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A Collection of Poetry PowerPoint Presentation
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A Collection of Poetry

A Collection of Poetry

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A Collection of Poetry

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  1. A Collection of Poetry

  2. “If I am not the man I used to be, then who am I?”

  3. Gratitude…

  4. During tough times, your friends are few. When you rejoice, everyone wants to be around you. I pick my friends wisely, but I cannottake credit for you. You were placed in my life, to assist with making my dreams come true… Your reward, will have to come from a higher being- because I cannot give you the world. That is… What you deserve.

  5. Today, I didn’t go outside. I saw the sun shining through my window. After the sunset, I lit my candle. It not only, shined in my room… But also, let off a wonderful smell! And I wonder, can the sun compete? Then, I pondered on the different fragrances of flowers… And thought…the sun has my candle beat. An Inside Day

  6. Gravity

  7. The sea is blue… An endless vision of waves. Clouds form hiding clear skies; No evil and/or ugliness- Could keep me from this time. With the suns erection, Starts a brand new day- As well as moment in time. The wind blows strong; The waves react. The tall trees stand, As gravity, pushes back.

  8. I see a mushroom shaped building… With lights all around- To the left, I see a bridge, With flashing lights. I see clouds in the red sky… Because the sun has just set- The moon is out now, It’s kind of shy today- It’s only showing a third of itself… As I close my eyes-What does this scene reveal? Is it meaningless, I took the time… To glance out my windowsill. John McCusker, Times-Picayune archive Within My Sight

  9. Search for the Familiar

  10. I am stranded on the island of love. Prisoner to its beliefs. The only wrath I have is of anger, Confusion and disbelief… Sometimes I let the waves- Run across my bare feet. Hoping for a connection; Between me and the sea.

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