facilimange dynamics aka facilies cs 425 final presentation n.
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Facilimange Dynamics aka “Facilies” CS 425 Final Presentation PowerPoint Presentation
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Facilimange Dynamics aka “Facilies” CS 425 Final Presentation

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Facilimange Dynamics aka “Facilies” CS 425 Final Presentation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Facilimange Dynamics aka “Facilies” CS 425 Final Presentation. Curtis McKay Manneet Singh Brad Vonder Haar. Project Client: Facilities Management of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.

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facilimange dynamics aka facilies cs 425 final presentation

Facilimange Dynamicsaka “Facilies”CS 425 Final Presentation

Curtis McKay

Manneet Singh

Brad Vonder Haar

Project Client: Facilities Management of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.

Project Summary: A customer satisfaction survey system that will allow users to dynamically create, conduct, and compare surveys.

background information
Background Information

Facilities management is responsible for all on-campus maintenance and department custodial needs. These needs can range from light bulb replacement to road construction.

customer s problem
Customer’s Problem

Facilities Management would like to track customer service satisfaction through the use of surveys

There is currently no standardized system in place to create, conduct, and compare customer satisfaction surveys

customer s problem cont d
Customer’s Problem cont’d.

The customer would like to be able to compare historic survey responses.

They want to show the strengths and weaknesses of the department by examining the responses to individual questions.

problem analysis
Problem Analysis

As a team we interviewed the Business Manager, Customer Service Representative, and the Network Administrator of Facilities Management.

We also examined previous attempts at a survey system application for Facilities Management.

current system
Current System

Two separate Access Databases and an RBase system have been created but only temporarily used.

At the present time no surveys are being conducted due to this lack of a useful all encompassing system.

primary users
Primary Users
  • Alicia Wainright – Departmental Business Manager
  • Lynda Pavia – Customer Service Representative
  • Kyle Stunkel – Network Administrator

Secondary Users

  • Potential Student workers
functional requirements
Functional Requirements
  • Ability to modify and create the individual surveys
  • Ability to add to the questions list
  • Ability to add to the categories list
  • Ability to add to the attributes list
  • Ability to add to the space list
  • Ability to add to the locale and service type list
  • Each survey will have an ID and title
  • Answers will be recorded via a query based entry screen
functional requirements cont d
Functional requirements cont’d.
  • Ability to import control number information from existing Job Cost database
  • Problem areas can be flagged for further examination
  • Follow-up dates can be posted for each survey if a resolution has not been met
  • Comparative reports can be dynamically generated depending upon what information is wanted at any given time
non functional requirements
Non-Functional Requirements
  • Interface will be written using Visual Basic 6
  • Needs to interact with existing RBase Database
  • IBM compatible PC running Windows 95 or higher is required
  • Various ID’s will be auto-assigned by Access
proposed work model
Proposed Work Model

Follow Up date(s) are set up with the person over the phone, and recorded along with the survey information.

Facilities Management Complete a Job

A survey is created in order to determine the customer’s satisfaction.

Urgent surveys are sent to Building Coordinators so that the problem can be addressed immediately.

The survey is given a unique SurveyID and stored in the database.

The survey is conducted, usually over the phone.

When a call back day is reached, the customer is contacted to determine the current situation.

Information about the job in question is imported, such as contact info, type of work performed, etc…

When the problem is solved, the resolution date is recorded along with the other survey information.

The responses are recorded along with the questions and the SurveyID.

Surveys are compared (in a manner specified by the user), and reports are generated to determine problem areas in customer satisfaction.

If required, a flag is set on important or urgent responses to which attention needs to be drawn (usually this means low scores).

design decisions
Design Decisions
  • We will be using VB v6 to create the interface and computational backend of the project
  • Microsoft Access 2000 will be the database used to store and query all of our information
how the system interacts
How the system interacts

VB Interface

Access Database





System Utilities


Survey Questions

New Question

New Service


New Category

New Taker Type


New Attribute

New Locale


New Space







New FollowUp

New FollowUp


Follow Up


User Selectable Text File

organizational plan
Organizational Plan

Upper Management

Dr. Jerry Weinberg

Team Manager

Curtis McKay

Lead Analyst

Lead Designer

Brad Vonder Haar

Manneet Singh


Facilities Management

organization responsibilities
Organization Responsibilities
  • Curtis - plans meeting times and places - assigns what tasks need to be done - sets forth standards for documentation and programming
  • Brad - head contact with client - responsible for appearance of interface - in charge of testing and review
  • Manneet - responsible for understanding the project in terms of data flow - keeps meeting minutes - web-page designer
design timeline
Design Timeline

Software Concept: 5 days

Requirements Analysis: 22 days

Architectural Design: 20 days

Create Detailed Design: 9 days

Conduct Detailed Design: 11 days

Compare Detailed Design: 9 days

coding timeline
Coding Timeline

Create coding & debugging: 33 days Create sub-system testing: 7 days

Conduct coding & debugging: 48 days

Conduct sub-system testing: 10 days

Compare coding & debugging: 30 days

Compare sub-system testing: 7 days

System Testing: 14 days

additional project plan pieces
Additional Project Plan Pieces

Process Plan

Test Plan

Change Management Plan

Training Plan

Review Plan

Installation Plan

Documentation Plan

Coding Standards