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Quiz Show. Financial Literacy Chapter 1 Quiz Review. a gift of money or other aid awarded to a student to help pay for education. Scholarship. the expense paid by students for the instruction at a school. tuition. a loan on which interest is not charged until the student graduates.

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    1. Quiz Show Financial Literacy Chapter 1 Quiz Review

    2. a gift of money or other aid awarded to a student to help pay for education Scholarship

    3. the expense paid by students for the instruction at a school tuition

    4. a loan on which interest is not charged until the student graduates subsidized student loan

    5. a set of moral values that people consider acceptable; the study of what is right versus wrong ethics

    6. money given by government or school to pay for educational expenses that does not have to be repaid grant

    7. any money you receive from an outside source to help pay for education financial aid

    8. contact with a prospective employer after the interview but before a person is hired for the opening follow-up

    9. the unique skills and abilities that you bring to the job market skill set

    10. nontechnical skills needed by most workers for success on the job soft skills

    11. people who have known you and can provide information about your skills, character, and achievements references

    12. a summary of your work experience, education, skills, and interests that qualify you for a job opening resume

    13. the job openings that are available when you are ready to go to work job market

    14. a face-to-face meeting with a potential employer to discuss a job opening job interview

    15. spending time observing a worker in a type of job that interests you job shadowing

    16. a principle that reflects the worth you place on an idea or action value

    17. supply and demand have an inverse relationship to one another (when demand is high, supply is typically low and vice versa)

    18. Price usually follows supply (i.e. when supply is high then price is high and vice versa)

    19. In a recession, people should save even more of their money

    20. Match the terms with the descriptions: references soft skills hard skills financial aid grant federally gifted money for education you do not have to repay examples: CPR, plumbing repair, performing surgery, accounting People who vouch for you – put on your resume examples: communication, leadership, computers, organization, ANY outside source of funding for your education

    21. To best stimulate the economy, should you save your money in a recession or recovery period? save in a recovery period If everyone stops spending their money in a recession period, the recession gets deeper and a ripple effect happens such as jobs are lost. It is best to spend some of your extra money in a recession and wait until recovery to save a lot

    22. An advantage to using social networking for job searching is : rapid response up to the minute information Wide range of sources

    23. What is a disadvantage of using Social Networking ? Your prospective employer can search for you and find out more about you If you post negative comments, this could damage your job prospects as well as your relationships DO NOT: complain criticize swear brag