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Menace of Drug Abuse

Tashi Delek. Menace of Drug Abuse. Nitrosun. What is a Drug and Drug Abuse?. Drug is a substance use in medicine for the treatment of diseases . Substance which when taken into the organism modifies one or more of its functions .

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Menace of Drug Abuse

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  1. TashiDelek Menace of Drug Abuse Nitrosun

  2. What is a Drug and Drug Abuse? • Drug is a substance use in medicine for the treatment of diseases. • Substance which when taken into the organism modifies one or more of its functions. • Drug Abuse is a stage where these substances or say medicine are miss used for example, somebody take cough syrup for just getting high.

  3. Drugs that are Commonly use in our Community. • Marijuana/Cann. • Heroine/Brown • Cocaine • Amphetamine • Solvents • LSD (Lysergic acid diethylamide) • Hallucinogen • Cough syrup

  4. Effects of Marijuana • Alter and damage brain cells or CNS • Loss of memory and concentration • Lung damage • Increase in heart rate • Reduce immune system • Reduce reproductive systems

  5. Cannabis in various forms

  6. Effects of Heroin/Brown Sugar • May experience moderate relief of anxiety • Damage central nervous system • Feeling dizziness, drowsiness and mental confusion • Impair vision, • lung and menstrual irregularity Raw poppy

  7. Stages of Drug Addiction? • Beginner : 13 to 17 years • Addict : 18 to 25 years • Chronic Addict : Age above 26

  8. Why people caught into Drugs? • Peer Pressure • Curiosity • Ignorance • Alienation • Absence of Good Guidance • No Job and No Aim in Life

  9. Peer Pressure

  10. Points to Ponder…….! 89% never had a conversation with their parents on Drugs and Substance Abuse. 80% said their teachers never talked about the harmfulness of Drug consumption 68% said their started on Drugs under influence of Peer and Curiosity at School.

  11. Symptoms of Drug Use? Physical: • Red Eyes, Unclear Vision • Running nose, Pale Face • Frequently Sick • Nausea, vomiting • Drowsiness or sleeplessness • Loss of weight, Profuse sweating • Injection signs on body, Blood Stains • Changes in Appetite • Poor in Hygiene • Weak Bone

  12. Symptoms of Drug Use? Behavior: • Changing mood or temper • Depression • Blaming & making excuses • Begging, lying and Stealing • Loss of interest in daily routines • Big talk n speeches

  13. Symptoms of Drug Use? Performance: • Withdrawal from family environment • Sudden lowering of marks in test • Non-completion of homework, absenteeism • Presence of syringes and strange packets • More time spent in bathroom, etc

  14. Effects on Family and Society • Gives Negative Influences • Poor Relationship with Family and Society • Divorce Cases • Loss Trust and Respect • Unemployment • Spread Disease because of Care Free Attitude


  16. Effects of Drug Abuse Mentally : - • Drug Addiction is a Brain Disease. All Drugs that abuse act in Brain and produce negative effects such as : - • Loss of Memory, Attention, Decision Making • Depression, Aggression, Paranoia and Hallucination • Brain Damage and Stroke

  17. Effects of Drug Abuse Physically : - • Develop Liver, Lung and Kidney problem • Loss sense of Hearing, Smelling, Vision and huge change in out looks.

  18. Prevention of Drug Abuse? • Educate • Responsibility of Teachers and Parents • Discuss how harmful and danger of Drug Abuse? • Awareness program • Encourage Sports & other Activities • Well defined School with Boundaries • Watch over activities close to school and your children

  19. Treatment • Advice and help addicts to seek treatment from hospitals and counseling centers. • Rehabilitation centers • Get a good and recovered sponsor or former addict

  20. Effects of smoking . Smoking causes fatal disease like cancer, heart disease, lung disease etc . More than 9 lacs every year . Several thousand people die each year by inhaling from other people’s cigarettes . Smoking not only harms you but is also deadly for others around you including dear ones

  21. Remember 3 S’s • Do not Startusing drug, even out of curiosity. • If you are drug user do not Show drug to others. • Stopusing drug immediately and save your future.

  22. ENJOY HEALTHY LIFE:Your Life is Precious

  23. Together We Can Make A Difference! So share what u learned today.

  24. KUNPHEN CENTRE For substance dependence HIV/AIDS and HRD. Near Delek clinic Bhagsu Road Mcleod Ganj Dharamsala Distt Kangra (H.P) 176219

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