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Automatic Data Processing (ADP) Eurofighter Typhoon Technical Publications PowerPoint Presentation
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Automatic Data Processing (ADP) Eurofighter Typhoon Technical Publications

Automatic Data Processing (ADP) Eurofighter Typhoon Technical Publications

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Automatic Data Processing (ADP) Eurofighter Typhoon Technical Publications

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  1. StephenBarnard Automatic Data Processing (ADP) Eurofighter Typhoon Technical Publications BAE SYSTEMS Lead, JSF Joint- Service Technical Data (JTD),Fort Worth, Texas

  2. ‘Eurofighter Typhoon’ Project: ‘Eurofighter Typhoon’ Technical Publications • ‘Eurofighter Typhoon’ is a BAE SYSTEMS and UK Lead Project, both in its deployed Technology and ‘SGML’ Data Production. • ‘Eurofighter Typhoon’ is a ‘Four Nation Partnership’ project:ALENIA Aeronautica, EADS_CASA, EADS_Deutschland and BAE SYSTEMS - Eurofighter Partner Companies (EPC). • Publications Data and all supporting Illustrations are created to a contractually agreed standard, by all EPCs – ‘AECMA S1000D’ to a Modular structure in the form of ‘Data Modules’ (DM). • BAES Eurofighter Typhoon ‘Tech Pubs’ area, consists of Approx. 60 People - Authors, Illustrators etc.

  3. Data Production Milestones: ‘Eurofighter Typhoon’ Technical Publications • Each ‘EPC’ is responsible for the provision of ‘Publications Data’ based on its Contractual SDR/EDR Work-share, as defined within ‘LSA’. • Publications information is generated within a ‘Common Source Database’ (CSDB) environment in accordance with ‘AECMA S1000D’ DTD . • ‘Common’ Publications Data is exchanged between the EPC ‘CSDB’, as SGML ‘Data Modules’ (DM) and delivered by each Partner Company against its customer contractual needs. • CSDB data is ‘Technically Verified’ by ‘Engineering Design Authority’ (Industry) before formal issue or release. • ‘Verified’ Exchanged DM’s are further customised (Nationalised), according to the requirements of the ‘Nations’ Air Forces (National Specific Deliverable).

  4. Development Support ProductionInvestment In-Service Support System Breakdown R, M & T Analysis Maintenance Analysis Tech Pubs LSA/SAS Candidate Selection R, M & T Data Selection Maintenance Concept Maintenance TaskDescription MaintenancePlan AGE Training Identification of Support Requirements Level of Repair Analysis LSA Materiel Support Integrated Logistic Support Integrated Logistic Support from Design to Support

  5. Data Production Milestones: ‘Eurofighter Typhoon’ Technical Publications • Development Aircraft Programme started Dec 1990 • ‘CSDB’ Deployed Jan 1991 • Scaling down of Eurofighter Contract Jan 1994 to Sep 1995pending Signing of ‘Production Contract’ • Series Aircraft data production programme Jan 1997 Including:Introduction of ‘FrameMaker + SGML’ Authoring toolset and implementation of ‘AECMA S1000D DTDs’ across all ‘Information Sets’ on the project. • Interactive Electronic Deliverable provided Sept 2002 to UK Customer

  6. Common Source Database (CSDB) Data generated on ‘workshare basis’ and exchanged with EPCs to fully populate CSDB CSDB Data Modules to AECMA DTD’s: - Maintenance - Schedules - Air Fault - Aircrew - Equipment - IPD Data extracted for ‘National Publication’ requirements - NPB In-process Review and Customer Comment Data Module (DM): Self-contained unit of text and illustrations Illustrations stored in CGM, CCITT Group 4 or JPEG format Text content marked-up in SGML DM structure controlled by AECMA S1000D ‘DTD’ ‘Eurofighter Typhoon’ Technical Publications

  7. ‘Eurofighter Typhoon’ Technical Publications Publication Standards • Technical Publications - AECMA S1000 D‘Data Modules’ • Materiel Support AECMA 2000 M • Text SGML (ISO 8879:1986) XML (W3C WD-xml-lang-970331) XSL • AECMA Simplified English PSC-85-16598 • Illustrations CCITT Group 4 (MIL-PRF-28002) CGM Version 4 (ISO 8632) (MIL-PRF-28003A)

  8. ‘Eurofighter Typhoon’ Technical Publications Information Sets: • Aircrew Information • Aircraft Maintenance Information • Fault Reporting/Isolation Information • Non-Destructive Test Information • Wiring Data • Structural Repair Information • Storage Information • Corrosion Control Information • Maintenance Planning Information • Mass and Balance Information • Aircraft Inventory • Weapon/Stores Loading Information • Cross Servicing Guide • Non-Nuclear Weapon Delivery Information • Illustrated Parts Data • On-Aircraft Engine Maintenance Information • Battle Damage Repair Information • Equipment/AGE Information


  10. Integrated Technical Publications Process National Publication Base (NPB) • Data filtered and extracted from the CSDB to a Customer-specific National Publications Base (NPB) from which output deliverable DMs are generated. • DM’s are delivered in the form of an ‘IETP’.Specific hard copy publications are provided (with some additional processing) – Aircrew FRCs • DM’s to be accessed via the ‘Ground Support System’ (GSS) within the integrated Engineering Support System (ESS) and Mission Support System (MSS) utilities, using the integrated ‘Browser’ - “trilogiView”. • Data Modules may also be accessed on dedicated Stand-alone/Networked applications.

  11. Customer Requirements CUSTOMER CSDB IETP SGML Text Illustrations IPL Data (AECMA 2000M) AGE MS Design Engineering AGE Data Sheet Wiring Diagrams & Data Integrated Technical Publications Process Nationalisation Process: Commenting (via TPIRF) NPB Customise Deliverables

  12. ‘Eurofighter Typhoon’ Technical Publications Current Quantification in Core Programme • Aircrew 800 DM • General Vehicle 2000 DM • Specific Systems 15’500 DM • Airborne Equipment 5000 DM • Aerospace Ground Equipment 1700 DM • Total: 25’000 DM

  13. ‘Eurofighter Typhoon’ Technical Publications Data Module Updates: • An Update/Revision Process was established, as contractually agreed. • Customer Change Requests (CR’s) are provided using the Technical Publications Improvement and Reply Form (TPIRF) process. • Service Bulletins will be issued as necessary. Containing information for Modifications, Special Inspections/Checks, Replacement/Substitution of Parts, etc, to be carried out by the customer.

  14. ‘Eurofighter Typhoon’ Technical Publications What are the benefits of the Eurofighter Typhoon Approach ?Data Creation and Production: • Use of Neutral International Standards (ISO, CALS, etc.) • Efficient update/change process • Effective Configuration Management with all other Contractually agreed Deliverables. • Interactive Electronic Technical Publication Deliverable • Integrated Logistic Support deliverable • User friendly, Web-based viewer • Use of Integrated Off-the-Shelf software(Isoview etc.) • Easy to manage and update • Facilitates rapid search and retrieval of required data.

  15. ‘Eurofighter Typhoon’ Technical Publications The application of ‘AECMA S1000D’ provided: • Flexibility and efficiency to the Technical Data process, allowing Customized Data to be produced. Resulting in the generation of Multi-Media Deliverable - Interactive Electronic Technical Publication (IETP). • Exchange of contributory data from suppliers and partners, utilising different systems/applications. • Longevity, reusability • “Single source - multiple use” • “Write once” – “Use many times”. • “Style Sheets” for various layouts • Various document views

  16. Interactive Electronic Technical Publications - Viewer/Browser Solution IETP Browser Development Developed via the ‘trilogi’ (tri-service Logistic Information) partnering agreement between BAE SYSTEMS and UK MoD DLO (Defence Logistics Organisation) • Major involvement of UK DPA (Defence Procurement Agency) and the ‘Eurofighter IPT’ • Browser solution known as “trilogiView” • First formal populated “trilogiView” delivered to UK MoD Sept 01 - “trilogiView” v2 released in March 02 • Initial roll-out on Eurofighter Typhoon, closely followed by other UK MoD Land, Sea and Air Programmes • Eurofighter ‘Wiring Data’ delivered as a database (Wiring Data Management System - WDMS). Developed by BAES Eurofighter Project.

  17. CSDB /NPB Interactive Electronic Technical Publications- Viewer/Browser Solution CD/DVD t r i l o g i View Multiple Input Standards Data Specifications AECMA S1000D* DEFSTAN 00-60* AvP70 ATA2100 NES40 AESP Mil-Std 83495 Data Types SGML* XML* PDF* All word processor types Graphics CGM (all versions)* TIFF JPEG GIF etc. • A managed end to end • Build and Delivery • Process • t r i l o g i View • Provides: • One browser for all • Technical Information • Internet capability • XML Viewer • View all data in • native form • A solution for all BAE SYSTEMS platforms, delivered EuroFighter as lead project • Access by: • Internet • Intranet • SDE Hard Copy Multiple Delivery Methods *Eurofighter Agreed Standard

  18. Interactive Electronic Technical Publications - Viewer/Browser Solution Training Maintenance Inspection Wiring Aircrew ciros Battle Damage Assessment IPD Integration with Eurofighter GSS utilities Fault Isolation IETP Browser