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Just Me and Mercer Mayer

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Just Me and Mercer Mayer - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Just Me and Mercer Mayer. Even if you are just …. Mercer Mayer has a book…. JUST FOR YOU!. Mercer Mayer has written over 300 books! All his ideas for his books come from when he was a kid or watching his own kids and grandkids grow up!

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even if you are just
Even if you are just…

Mercer Mayer has a book…

just for you
  • Mercer Mayer has written over 300 books! All his ideas for his books come from when he was a kid or watching his own kids and grandkids grow up!
  • His family lived all over the United States because his father was in the Navy. The last place was in Honolulu, Hawaii!
  • If Mercer wasn’t reading picture books when he was a kid, he was hunting for snakes and lizards in nearby swamps or woods.
  • Click on Mercer wearing a green cap above to see what he found “just for you!”
mercer mayer has a website just for you too at www littlecritter com
Mercer Mayer has a website JUST FOR YOU too at!

Besides learning more about Mercer Mayer, there are stories, songs, jokes, games, and even videos! Just keep clicking for my favorites or click on the Little Critter Logo and discover the website for yourself!

Little Critter: What’s worse than finding a worm in an apple?

Dad: Finding only HALF a worm 

Mercer’s first book was “A Boy, a Dog, and a Frog.”
  • It didn’t even have words!
  • Everyone loved Mercer’s pictures so much, he wrote five more stories about Frog!
Welcome to Mercer Mayer’s ownPersonal Art Gallery!

Mercer Mayer illustrates all kinds of picture books, including beautiful fairy tales and “WAY OUT” fantasy books! He likes to experiment with all kinds of artistic styles! These are all his paintings and you can buy copies at if you mow a lot of lawns and take the garbage out for a gazillion years! Click for a favorite of mine that will make you laugh! Watch out for MONSTERS!

who s afraid
Who’s afraid?

Who’s afraid? Not me…well, maybe…when I was little …just a little!

These are my favorite Mercer Mayer books!

Click on the alligator and listen to the alligator song before our puppet show!