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Assistive Technology for Carpentry PowerPoint Presentation
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Assistive Technology for Carpentry

Assistive Technology for Carpentry

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Assistive Technology for Carpentry

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  1. Assistive Technology for Carpentry

  2. Assistive Technology • What is assistive technology? • What kinds of assistive technology can be used for various disabilities? • Real life stories • What can be done in your workplace to make it accessible? • Where can you find more information?

  3. What is Assistive Technology? a generic term that includes assistive, adaptive, and rehabilitative devices for people with disabilities and includes the process used in selecting, locating, and using them - Wikipedia any item, piece of equipment or product system that is used to improve functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities.- National Center for Technology in Ireland any item, whether purchased off the shelf, or customised, which enhances an individual’s independence. - Enable Ireland

  4. Assistive Technology Examples Visually Impaired Head wearing magnifier McJing Tools Braille ruler Bugz-Eye Blademate From Bugz-Eye International Corp.

  5. Assistive Technology Examples Visually Impaired Braille Labeler 3M Talking Scales Independent Living Aids, LLC

  6. Assistive Technology Examples Mobility D-Grip Handle Motus Inc. The Ultimate Package Opener

  7. An Example Carl Grey works in Atlantic Homecare’s garden centre. He is a wheelchair user. "The taps in the gardening centre were positioned high on top of the wall and because I am in a wheelchair I couldn’t reach them", explains Carl. "My employers lowered all the taps to accommodate me. I also use a lifting aid for picking things up off the ground." Apart from assistive technology, creating an inclusive work space goes a long way in allowing disabled workers prosper.

  8. Groupwork • What can be done to make your workspace more accessible? • Work in pairs/groups • Make at least three suggestions

  9. Suggestions • Keep all the tools organised in the same location • Label the tools with a braille labeler • Use a D-grip on large tools

  10. Summary • Assistive technology helps the disabled perform tasks • A variety of tools are available for many needs • Assistive technology can be inexpensive • However, making the workplace more accessible is important • People have a responsibility to make our society accessible