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Quiz Show Asia

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Quiz Show Asia. Which describes the population change of East Asia?. China is the only country growing. The entire region’s population is declining. The entire region’s population is growing rapidly. Wealthy countries like South Korea and Japan have declining growth rates.

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Quiz Show Asia

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    1. Quiz ShowAsia

    2. Which describes the population change of East Asia? China is the only country growing The entire region’s population is declining The entire region’s population is growing rapidly Wealthy countries like South Korea and Japan have declining growth rates Poor countries have declining growth rates

    3. Which is true of East Asian and Southeast Asian cities All are under 2 million people Most have about 1 million people Most do not have modern buildings Most are getting smaller Some are among the world’s largest

    4. What best describes the ethnic diversity of the Area Most areas have little ethnic diversity East Asia is more ethnically diverse Both areas have lots of ethnic diversity Southeast Asia is more ethnically diverse

    5. The Silk Road went from China to By the Sea of China Mongolia India By the Indian Ocean By the Mediterranean

    6. What happened to Hong Kong in 1997? It was returned to Japan It’s economy folded in China’s communist rule It was returned to the United Kingdom Portugal returned ownership to China It became part of China as a special administrative region

    7. What fraction of the population lives in this area of the world? 1/3

    8. Means “place without water” Gobi

    9. How did Marco Polo help Europeans learn about China? He wrote a book about China

    10. Title for the people who governed Japan until 1800s shoguns

    11. Major river in Southeast Asia that begins with an I Irrawaddy

    12. Who tried to get Japan to end isolation Matthew C. Perry

    13. What is a megalopolis? One city after another, after another

    14. Wood that is used to make furniture mahogany

    15. Which area is drier, East Asia or Southeast Asia? East Asia

    16. Define archipelago Chain of islands

    17. Climate of northern Japan Humid continental

    18. River that borders Laos and Thailand Mekong

    19. Known as the Yellow River Huang He

    20. Country that controls the Strait of Malacca Singapore

    21. Wood from rainforests used to make boats teak

    22. What is the Roof of the World? Plateau of Tibet

    23. What do the Chinese writing symbols represent? Characters that stand for words

    24. Name of oceans in this part of the world Indian and Pacific

    25. What river is “China’s Sorrow?” Huang He

    26. This area has large deposits of what minerals? Iron ore and tin

    27. What country in the area has the lowest winter temperatures? Mongolia

    28. Where the Three Gorges Dam is built On the Chiang Jiang

    29. The drier of the two deserts discussed Taklimakan

    30. What religion stress that all parts of nature have their own spirits? Shinto

    31. Climate found in Mongolia by the desert steppe

    32. Used in making rockets and light bulbs tungsten

    33. Lowland found in East Asia North China Plain Or Manchurian Plain

    34. What two countries cover most of East Asia? China and Mongolia

    35. Define dzud A dry summer followed by a harsh winter

    36. What is the Ring of Fire? Area where tectonic plate activity causes volcanoes and earthquakes

    37. Who claimed large areas of China as spheres of influence? European countries and Japan

    38. Who was China’s communist leader? Mao Zedong

    39. Means “great general” shogun

    40. What group invaded China from Central Asia? Mongols

    41. What nation has the world’s 2nd largest economy? Japan

    42. Most Chinese are of what ethnic group? Han

    43. What vegetation term contributes to the problem of landslides? Deforestation

    44. What nation has the highest population density? Singapore

    45. What is a disadvantage of the Three Gorges Dam? About a million people need to move

    46. Huge tidal waves are caused by these tsunami

    47. What unique item is harvested in Japan and the Philippines? pearls

    48. Who helped the shoguns to govern Japan? samurai

    49. What dynasty began the Silk Road? Han

    50. Chinese nationalist leader Chaing Kai-shek