the store owner assumes you to get rather what you likely to purchase.
  • Two most important cricket equipment are bat and ball, but other than them various equipments are there includes protective gear (gloves, batting inner gloves, batting pads, cricket balls, helmet, wicket keeping gloves, wicket keeping pads,, box, arm guard, chest pad, inner thigh pad, cricket boots which include bowling boots and batting boots, stumps and bails, box batting gloves, batting pads, helmets, and cricket shoes) and cricket clothing.
You must not buy everything at junior level from the list but you may require all equipments in professional level. Here brief discussion given on essential cricket equipment:
  • The most essential item of equipments is a cricket bat. If you propose to score runs than a good quality cricket bat is necessary. Bat is a very delicate part of equipments so you must spend time to choose your bat. Bats size is another important thing you need to consider before buying it so always buys a size which is comfortable to your body.
  • Cricket batting pads and batting gloves come next in the most important object. Cricket pads and gloves will help you in protecting your legs and hands. See the fingers of the gloves while choosing them; it should be flexible for your fingers and see whether they have extra support for protection. There should not be any discomfort while wearing the batting pads and they should fit properly in your legs.
A wicketkeeper should always be active on field and have to watch each ball carefully, take catches, stump-out and more. If you are often comes as wicketkeeper than purchase highest standard Wicket keeping gloves because you are a key for your players.
  • A Helmet prevents you from high balls. To keep your face and head safe from the balls that redirect your bat towards you, it is better to wear helmet. Buy light weight helmet rather solid one with the good fitting.
  • To avoid your feet to suffer, it’s good to buy cricket boots. If you have a pair of right shoes you can prevent your feet from any injury during play because batting becomes painful if ball strike your toes. Most of the serious cricketers supposed to invest in a pair of cricket boots. Under cricket clothing long trousers and polo shirt comes often white in color.