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The World Games 2017 PowerPoint Presentation
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The World Games 2017

The World Games 2017

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The World Games 2017

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  1. The World Games 2017 Preliminary Information for Candidate Host Cities of The World Games 2017

  2. General Information on IWGA and The World Games The 8th World Games 2009 Kaohsiung, TPE The 9th World Games 2013 Cali, COL Information on Tender Procedure and Timeline for The 10th World Games 2017 The World Games 2017

  3. General Information International World Games Association The World Games

  4. IWGA Statutory Aims The principal statutory aims of the International World Games Association are … • to develop the popularity of the sports which are governed by its Member Federations, • to improve their prominence through excellent sporting achievements, and • to conserve all the traditional values of sport.

  5. For this purpose, IWGA shall… • Provide, at intervals of four years, an elite international multi-sportevent for the sports of its Member International Sports Federations known as The World Games. • Provide the widest possible exposure for these sports and their governing bodies to public and media through The World Games concept.

  6. Rules of The World Games In adherence to the Rules of The World Games, IWGA organizes the event … • in close partnership with the Host City • to the benefit of sports, athletes and hosts, • following the principles of viability and sustainability.

  7. The World Games As the pinnacle in the competition calendarfor 30+ sports, The World Games generate worldwide exposure for top athletes as well as their hosts, permitting the latter to pursue their own objectives: • Internationalpromotion • Sustainable urban development • Civic engagement • Community building

  8. Badminton Baseball Body Building Bowling Casting Sport Fin Swimming Karate Powerlifting Racquetball Roller Sports Softball Taekwondo Trampoline Tug of War Tumbling Water Ski Inaugural Edition The World Games 1981 Santa Barbara, USA 16 International Sports Federations (IFs) 18 Sports


  10. TWG 2009 Kaohsiung, TPE Air Sports Orienteering 31 IFs Archery Powerlifting Billiard Sports Racquetball Body Building Roller Sports Boules Sports Rugby Bowling S. Climbing Canoe Polo Squash Sumo DanceSport Tug of War Fistball Fin Swimming Water Ski * Flying Disc Beach Handb*. Gymnastics Dragon Boat* Ju-Jitsu Softball* Karate * Korfball Tchoukball* 37 Sports Lifesaving Wushu* * Including 5 Invitational Sports

  11. Clustered Sports To make the immense variety of the 30+ sports more manageable for the public and the media, an auxiliary construct has been used since 2005 to group them thematically in clusters: Artistic and Dance Sports Ball Sports Martial Arts Precision Sports Strength Sports Trend Sports

  12. 2009 Artistic & Dance Sports 6 Official Sports

  13. 2009 Ball Sports * 7 Official Sports 3 Invitational

  14. 2009 Martial Arts * 3 Official Sports 1 Invitational

  15. 2009 Precision Sports 4 Official Sports

  16. 2009 Strength Sports 3 Official Sports

  17. 2009 Trend Sports * 9 Official Sports 1 Invitational

  18. IF Commitment The IWGA Member International Sports Federations ensure that their very best athletes enter The World Games in each event by establishing the selectionand qualification criteria accordingly. Together with the stipulation for global representation of the entered athletes, this brings about top-level competitions and maximum universality.

  19. The 8th World Games 2009 Kaohsiung, TPE Participation Venues, Infrastructure Promotion, Media

  20. 2009 Kaohsiung More Sports, More Nations 103 Nations 37 Sports

  21. 2009 Kaohsiung More Top Athletes 1,466 Officials 3,393 Athletes

  22. More Civic Participation 8,389 volunteers were recruited; 4,652 volunteers completed all of their 2-year training and were accredited in 2009; Another 16,349 accreditations were issued to medical, sanitary, security and venue staff; 283,151 tickets were purchased for The World Games; 1,249,920 people visited the World Games Plaza.

  23. 2009 Venues: Old & New 21 existing venues were adapted to the requirements of the sports contested there; 2 state-of-the-art venues were constructed prior to 2009: Kaohsiung Stadium and Kaohsiung Arena; both were planned and built independently from the city’s hosting of TWG. All 23 venues – including the World Games Plaza – had the games-time “2009 Kaohsiung” fit-out applied.

  24. 2009 Infrastructure: Modern 28 hotels of sufficient category accommodated the 5,000 World Games participants for: 26,035 bed-nights or 16,419 room-nights (6,804 singles; 9,616 doubles). A modern public transport system (Mass Rapid Transport, shuttle buses, etc.) plus dedicated traffic lanes kept travel time between accommodations, venues and World Games Plaza to 45’ maximum.

  25. 2009 Promotion Communications: print, broadcast and online – with national and international publications and programs. Media planning and buying worldwide on an account with dentsu as media partner. Public relations through initiatives and activities in Taiwan and abroad.

  26. 2009 Promotion: Effective Chien-Ming Wang, pitching ace of the New York Yankees and Taiwan’s most popular sportsman, is a spokesperson for TWG 2009. Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Chu meets Liu Peng, Minister for Sports and President of the Chinese Olympic Committee, in Beijing, CHN, to promote TWG 2009. TWG 2009 Exhibition and a media event at The Olympic Museum in Lausanne, SUI, symbolize the tie-in with the Olympic Movement. Pre-events to TWG 2009 include test competitions staged by the IFs and large- scale civic events to celebrate milestones in the lead-up to 2009.

  27. 2009 Promotion: Partnerships Partners multiply the exposure opportunities for TWG 2009 through their own campaigns. Leading brands such as Coca Cola, 7-Eleven and Volkswagen launch nationwide association marketing drives with the emblems and mascots of TWG 2009. A Taiwan Navy vessel delivers TWG 2009 message to ports of call around the world as floating exhibition hall. Swiss Timing provides its integrated technology solutions to TWG 2009, and its Tissot brand becomes the official time keeper for the games.

  28. 2009 Media 675 domestic and international media were accredited for TWG 2009: 503 Taiwan media, 172 media from abroad, including 36 media from the People’s Republic of China. The Main Media Center and the Main Broadcast Center were set up in the Kaohsiung Stadium. Satellites were set up at all competition venues.

  29. 2009 Broadcast Coverage The Host Broadcaster Public Television Service produced 450 hours on the 30+ sports. Nationally, the comprehensive coverage was aired on three channels (PTS, HiHD and ESPN Taiwan) and through IPTV. Live, delayed and highlights programs were picked up by broadcasters around the globe. CCTV aired 40 hoursin China.

  30. 2009 Coverage: Broad & Positive Sport Beats Export Blues in Kaohsiung Not long ago, this southern Taiwan port city was a shipment center for the island's booming exports. Today, many of Taiwan's exporters have moved their plants to mainland China. Those still around have been hurt by a global downturn in trade that shrank the region's exports in June by 30% from 2008. The vacancy rate for property is in the double-digits, the highest among Taiwan's major cities … So a city known for distress is enjoying a moment at the center of the global sports movement by playing host to The World Games. Officially recognized by the International Olympic Committee, the games highlight non-Olympic sports such as rugby, parachuting, billiards, canoe polo and DanceSport … It's not just athletes and fans who are winning from all the goodwill and buzz wafting over the blue-collar city of 1.5 million. Businesses are basking in Taiwan's rare day in the sports sun. Many of the event's biggest corporate supporters are government-controlled Taiwan companies, including New York Stock Exchange-listed Chungwa Telecom … Article (20/07/2009) by Rusell Flannery

  31. Sights & Sounds of TWG 2009

  32. The 9th World Games Cali 2013, COL

  33. The World Games 2013 Cali, COL • Official award of The World Games 2013 to the City of Santiago de Cali, COL, on 21 July 2009 • Hand-over of the IWGA flag to the new hosts during 2009 Kaohsiung Closing Ceremony on 26 July • Conclusion of the Host City Contract on 19 August 2009 in the presence of Colombian President Uribe Veléz • TWG 2013 are scheduled from 25 July to August 4.

  34. Santiago de Cali, Cauca Valley Population: 2.2 million Area: 564 km² Elevation: 995 m ASL Temperature: 23° C average La Sucursal del Cielo: Heaven’s Branch Office

  35. Cali brings vast experience as an organizer of major sporting events to TWG 2013 (Pan Am Games, World Championships, National Games). The Pascual Guerrero Stadium is undergoing major renovation with a view to Cali hosting the FIFA U-21 World Cup and TWG 2013. An overall budget of 208 billion Colombian pesos (US$ 100+ million) is allocated to deliver TWG 2013. Sporting Capital of the Americas

  36. TWG 2013: Work in Progress Joint communications and marketing strategies are developed and im- plemented by IWGA and COC. Between them, the partners establish norms for presentation and promotion of TWG. IWGA and Cali Organi- zing Committee (COC) work in partnership, with IWGA contributing know- how, expertise and the formulas proven in pre- vious editions to TWG 2013. Combining their resour- ces in communications, marketing and other key areas over the next four years, the partners work jointly on the foundations to another successful edi- tion of TWG in 2013.: Progress in the prepara- tions is monitored at regular intervals by the Coordination Commission, a body made up of mem- bers of the IWGA execu- tive and key COC staff.

  37. The World Games 2017 • The 10th World Games 2017 • Timeline • Tender Procedure

  38. HQ Staff Eval. Commission Members ExCo / AGM CoCom Members IWGA 2017 Bid Organization Flow Chart 2010 – 2013 TWG –7 TWG –6 TWG –5 TWG –4 Preparation of Tender Documentation Distribution of Tender Documentation Follow-up to Candidate Host Cities’ Responses Pre-Selection of Candidate Host Cities Commission Visits to Candidate Host Cities Analysis of Bids, Results of Commission Visits Presentation/Finalization at ExCo-Meeting Final Contract Negotiations with Host City Host City Contract Signing at AGM TWG –5 1st CoCom-Meeting Draft – February 2009

  39. Timeline for TWG 2017 Tendering 2010 01 July Distribution of the Tender Documentation and Questionnaires to Candidate Host Cities (CHCs) 31 December Follow-up to responses submitted by the CHCs 2011 31 March Pre-selection of the CHCs 01 April – Evaluation Commission visits to the CHCs 30 August 01 September Analysis of CHC Bid Books and of results from the Evaluation Commission’s visits 15 October Presentation of the results to the IWGA ExCo and finalization 01 November Final negotiations of the Host City Contract with the Host City of TWG 2017 2012 TBD Signing of the Host City Contract at the IWGA Annual General Meeting Draft – February 2009

  40. Tender Procedure for TWG 2017 • Distribution of Tender Documentation IWGA will distribute its Tender Documentation, including the Questionnaire, to all prospective bidders who have notified IWGA of their interest to host TWG 2017. • Questionnaire Completion of the Questionnaire is required to enable IWGA to make a first assessment of the initial bids’ viability (see page 45), and to make the pre-selection of the Candidate Host Cities. • Bid Book The completed Bid Book is to be submitted to IWGA in time for the Evaluation Commission’s visit to the Candidate Host City. • Bid Fee A tender fee of US$ 50,000 is payable by all prospective bidders. Those bidders who fail to make the shortlist of Candidate Host Cities during pre-selection will be refunded 75% of this tender fee.

  41. Questionnaire Themes • Dates for TWG 2017 • Legal, incl. a formal declaration by city authorities confirming the candidature • Finance and budgets • Customs and immigration formalities, incl. visa requirements • Previous experience in organizing major sports events • Sports facilities • Media operations and host broadcasting services • Accommodation, food and transport • Medical services and doping control • Ceremonies • Communication • Technology • Security • Topographical and meteorological conditions • Vision and legacy for TWG 2017 The bidders are required to provide information on all the above themes.