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Poetry Collection

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Poetry Collection
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Poetry Collection

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  1. Poetry Collection

  2. 1. Diamante’ Poem Formula Line 1: one word, subject of poem Line 2: two words, adjectives describing subject Line 3: three words, gerunds (-ing verbs) Line 4: four words related to subject (For lines 5-7, describe opposite/antonym of subject) Line 5: three words, gerunds (-ing verbs) Line 6: two words, adjectives describing opposite of subject Line 7: one word, opposite/antonym of subject in Line 1

  3. Diamante’ Poem Example Love Happy, secure Dreaming, talking, loving Husband, wife, children, home Quarreling, loathing, degrading Angry, mad Hate

  4. 2. Family Metaphor Write an EXTENDED METAPHOR about your family. Make sure you account for each person, and your pets if you want to. You must include the "explanation" part of the metaphor in order for it to make sense. My family is a pizza. Dad is the crust. He supports us and provides a base for our lives. Mom is the cheese. She keeps us connected as a family. My brother is the mushrooms. He is earthy and nutty. I am the pepperoni. I add the spice to our lives. The dogs are olives that add just the right amount of variety.

  5. Picture Poem Look at the picture. Write at least 20 descriptive words on lined paper. Cut the words out and arrange them into a poetic form. Use enjambment and imagery.

  6. 3. Found Poem Carefully re-read the prose text you have chosen, and look for 20–60 words that stand out in the prose passage. Highlight or underline details, words and phrases that you find particularly powerful, moving, or interesting. Onaseparatesheetofpaper,makealistofthedetails,wordsandphrasesyou underlined, keeping them in the order that you found them. Double space between lines so that the lines are easy to work with. Feel free to add others that you notice as you go through the prose piece again.

  7. Found Poem Source From Page 127 of Holes by Louis Sachar Passage from Novel: There was a change in the weather. For the worse. The air became unbearably humid. Stanley was drenched in sweat. Beads of moisture ran down the handle of his shovel. It was almost as if the temperature had gotten so hot that the air itself was sweating. A loud book of thunder echoed across the empty lake. A storm was way off to the west, beyond the mountains. Stanley could count more than thirty seconds between The flash of lightning and the clap of thunder. That was how far away the storm was. Sound travels a great distance across a barren wasteland.

  8. Found Poem Example There was a changeFor the worse.The air became humid Beads of moisture ran down The handle of his shovel It was almost as ifThe air itself was sweatingThunder echoed across the empty lake A storm beyond the mountains.Thirty seconds between the flashAnd the thunderSound travels a great distanceAcross a barren wasteland

  9. 4. Parallel Poem A parallel poem is “inspired” by another poem. The form and the rhythm are the same in both, but the topic is different.

  10. Parallel Poem Example There was a changeFor the teamThe crowd grew restlessBeads of moisture pooledIn the corners of his eyesIt was almost the sameAs the time he blew the touchdown Thunder grew in the crowded stands Anger building on the sidelines Thirty seconds on the game clock And he kickedSound exploded as the ball flew Across the end zoneAnd through the uprights

  11. 5. Free Verse • Unlike couplets or sonnets or blank verse, free verse follows no pre-ordained, regular pattern of rhyme or meter. Therefore, one must identify free verse first by looking for negative facts, by checking for rhyme and finding no pattern, checking for meter and discovering no regularity. We can, however, describe free verse as more than a set of absences.

  12. 6. Cinquain Poem Formula Line 1: one word, subject of poem Line 2: two words, description of subject (adjectives) Line 3: three words, participles (-ing verbs), actions Line 4: a simile describing your subject Line 5: one word, synonym for subject

  13. Cinquain Poem Example Feather Purple, unpredictable Wiggling, wobbling, plummeting Wild as an angry bumblebee Plume

  14. 7. Haiku Formula: A haiku has three lines. Typically, the topic is nature. Line 1 should have five syllables, line 2 should have seven syllables, and line 3 should have seven syllables. (5-7-5)

  15. Haiku Example: Most cannot see it. It’s intertwined and complex. A beauty in dew.

  16. 8. Limericks Formula: A limerick is a 5-line poem meant to be humorous. The rhyme pattern is aabba with lines 1, 2, and 5 containing 3 beats and rhyming, and lines 3 and 4 having two beats and rhyming.

  17. Limericks Example: A flea and a fly in a flue Were caught, so what could they do? Said the fly, “Let us flee.” “Let us fly,” said the flea. So they flew through a flaw in the flue.

  18. Limericks Quick Practice: There once was a pauper named Meg Who accidentally broke her______. She slipped on the _____. Not once, but thrice Take no pity on her, I _______. (Can you guess which words go in the blanks?)

  19. 10. Concrete Poetry Concrete writing is a way of placing words on paper to give a visual effect to match the feeling of the writing. The shape expresses what the writing is about. Use strong, colorful language to describe the topic of the poem. Remember to think about your five senses.

  20. Concrete Poetry dancing and playing and hopping UP AND DOWN THE STREET. THE HAPPY BOUNCING BALL CAME