ra2 mwr ccvt data circulation n.
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RA2 MWR CCVT data circulation

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RA2 MWR CCVT data circulation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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RA2 MWR CCVT data circulation. CCVT members need following data for their tasks during the commissioning phase: Envisat data - Envisat data will be retrievable through USF. ERS data - ERS data are retrievable as usual.

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ra2 mwr ccvt data circulation
RA2 MWR CCVT data circulation

CCVT members need following data for their tasks during the commissioning phase:

  • Envisat data - Envisat data will be retrievable through USF.
  • ERS data - ERS data are retrievable as usual.
  • Auxiliary data - It is up to each member to get pertinent auxiliary data, though alternate ways may be found in case of need (backup solutions through web-site, FTP, etc. ).

USF Facility - Currently running for rehearsal:

  • USF has been used for ACVT & MATV rehearsal campaign, conclusions are available and feedbacks are being taken into account.
  • At present we (CCVT) don’t have a registered access to the USF, because of outstanding problems. Only anonymous access is possible (which just serves to register).
  • RA2 & MWR CCVT plan to have rehearsal in March 2000.

USF Facility - Open Issues for RA2/MWR CCVT

  • The USF facility seems to be tailored to order data per geographical area of interest and/or time frame. CCVT need all-time the-world-over data for specific products. Most CCVT members need a sort of “data stream” especially for the NRT products.
  • USF provides a program-to-program interface, which we could need to make use of.
  • There cannot be a “central” CCVT user registration, every team member has to register and order data.
  • USF support three delivery media (on-line transfer through Internet, DVD or CD-ROM through parcel services, data broadcast through satellite links). CCVT will probably need a combination of these depending on size and availability of data.
ra2 mwr ccvt web site
RA2 MWR CCVT web site

Beside satellite product, other type of information are exchanged by

CCVT members as:

  • Documents of interest to the CCVT
  • Reports of the work of CCVT members
  • E-mails, minutes of meeting, etc.
  • Any other information in electronic format deemed useful.

A CCVT web site has been built to easy communication among CCVT

members and to collect all CCVT relevant documentation.

circulation media and technologies
Circulation media and technologies

Beyond USF capabilities, investigation are being performed about the

optimal medium to transfer data to CCVT members. Some of the

targeted technologies are:

  • Internet (classic) FTP - available today, subject to Internet variable throughput.
  • Data broadcast through satellite link - Very fast but needs additional hardware and software to every members’ site.
  • Parcel service - Deliveries in days, problems with NRT data.
  • Data broadcast through IP multicast - Smarter way to transfer through the Internet but still experimental. Not supported by USF.
circulation media and technologies1
Circulation media and technologies
  • In the frame of the mentioned analysis, CCVT members may be asked to help performing benchmarks transfer sessions between their sites and ESRIN. This will serve to evaluate which (average) transfer rate we can count on.
  • Beyond this, experiment to assess the possible product file compression rate are ongoing.
  • A monitoring of ESRIN ftp and http server machine downtime is ongoing as well.