Rc sw good news story 03 jan 2012
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UNCLASSIFIED. RC(SW) GOOD NEWS STORY 03 Jan 2012. په موسي کلاکي يوسترجامع جومات پرانيستل سو

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Rc sw good news story 03 jan 2012



په موسي کلاکي يوسترجامع جومات پرانيستل سو

داجومات دهلمندوالي ، کليوپراختياوزارت دمرستيال اويوشمېرنورومسولينوله خواترجوړوني وروسته پرانيستل سودهلمندوالي وايې ، داسترجومات ددې اوسيدونکويوه ستره هيله وه ، چي دکليواوپراختياوزارت په مرسته جوړسوي په موسي کلاولسوالۍ کي ترنسبې امنيت وروسته دبيارغوني دپروژودپرانيستلوپيل ددې ولسوالي له يوه سترجامع جوماته وسوچي دپنجشنبې په ورځ دهلمندوالي الحاج محمدنعيم دکليوپراختيااوبيارغوني وزارت مرستيال اويوشمېرنورودولتي مسولينوله خوادپتۍ په پرېکولوسره ګټي اخيستني ته وړاندي سو.

دهلمند و الي وايي، داجامع جومات دکليواوپراختياوزارت په مټ ددريوميليونوافغانيوپه لګښت دځينومرستندويه هيوادونوپه مرسته جوړسوي دده په ويناپدې جامع جومات کي ټول امکانات ځاي سوي ،چي په يوه وخت دڅلورسره لمونځ کونکوظرفيت لري پر همدي مهال د هلمند و الي الحاج محمد نعيم د کليو دپرا ختيا له وزارته وغو ښِتل چي، د هلمند په نو رو ولسواليو کي دي هم دغه ډول ګټوري پروژې پلي کړي دکليواوپراختياوزارت معين انجنيرمحمدطارق عصمتي ، وايې پدې خوښ دي چي دکليواوپراختياوزارت په مرسته دموسي کلاداوسيدونکولپاره يوسترجامع جوړسوي .

هغه وايې يادوزارت پلان لري چي ، ددې ولايت په شمالي اوجنوبي ولسواليوکي دخلکوله اړتياسره دبيارغوني کارونه ترسره کړي ديادوني وړده چي، دکليواوپراختياوزارت له خواتيره ورځ په نادعلي کي هم دابويوه ستره شبکه ګټي اخيستني ته وسپارل سوه دکليواوپراختياوزارت په هلمندکي دملي پيوستون په نوم څانګه لري ، چي ددې ولسوالي په ګڼوسيموکي يې دخلکوپه خوښه پروژې په لوړکيفيت پلي کړي .

Rc sw good news story 03 jan 20121



In Musa Qaleh one Grand Mosque is opened

The Helmand PG, the “Village Development” (MRRD) Ministry Deputy and a large number of other officials were at the opening of the construction of the mosque, and the Helmand PG said, the Grand Mosque has been one of the great hopes of the residents and the MRRD has helped to construct it in Musa Qaleh District after the relative security [allowing for] the beginning of development projects such as this one of the Grand Friday Mosque, and on Thursday (3 Jan 2013) the Helmand PG Al-Hajj Mohammad Naeem along with the MRRD Ministry Deputy and a large number of other government officials all took part in this event.

The Helmand PG said, MRRD has provided 3,000,000 afghanis for the Friday Mosque along with help from some [other] countries to construct it and in his speech he stated that the mosque has all provisions within it such that at one time 400 people have the capacity to worship in it and at the same time the Governor Al-Hajj Mohammad Naeem asked of the MRRD that other districts in Helmand Province also received similar kinds of valuable projects and the MRRD Deputy Engineer Mohammad Tariq Esmati said that he was very pleased with the assistance of the MRRD to build the Grand Mosque for the people of Musa Qaleh.

He said that this ministry has a plan for this province in the northern and in the southern districts to provide development works to answer the needs of the people and it is important to state that the MRRD during the previous day in Nad-e Ali took responsibility for a large irrigation network and the MRRD also has the department for ‘national unification by name’ (i.e., a reference to national-local governance connection), such that districts in these considered regions will have good projects of the highest standard begun for the people.