Undp sudan individual contract ic business process
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UNDP Sudan Individual Contract (IC) Business Process - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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UNDP Sudan Individual Contract (IC) Business Process. Individual Contract. Main topics will be covered . 1. 3. 2. Definition. Sourcing. Business Process . 4. 5. Contracts . Incorrect use of IC. Definition. Services of an individual to perform non-staff tasks

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Undp sudan individual contract ic business process

UNDP SudanIndividual Contract(IC) Business Process

Individual Contract

Main topics will be covered






Business Process




Incorrect use of IC


  • Services of an individual to perform non-staff tasks

  • The IC holder is non-staff and non-official status

  • Clear and quantifiable deliverables

  • Time and deliverable bound services

  • Services can be intellectual (Consultant) in nature or support services (Contractor)

  • The approving authority must ensure compliance with the process outlined in the policy and its proper use

Ic business process chain
IC Business Process Chain:


Write TOR,


(Procurement )

( Hiring Unit)



& interview

Negotiate the Contract

(Hiring Unit/ Procurement)

Evaluate Offers

(Hiring Unit/ Procurement)

Award Contract

Manage the



( Hiring Unit)

Evaluate IC Performance

Ic sourcing
IC Sourcing

  • Normal competitive Process: whole procurement process

  • Direct Contracting :

    All Individual Consultants/Contractors should be selected through a competitive process. Under certain circumstances, and subject to proper justification, it may be appropriate to consider a single applicant as the sole suitable individual for selection. Justification with 9 conditions is available in the intra.

  • Direct contracts from USD 5,000 but below USD 30,000 require approval of the CD.

  • For direct contracts above $30,000 but below $100,000 require approval of CAP committee.

    • Direct contracts from USD 100,000 or more require RACP/ACP approval.

    For further information on direct contracting, please see "Procurement Methods" POPP

Ic sourcing1
IC Sourcing

  • Direct Shopping: less then 5,000 USD

    No competitive process necessary, past performance review and note to the file.

    Requires receive financial offer even one candidate

Type of contracts
Type of Contracts

  • Simple Individual Contract with specific deliverables and specific time frame and lump-sum amount of the consultancy fee.

  • Retainer; agree on unit prices and schedule of activities to be rendered. Represents a firm commitment from both parts.

  • Long Terms Agreement (LTA) : Contract for 2 to 3 years

Incorrect use
Incorrect Use

  • a) To perform staff functions:

  • b) As a stop-gap measure, such as filling posts temporarily vacated by a UNDP staff member on any form of absence or leave;

    - Procurement Policy changes:

    • Allows, under certain circumstances, ICs to be engaged for up to 3 months as a staff resource to staff covering temporary absences, a major change that makes the IC more flexible;

  • c) When recruitment of a new staff member for an existing position in an office is taking longer than usual for whatever reason;

  • d) To fill regular and continuing functions in an office;

  • e) As a means to re-instate a staff member whose previous post/function has been abolished;

  • f) As a means of placing a staff member on a short-term probationary period, even if a competitive selection process has been completed, prior to confirming the staff member’s appointment to a fixed-term contract or other contract modality;

  • g) When a post is created on an experimental basis and the office would like to determine whether the said post and functions should be made a regular post/function in the office

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Justification of direct contracting
Justification of Direct Contracting

There is no competitive market-place for the requirement, such as where a monopoly exists, where prices are fixed by legislation or government regulation, or where the requirement involves a proprietary product or service.

There has been a previous determination or there is a need to standardize the requirement.

The proposed procurement contract is the result of cooperation with other organizations of the United Nations system, pursuant to Rule 121.02.

Justification of direct contracting1
Justification of Direct Contracting

Offers for identical requirements have been obtained competitively within a reasonable period and the prices and conditions offered remain competitive.

A formal solicitation has not produced satisfactory results within a reasonable prior period.

The proposed procurement contract is to purchase or lease real property.

Justification of direct contracting2
Justification of Direct Contracting

There is a genuine exigency for the requirement.

The proposed procurement contract relates to obtaining services that cannot be objectively evaluated.

The Chief Procurement Officer otherwise determines that a formal solicitation will not give satisfactory results.

Individual contract sops
Individual Contract SOPs

  • Identify the need of the services and make sure whether the IC is the right modality;

  • Develop the Terms of Reference (TOR) for the services required;

  • Atlas Requisitions to ensure the availability of the fund; and assign SidahmedAbdalla as buyer in the requisition;

  • The Procurement Notice together with technical TOR should be attached to the requisition.

  • Approval of the request by budget owner and the make sure the E-Req should shows approved and budget checked valid;

  • Sourcing of the candidates either to advertise the TOR (developed by the requesting unit) or from the roster /other sources of information;

  • In case of advertising:

    • Receive the applications on-line;

    • Determine the long and short-listing (at least two members) and interview panels (min. of three members at least one from the hiring unit);

    • Prepare for the interview (technical questions in advance, inviting candidates);

    • Conduct the oral interview;

    • Immediate technical evaluation, scoring the candidates and opening the financial offers;

    • Issue the evaluation report and obtaining the panelists and senior management’s Signatures;

  • In case of Direct Contracting (DC) get the clearance and waiver signed by the Management;

Individual contract sops cont
Individual Contract SOPs cont.

Negotiation the price with the selected candidate;

Give the winner the final financial offer;

Reference Check and Medical Check-up;

Create the Vendor Profile in Atlas –if required-;

Issue and sign the contract;

Issue the PO;

18. Process the payment by the requesting unit liaising with Procurement for the PO details;

19. Contract management if require any extension or contract amendment; and

20. Evaluation IC performance by the Hiring Unit.

Guidelines for TOR

General background information on the context of the engagement;

Objectives of the assignment;

Scope of work, which must be consistent with the budget for the works, and contain a detailed description of the deliverables and activities to be performed.

The duration of the assignment; duty station and expected places of travel, if any is required;

Detailed provision of monitoring and progress controls, including reporting requirements, frequency, format and deadlines;

A clear and unequivocal definition of the final product/s or deliverables (e.g., survey completed, workshop conducted, data collected, reports written, etc), timeframe for completion of the deliverables and payment milestones;

Tor cont
TOR cont.

  • Approval process required to certify outputs prior to authorizing payment, payment milestones information if applicable;

  • An unambiguous description of the selection criteria including required degree of expertise and qualifications such as specialized knowledge, language needs and experience the consultant/contractor must fulfill;

  • If applicable, a detailed list of all inputs and services which will be provided to the consultant/contractor by UNDP or, where applicable, by UNDP’s implementing partners, in order to perform the contract; and

  • Other relevant information.

More information
More information

For more information about the IC guidelines, including templates, please visit the management of IC guidelines page under the contract and procurement section of the POPP.

And Sudan intra net