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Multipactor Studies

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Multipactor Studies. Sergey Antipov 1,2 , C. Jing 1,2 , P. Schoessow 1 , A. Kanareykin 1 , Bin Feng 2,3 , John Power 2 , Wei Gai 2 1 Euclid Techlabs LLC 2 Argonne Wakefield Accelerator Facility 3 Illinois Institute of Technology. US High Gradient Research Collaboration Workshop 2011.

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Multipactor Studies

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multipactor studies

Multipactor Studies

Sergey Antipov1,2, C. Jing1,2, P. Schoessow1,

A. Kanareykin1, Bin Feng2,3, John Power2, Wei Gai2

1Euclid Techlabs LLC

2Argonne Wakefield Accelerator Facility

3Illinois Institute of Technology

US High Gradient Research Collaboration Workshop 2011



Externally driven AWA structures tests at NRL

  • Multipactor suppression in HG structures (simulations)
  • Grooved structures for multipactor studies
2d simulation
2D simulation
  • University of Maryland model: non-stationary two-dimensional simulation where DC field is taken into account self-consistently
  • Benchmarked with ANL – NRL dielectric loaded accelerating structure measurements

O. V. Sinitsyn, G. S. Nusinovich and T. M. Antonsen., Phys. Plasmas, 16, 073102 (2009)

AAC 2010 O.V. Sinitsyn, G. S. Nusinovich and T. M. Antonsen, Jr.

2d model implementation
2D model implementation

SEE energy distribution

+ θ - distribution

C. Vicente, et al. MULCOPIM 2005 Modified Vaughan model

multipactor power loss vs gradient
Multipactor. Power loss vs gradient

Electron cloud at different times

Multipactor power loss decreases at HG

simplified representation
Simplified representation

Ez = 10 MV/m

We emit particles at different phases and monitor their incidence energy and corresponding yield

high gradient case
High gradient case

Ez = 150 MV/m

We are developing a Monte-Carlo simulation based on this idea similar to L. Wu, L.K. Ang Physics of Plasmas 14, 013105 (2007)

progress on grooved structure development for multipactor studies

Progress on grooved structure development for multipactor studies

Grooved structure example:

Changing the surface profile

by periodically grooving has been found to obviously increase the transmitted power in S-band HPM window breakdown experiment

C. Chang et al. J. Appl. Phys. 105, 123305 (2009)

grooved structure design
Grooved structure design

Ez = 6 MV/m


Limited by machining capabilities

quartz grooved tubes for mp studies
Quartz grooved tubes for MP studies



we are set to test ~ 10 different configurations:

  • groove type
  • groove dimension
  • structure length
  • TiN coating

Matching sections are designed and being manufactured

  • Multipactor simulation approach is being developed for high gradient regimes (100+ MV/m). It suggests a reduction in MP power loss.
  • We designed and manufactured several grooved structures and they are being prepared for the high power tests