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Mobile Crèches

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Mobile Crèches. Conservation Action Trust (CAT). WLI – Asia Inter-school Education Programme on Wetland Conservation. About Mobile Crèche.

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mobile cr ches

Mobile Crèches

Conservation Action Trust(CAT)

WLI – AsiaInter-school Education Programme on Wetland Conservation

about mobile cr che
About Mobile Crèche

The Mobile Crèche is a non – government organization with one vision that is to create a just and caring world which enable young children of marginalised and mobile population to develop into competent and confident individuals.

we thank cat
We Thank CAT

Conservation Action Trust (CAT) is a non-profit organization working towards a healthy and sustainable future.

CAT’s mission statement:

“To conserve India's natural wealth and increase sensitivity towards forests, wildlife and rivers through research, education, public participation and, when necessary, judicial intervention.”


Project Guidance

  • Mangrove Wetland Centre-Mumbai, is the first wetland centre project of CAT coming up on 452 ha of mangrove forest in north-eastern suburbs of Mumbai. The project aims to protect mangroves through people’s participation and has 4 basic objectives: Conservation, Education, Research and Recreation.
  • ‘Think Green To Make A Difference’ is the education wing of CAT that aims to increase sensitivity and awareness towards our environment by encouraging teachers and students of all ages to learn about nature.
  • The mobile crèches is receiving support and guidance from the various divisions of CAT to train the young minds for environmental safety.
cat activities
CAT activities

Teacher Training Workshops

Student Interactions

Conservation Initiatives

Community based Interactions

Research based Activities

the project
The Project

Impacts of Urban Development on wetlands


Orientation – To get a better understanding about Mangroves.

  • Field Visits – To get a hands on experience.
  • Survey by children for 7 weeks – Written and sketched observations.
  • Report – Compilation and Analysis of data.
  • Puppet Show - Outreach to society.



Area of Study:

  • Wadala
  • Versova

Over a period of Seven Weeks….

  • 10 different kinds of destructive activities were observed.

Some of these included

  • Garbage dumping
  • Reclamation
  • Burning of garbage at Mangroves
  • Road Construction
  • Excavation of mud

Of a total of 41 observations, the following were the findings:

  • Garbage dumping – 48.78%
  • Reclamation – 17.07%
  • Burning of garbage near Mangrove area – 12.20%
  • People urinating near mangroves – 7.32%
  • Mangroves are being hacked – 2.44%
  • Excavation of mud – 2.44%
  • Individuals cutting mangroves - 2.44%
  • Channel of dirty water near the mangroves - 2.44%
  • Drying of Mangrove - 2.44%
  • Construction of concrete roads - 2.44%
follow up
Follow up

Sending wetland conservation message through Puppet Show

  • Exposing children to the wonderful world of Mangroves.
  • Opportunity to have access to information and knowledge usually available to only certain sections of society.