Through my eyes
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Through My Eyes. Photojournalist Summer Project Life’s ordinary moments. Through My Eyes. ‘Life’s Ordinary Moments..’ Y10/11 Photography Summer Project

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Through my eyes

Through My Eyes

Photojournalist Summer Project

Life’s ordinary moments..

Through my eyes1
Through My Eyes

‘Life’s Ordinary Moments..’

Y10/11 Photography Summer Project

Life seen through a photographer’s eye can be a fascinating place. When reflecting back on our lives it is not the big events but the small, everyday things that stand out. Photographers are documenters of life, fascinated by all things; capturing fleeting moments however incidental or mundane they seem at first. It is those special, ambiguous ‘snap shots’ that hold the clues to who we truly are.

Photojournalism emerged as a distinctive form of photography in the late 1920s and early 1930s. The term denoted picture making that was spontaneous, topical and rapid. Your task is to become a journalist of your own existence. Without a specific theme you have the freedom to document the more random elements of your summer break. For example; the way the light comes through the curtain in the morning and illuminates your alarm clock to climbing a mountain and observing the way the rocks look greasy in the morning due, or even noticing the sea gulls pecking at the newspaper your fish and chips were wrapped in at the beach. This project will test your artistic eye and your ability to make the mundane beautiful.

Here are a few examples of the ordinary made interesting……