the neet report fenland l.
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The NEET Report Fenland.

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The NEET Report Fenland. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The NEET Report Fenland. NEET Not in: Employment Education Training. The NEET Report Fenland. The NEET Report Fenland. Over the past years the NEET group in Fenland has been larger than that for other areas of Cambridgeshire.

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The NEET Report Fenland.

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the neet report fenland
The NEET Report Fenland.
  • NEET
  • Not in:
  • Employment
  • Education
  • Training
the neet report fenland2
The NEET Report Fenland.
  • The NEET Report Fenland.
  • Over the past years the NEET group in Fenland has been larger than that for other areas of Cambridgeshire.
  • A research and planning activity funded by LSC has been completed.
  • LSC has made funds available to support work to reduce NEET in Fenland.
the neet report fenland3
The NEET Report Fenland.
  • The Report has several sections.

The published research and information.

NEET a public perception.  

The Fenland Picture.

What happens in Fenland at present.

Our near neighbours.

What next for Fenland?

the neet report fenland4
The NEET Report Fenland.
  • Published research.
  • “Being NEET is a major predictor of later unemployment, low incomes, teenage motherhood, depression and poor physical health.”
  • Department for Education and Skills: Public Service Agreement Review March 05
the neet report fenland5
The NEET Report Fenland.
  • There is a significant body of published research quoted in the report including:
  • Research by the National Executive in Scotland.
  • LSDA-Regional and sub-regional variation in NEETs
  • Suffolk NEET Research Report. 2005.
the neet report fenland6
The NEET Report Fenland.
  • A Public Perception.
  • Until 3-4 years ago the general public had little knowledge of the problem.
  • Several reports and research findings have now been brought into the media spotlight.
the neet report fenland7
The NEET Report Fenland.
  • Press articles and reports point to a growing problem in some societal groups of young people ‘withdrawing’ from society.
the neet report fenland8
The NEET Report Fenland.
  • Robert Winnett writing in The Sunday Times in 2005 highlights the size and potential cost of the problem in the UK.
  • The article quotes the government statistics of almost 10% of 16-24 year olds or 1.1million young people who form what the author calls the ‘new underclass’ of NEET.
  • He reminds readers of the DfES report that suggests that each young person dropping out at 16 will potentially cost the taxpayer an average of £97000 over their lifetime.
  • He also underlines the report’s findings that the group are more likely to become criminalized, become involved with drugs, and suffer ill health than the population as a whole.
the neet report fenland9
The NEET Report Fenland.
  • The thrust of these reports highlights the growing concern in government and beyond about a potentially ‘lost generation’ of young people who at best move between unemployment and low paid and very insecure jobs and at worst drift into spending their time on the margins of society with bleak prospects of any significant improvement in their lives or those of their children and families.
the neet report fenland10
The NEET Report Fenland.
  • The Fenland Picture.
  • Research has shown that there is a direct correlation between deprivation and NEET statistics.
  • Seven of the most deprived ten areas in Cambridgeshire are in Fenland.
the work 0f cambs connexions
The Work 0f Cambs Connexions
  • The East Cambs & Fenland OCYPS Directorate Plan has detailed NEET objectives and actions
  • NEET performance is monitored monthly to ensure action is taken in response to changes in performance
  • Each Locality has a NEET Prevention Strategy
  • A Working Agreement with institutions focuses on the Strategy’s desired outcomes
locality team innovations
Locality Team Innovations
  • A Primary School Careers Convention and Youth Club Drop-ins
  • Preventative work by Connexions and Youth Workers with young people Pre -16
  • Work with year 11 job seekers
  • Work with year 11 non-attenders
  • Support for young people educated out of school and at PRU’s
  • Home visits to those who are difficult to reach
the neet report fenland14
The NEET Report Fenland.
  • The rate of NEET in Fenland is still above the Government Target and other areas of Cambridgeshire.
  • 25% of those young people off school rolls in Fenland and 20% of those from secondary support services were NEET.
the neet report fenland15
The NEET Report Fenland.
  • There is a significant need in Fenland to reach out to those groups that are ‘hard to reach’ this includes those from out of school services, those with learning, behavioural or other disabilities and those who have disengaged from the curriculum offered in secondary schools.
the neet report fenland16
The NEET Report Fenland.
  • What do our near neighbours do?
  • Lincolnshireoffers a regular re-engagement programmea day a week for six weeksto raise self-esteem and aspiration, helping personal development and provide support to access ‘tasters’ .
the neet report fenland17
The NEET Report Fenland.
  • Across Norfolk a programme runs in the late summer called T2D (time to decide). The programme is one of personal development activities
  • North Norfolk target young people at risk of becoming NEET using ‘Include not Exclude’ a programme managed in secondary schools by Connexions advisers.
the neet report fenland18
The NEET Report Fenland.
  • West Norfolk provided ‘Opportunities West Norfolk’
  • A range of providers was involved in the event.
  • It was organised by a professional company who specialise in providing information events for young people.
  • This event was designed to raise aspiration and disseminate information and was accessed by all local secondary schools as well as individuals and their families.
the neet report fenland19
The NEET Report Fenland.
  • The focus for the plan for Fenland will be upon three overarching but interlinked areas.
  • involving the community,
  • working to include school age pupils
  • re-engaging young people post school.
the neet report fenland20
The NEET Report Fenland.

Involving communities.

This includes:


Partnership working.

Raising aspirations.

the neet report fenland21
The NEET Report Fenland.
  • Working to include.
  • This is about:
  • Using information and making plans.
  • Developing personal skills.
  • Vocational and career planning.
  • Transition.
the neet report fenland22
The NEET Report Fenland.
  • Re-engaging those who are NEET
  • This is about:
  • Programmes to support those who are NEET.
  • Support for those who are NEET and ‘not available’(for example with ill health or family commitments)
the neet report fenland23
The NEET Report Fenland.

It just remains to

Make something happen