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Welcome to Class. Friday, Nov 26th , 2010. Period:40 Unit 7: World Population. Part B: Speaking. I/ Vocabulary:. explosion. 1. (n). /ɪk`spləʊʒn/. -> explosive (adj). /ɪk`spləʊsɪv/ /ɪk`spləʊzɪv /. -> explode (adj). /ɪk`spləʊd/. overpopulation.

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i vocabulary
I/ Vocabulary:


1. (n)


-> explosive (adj)

/ɪk`spləʊsɪv/ /ɪk`spləʊzɪv /

-> explode (adj)




2 . ………………..(n) = population explosion

->over`populated (adj)

-> over`populate (v)

-> population growth (n)

Eg: The child crossed the street because he wasn’t …………. of the danger at that time.

aware of

3. ……….….. (adj)


-> of (n)




4. (n)





5. (n)


/ɪn`ʃʊərəns /

6 v carry out exercise
6. (v) = carry out / exercise




/`eksəsaɪz /



/kɔːz /

7. (n)

8.policy (n)

/`pɒləsi /



2.overpopulation (n) -> overpopulated

-> overpopulate (v)

1. explosion(n)-> explosive (adj) -> explode (v)

  • 3.aware (adj) -> awareness of (n)

4.religion (n)

5.insurance (n)

  • 6.implement (v) = carry our/ exercise

7.cause (n)

8.policy (n)

is vietnam s population increasing or decreasing
+ Is Vietnam’s population increasing or decreasing?
  • What are the causes of overpopulation?

-> Third world women know of no safe way to have fewer children/ don’t know safe way to have fewer children


II/ Speaking: 1) Task 1: Causes of overpopulation: Below are some of the causes of population explosion. Put them in order of importance and explain why.

  • Fewer children die at birth.
  • People are not aware of the problem of overpopulation.
  • People are not properly educated.
  • People believe that having many children means happiness.
  • Religion doesn’t encourage people to have fewer children.
  • Many people believe that having a large family is a form of insurance.

=>What problems are caused by overpopulation?


2) Task 2:List the problems facing

poor and overpopulated countries.

Useful language:

  • - Poor
  • - Poor living conditions/ Low living standards
  • - Not enough food
  • - Lack/shortage of school/hospital/teacher/doctor/nurse/ education/ clothes…
  • - Unequal rights: men & women, boys and girls
  • - Low income, unemployment, overworking, children have to work…
3 task 3 solutions to the problems of overpopulation
3) Task 3: Solutions to the problems of overpopulation.

- Raise an awareness of the problems of overpopulation.

- Raise the people’s living standards.

- Exercise/ implement reward and punishment policies.

- Carry out population education programs

  • Exercise family planning programs.
  • Use birth control methods.

- Eradicate illiteracy

  • Task 1: talking about the causes
  • Task 2: talking about the problems
  • Task 3: talking about the solutions
  • Task 4: completing the presentation
After you learn:Talk about the problems of overpopulation and offer solutions, using the results of task 2 and 3.

Nowadays, there are many causes of population explosion. This leads to lots of serious problems. The first one is the shortage of food as well aslow living standards. The next one is poor living conditions. Besides, it also causes many other problems such as

shortage or lack of school, hospital, teacher, doctor, nurse, clothes, education... and the state of illiteracy, unemployment, overworking, low

income, unequal rights, children have to work…

We realize the danger of problem, so we ought to find out the solutions to solve them as quickly as possible. We should eradicate illiteracy and carry out population education programs. We should also implement familyplanning programs, exercise reward and punishment policies. Moreover, we should advise people

to use birth control methods.



  • Learn by heart voc.
  • Review the Tasks carefully
  • Prepare for listening

Thank you for your attention!

Good luck to your life!

checking vocabulary
Checking vocabulary


Carry out

Shortage of/lack of