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Just like Me:

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  1. Just like Me: Uncover the painful truth about your own struggles to reach perfection, through a careful study of the Patriarchs of the Bible

  2. Lesson 1 • Genesis 21:1-5; 24:62-67 • Isaac and God’s Faithfulness • When we doubt God’s power and ability we allow our finite minds to be the motivating factor in our decision to serve or not to serve the Lord • God needs those who will have faith and believe He will do what He says He will do.

  3. I. The Deliverance • It’s a Boy! • Abraham and Sarah both had doubts about the promises of God to grant them an heir. • Viewed promises within the boundaries of our own minds • Natural instinct is to place mortal limitations on God • Chapter 21

  4. I. Deliverance • Divine Intervention • Graciousness • V1. The Lord was gracious to Sarah • Means to experience divine intervention in order for God’s will • Steadfastness • God’s promises are ageless and fulfilled according to His timetable and plan.

  5. I. Deliverance • Reliability of God’s word • We should always trust and obey God because he is faithful to his word even though he works in unexpected and unexplainable ways. • Sometimes there is divine postponement as we pray and look for God’s promises. • May not be immediate but will be ultimately.

  6. II. The Dilemma • Honor the law of tradition or the covenant promise of God • One son would receive a common blessing • Ishmael • Law of tradition • Abraham could not abandon his responsibility • One would receive a covenant blessing • Isaac • Chosen by God • Abraham had to decide what to do

  7. II. The Dilemma • Consequences Q: Have you ever made a poor decision because you doubted God? Q: What was the outcome of your decision? Q: Were you able to correct your mistake?

  8. Some Christians carry a lot of extra dead weight because of their disobedience, children born out of wedlock, poor career choices, criminal activity. • God’s forgiveness doesn’t mean we don’t have to suffer the consequences of those sins

  9. III. The Planning Ahead • We have to be careful not to plan ahead of God (Chapter 24) • If God is leading us then we can depend on God to remove all obstacles that stand between us and God’s will • So to avoid getting ahead of God we need to follow the following steps • Request God’s guidance – Pray for God’s direction

  10. III. The Planning Ahead • So to avoid getting ahead of God we need to follow the following steps • Request God’s guidance – Pray for God’s direction • Research the scripture – Know God’s word and that it reveals God’s principles, plans and purpose • Respond to the scripture – Commit to accepting God’s guidance • Rely on God’s structure – Trust God’s plan

  11. Homework • For next week’s discussion Assignment 2: Mind Challenge (Lesson 2) • Scripture References: Genesis 25:21-38 • Read and Research the above scriptures for understanding then answer the following questions. Be prepared to discuss your answers during next week’s lesson. Discussion Question 1: Does the lust of our flesh often seem to take precedent over the common sense of our faith. . Discussion Question 2: What steps do you take to maintain a life that is spiritual rather than carnal?. 

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